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The X Files (PS1)

The X-Files Game PSX
Before swap CD, save state to file, next CD, upload save state file.
Genre: Adventure
Perspective: 1st-person
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Narrative: Detective / Mystery
Published by: Fox Interactive
Developed by: Hyperbole Studios
Released: 1999
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

This is an adventure game based on the series "X-Files". Mulder and Scully, in search of truth, fall into a trap and find themselves in captivity with criminals. Here comes the local superman Greg and the boss instructs him to find Mulder and Scully. And in Greg's life, and so goes as horrible, and then this is a task ... But he took the oath! That says it all. The game is a sequence of actions with the participation of real actors (FMV Adventure), with a linear storyline. Each room, every clue and every character is made, shot and picked up very successfully. The life of the agent is complicated by a huge number of different things. First, the mission itself is rather strange. The intro video will confuse you from the very beginning. Secondly, it is very difficult to render reliable information from communication with people on the way. The intrigues are weaving and weaving, the tangle becomes more and more complicated, and you will have to untangle it. The evidence is hidden everywhere, in the most unexpected places. You will have to cover all the corners, and you still have to manage to find the found object. To do this, you will have special police equipment.

The feeling of the reality of what is happening is provided by graphics and sound. In addition to programmers, cinematographers participated in the creation of the game, and they were able to perfectly select all the videos, sounds and lockshen (photos enlivened with video). Although sometimes when the rollers are scrolling, the game slows down. As for the sound, it seems that every object in the game, whether alive or dead, at a certain moment of time "gives a vote." Characters are sounded very qualitatively. Of course, almost half the time in the game goes to talk. True, sometimes the voice acting lacks emotionality, it seems that the characters do not speak, but read the text from the sheet.

The interface is not amazing. Everything proceeds standard for quests: we walk, talk, collect. All. The main drawback of the game is linearity. You keep following the story all the time and you can not step back even one step. In general, it can not be said that X-Files: The Game is an ideal game, but its appearance on the PlayStation is a great gift for the fans of the series, for which and thanks. By the way, initially the developers planned to place the game on seven CD, it would be a record for the PlayStation, but apparently common sense prevailed.


  • Meet Agent Cook in the lobby, make a friendly face to avoid trouble. Take a step forward, turn left and find yourself in your office where the phone is ringing. This is the boss, go to the office, where they met Agent Skinner (Skinner). Get a folder with photos of Mulder and Scully, as well as their personal files. Talk to Skinner, ask where the last couple were seen and about the case they were working on. Get all the information you need, but be sure to ask all the questions, even if they seem pointless. As a result, very meaningful questions will appear! Talk to the boss again. When you go out, you are pestered by some sneaker, refer to him with. in all seriousness, go to his office, talk, but do not ask about ARV! Return to your room, sit at the table, look in the right box, take the gun, handcuffs and a badge. Look in the computer, read the message by e-mail on the screen. Take the file from the table, pass it to Cook, and when Skinner comes in, go together to Everett.
  • In the Conity Inn, talk to the girl behind the counter, show your ID card, ask about the missing agents and rent a car, ask her to show you the rooms they've rented. At night, stand near the phone, take a book near him, talk to Skinner. Ask him about Scully and Mulder, he will mention the phone calls they made. A phone "icon" appears. Go back to the motel, ask about the calls by clicking on the picture of the phone. Call the numbers of the recorded phones and return to your room in the motel. Take a protable computer, go down to the administrative room of the motel, talk to Skinner (he follows you), return to the FBI office and use the "ING" function to find new evidence. Go to the conference room, find the toilet (only for the staff), take the items there and go to the docks of Seattle.
Mulder and Scully disappeared without a trace. Special agent Willmore attacks the trail. If you seek truth, then it is contained in this complete guide.



Called "ghost" by his classmates, Fox Mulder, a physiologist educated in Oxford, specialized in hardened assassins. Initially, he worked in the FBI's department dealing with the investigation of violent crimes, where he made a noticeable appearance.

After experiencing a hypnotic regression, Madler comes to the conviction that his sister Samantha, who disappeared at the age of 12, was abducted by aliens. At his insistence, he was transferred to X-Files, the department dealing with unexplained and, as they say, supernatural cases. During his activity, he found a lot of evidence, indicating that the government keeps in deep secrecy the presence of aliens on the earth.

A number of contacts with congressmen and other branches of government allowed him to continue his studies, although he constantly rested on the stone wall of the official position of indifference and secrecy. Being deceived and misled by their enemies from the FBI and those behind the organization, he could trust the only person - his partner Dana Scully. Mulder is led to believe that "the truth is there" and he needs to disclose what really happened to his sister.

Dana Scully

A doctor of medicine, a specialist in forensic pathology, agent Dana Scully went against her parents' wishes, enrolling immediately after graduating from the medical college to the FBI training academy.

After graduation, she received an appointment from the leadership to work with Fox Mulder. It was believed that using her scientific mindset, she would debunk his theories. But he becomes his ardent ally and, instead of spying on Mulder, turns into X-Files in his real partner. She manages to collect strong evidence, which eventually opens the truth behind the secret, ominous activities of the government.

Despite initial skepticism and refusal to accept Mulder's insane theories, over the years her trust in her partner's instincts and respect for his honesty grew. The testimonies she observed with her own eyes questioned many of her original beliefs, especially with regard to religion. We thought that Scully's kidnapping in 1994 would lead to the last stage of brain cancer, but at the present time the disease is weakening.

Walter Skinner

Assistant director Skinner, a former sailor, with a strong sense of responsibility, is the immediate supervisor of Mulder and Scully to the FBI. His strict adherence to the letter of instruction often led to friction in relation to his subordinates, but he sometimes sympathizes with their cause and admires their success in this field. Not once he warned Mulder and Scully that their research and non-standard methods relate to taboo areas and even closed the X-Files department at the end of the first season, which was reopened only after Scully's abduction. Although Skinner did not approve of the work of his two agents, he helped them in many cases, even covering many of them, irresponsible actions, and he himself demanded assistance from them in a number of cases. Strict but fair, Skinner is a living character in X-Files, although even after five seasons we still know relatively little about his personal life and his past.

Lone Arrows

These three are Mulder's friends and compilers of editorial articles focused on the secret plots of the magazine. The group consists of a triple-unshaven, small height, a visionary and a specialist in photography; Langley - tall in double glasses, long blond hair, a specialist in communications; and Bayer - casually dressed, courteous, an expert in the field of accurate information systems. There was also a fourth member of this group - "Sage", a computer genius who was killed for divulging classified government materials about UFOs.

Lone hands rescued Mulder countless times, using contacts and their own knowledge in various fields to help him and Scully in their more complex studies while simultaneously tossing up their own crazy theories.


The successor to Deep Throat. As a source of information for Mulder, X never seemed to be particularly trustworthy. Making an impression that he works for a person who smokes cigarettes, he simultaneously tried to undermine him. A dark, sinister type, capable of cold-blooded murder, he nevertheless helped Mulder on several occasions, denying help to others. Precisely, it was not known on whose side X, although he eventually met his death at the beginning of the fourth season, when a person smoking a cigarette froze him, revealing his double play. He, however, has appeared since then in short retrospective scenes.



This is a handy database that allows you to check license numbers, compose a verbal portrait and block the actions of the suspect. It's a good idea to let everyone through ING to just be confident with who you are dealing with.


This is one of your best subjects. It allows you to instantly move to any place, without getting up from the chair on which you are currently sitting. It also provides you with continuous messages about your research, giving useful hints along the way.


Be careful when pulling out your gun. Do not grab for it and do not shoot ordinary citizens and friendly agents - you can find yourself under surveillance! Move the zero crossed cursor over the cursor and use the "body shot" to dump the armed criminals to the floor.

Special package

Use this accessory to take samples of suspicious objects. Bullets, blood stains and even soil can be placed in a special package. When the content is enough to justify your business, go to the forensic laboratory and ask the reliable John Amis to look at your findings.