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Panzer Dragoon Saga (Saturn)

Panzer Dragoon Saga Saturn
Before swap CD, save state to file, next CD, upload save state file, press button in game to resume or may need restart emulator.
Genre: Role-Playing (RPG)
Perspective: Behind view
Pacing: Real-Time
Interface: Direct Control
Vehicular: Flight / Aviation
Setting: Post-Apocalyptic
Published by: SEGA Corporation
Developed by: Team Andromeda
Released: 1998
Platform: SEGA Saturn

The first game of the same name series.

The action of the story line takes place in a fictional apocalyptic world. The player takes on the role of hunter Keil Fluge, who with the help of his powerful blue dragon wants to stop his opponents, who are chaos and destruction.

Panzer Dragoon has become one of the few games available for sale with the release of the prefix Sega Saturn. Since its release, the project has received positive feedback from critics and players, primarily for the unusual gameplay and fantasy world. Commercial success prompted developers to release the sequels of Panzer Dragoon II Zwei, Panzer Dragoon Saga and Panzer Dragoon Orta.


The player controls a flying dragon with a rider, who, during the flight, collides with various machines and monsters. The action takes place in the post-apocalyptic world, consisting of the mysterious ruins of ancient civilizations. The dragon moves only in the forward direction, but the player has the opportunity to bypass obstacles and turn left and right. To the left of the screen is a radar showing enemy shells and obstacles. The player can change the viewing angle, quickly looking in the right direction. Enemies can attack from different directions; opponents differ in size and health from each other.

Two types of weapons help to shoot back from enemies: a rider's pistol, which allows to aim only at one object, as well as a laser and a fire of the dragon, helping to destroy up to eight opponents. In some cases, when a large number of monsters appear on the screen, it is necessary to use a laser, and pistol shots can be effective in a battle against the bosses. In total there are six levels in the game; the duration of each pass takes about five minutes. At each stage, except the last - the final battle with the boss, but before they start there are small pauses. Between the levels are demonstrated in-game videos, revealing the secrets and details of the plot.


The game takes place in the distant future, thousands of years after the great war of people against biological weapons. At the beginning of the game, people regained some level of organization and began to form different tribes and nations. One of the nations called Empire discovered a black tower in the middle of the lake, which gave them access to the vast reserves of ancient weapons previously used against monsters. As a result, this find has become an important key for the conquest of the Empire by other territories.

The game begins with the fact that the main character Keil Fluge, hunting in the canyon, sees a flying ship. From it, two creatures land on the ground and attack the hero. He escapes into a large ancient complex, built right in the rock. Exploring the ruins, he finds old technologies, causing great damage when using them. However, the character is attacked by a giant creature. In the cave you can hear a rumbling. A blue dragon arrives through the hole with a rider on his shoulders. Soon in the cave there is an explosion, which leads to its destruction. The main character, coming to consciousness, sees the battle of two dragons. Deviating from the explosion of the black dragon, the rider of the blue dragon gets wounded in the chest. The blue dragon flies to the protagonist; after landing, the rider tells the hero that he will not allow the black dragon to reach the tower. The rider then dies. Cale raises the fallen gun, climbs the dragon's shoulders and flies away.

In the first level of the game, the main character and his dragon fly through the drowned city, where both face a small patrol ship, sending reports and information to large ships. The battle with the fleet showed that the imperial forces were specifically looking for a blue dragon to destroy it. The action of the second level occurs in the desert, where Cale and the dragon fight with giant creatures, similar to worms. During the storm comes a black dragon, which the main characters win. The events of the third level unfold at night in the mountains, in which the characters find people serving in the imperial forces to study the ancient ruins. As a result, this "meeting" leads to conflict. After the end of the fight, Cale and the dragon fly to the ancient center, where the characters are pursued by airships and sentries left by an ancient civilization. During the passage of the fifth level, they defeat a large powerful armada of imperial ships over the forest. Cutscene shows a fleet entirely composed of dragons flying out of the tower, which attack the army of the Empire. The sixth stage takes place in the capital of the Empire, where Cale pursues the black dragon, along the way creating obstacles to creatures and machines. After firing at the Imperial Defense Buildings, the black dragon mutates into a giant creature, and begins his final battle against the main character and the blue dragon. After a long battle, the black dragon suffers defeat and falls into the ocean.

The main characters climb the tower. Climbing up, the blue dragon surrounds Cale in the force field, lifting him from the saddle, and leaves him in the corridor. The hero observes that the dragon continues to ascend to the main tower. A dazzling light appears, the tower explodes. After some time, Cale wakes up in a desert area, adjacent to the ocean. Looking down, he sees the footprints of the blue dragon's feet, realizing that he saved his life and flew away in an unknown direction.