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Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus (PS1)

Odd world: Abe Exoddus PSX
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Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: Fixed / Flip-screen
Gameplay: Platform, Puzzle-solving
Setting: Cyberpunk / Dark Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: GT Interactive Software
Developed by: Oddworld Inhabitants
Released: 1998
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)


Returning after saving the Mudocons from the Rupture Farms factory (the events of the first game), Abe was greeted by his brethren as a hero. At the celebration, he loses consciousness, and he is visited by the spirits of his ancestors with the request to save the Mudokons from Nekrum - the mine, where slaves harvest the bones of their ancestors for another company headed by the glucones "Soul-Storm Brewery", which makes beer from them. Recovering himself, Abe goes in search of the Nekrum, taking with them several relatives and, following the monorail train, they find the mine and penetrate it. From this moment the game begins. Further on the plot, the hero destroys the mine and rescues the slaves, wanders through the jungle, visits the ancient lands, again encounters sacred animals, and finally successively destroys the lag barracks, the kostereprocessing factory, the railway station and the brewery, simultaneously dealing with their brutal leadership, rescuing the kinsmen and freeing from capturing the spirits of ancestors.


The player's task is to save the Mudocons, who are imprisoned in slavery factories. To complete the game, it is not necessary to save the Mud- cones, but in this case the ending will be different. For salvation, it is necessary to tell the encountered mudokon that he should follow you, then you need to bring him to the portal and open it with meditation - the mummer immediately jumps into the portal and is saved.
Also, as in the first game, the hero can talk to other mummers, uttering simple phrases like "hello" and "follow me." Also sometimes the game offers puzzles, in which the player needs to act in concert with other muddlets, such as pulling simultaneously for three levers. Unlike the first part, the Mudocons have emotions and statuses. They can be evil, sad, drugged, unhealthy and blind. Each of these types requires special treatment.
Evil Mudokon refuses to talk, does not obey commands, tries to hit a player, arranges fights with relatives, sometimes arbitrarily controls mechanisms through levers. Comes to life when the hero apologizes to him. The Mudokon can be angered either by a blow or by spilling water on his head. Evil muddies will continue the fight, periodically swinging at you, until one of them is killed or until you leave this game screen or until you tell them to stop. If the hero fights with two muzzles simultaneously from two sides, they can kill him.
A merry mudokon drunk with the action of a laughing gas will run about with giggles around you and will not obey you. The only way to bring it to life is to get out of the room with a laughing gas and hit once.
A frustrated mudokon (depressed) can commit suicide if you beat him or if another mugger has died before his eyes. A normal mudokon becomes sad after the death of another mudokon in a fight.
The blind mudocon sees nothing and goes solely to the voice. He can accidentally fall into the abyss, run into an enemy or a drill, so you need to constantly tell him what to do.
Drunken (or subjected to the impact of an electroswitch) the mudokon needs treatment with a healing wave, and until he receives it, he will not react to anything.
As in the first game, you can, with the help of meditation, subordinate and control the will of the enemies. But unlike the first part, you can subordinate not only to the lugs, but also to params, scrubs, glucones and even your own gases, if you drink a narcotic drink Soul-Storm Brew.


The game has two endings - good and bad. Which of them you will get, will determine the number of saved mudocons. In total there are 300 of them in the game.
Sad Ending. If you save less than 150 Mudokons, then this ending is waiting for you. The embittered muddots do not let Abe escape from the production of the drink and are handed over to the director - Brewmaster, who orders the unfortunate to be released for the next batch. Under the category of "Extractor Tears," Abe turns into flying birds in different directions.
Good Ending. If you save more than 150 Mudokons, then you will have a good ending. Abe escapes from production, SoulStorm takes off from the overload of the main boiler, Brumaster dies in the explosion. Abe's houses are greeted as a hero, the muddies have returned to normal life. Abe notes that slavery is still somewhere unsaved muddies, and is preparing for a new campaign.
Finally, if you manage to save all 300 muddlets, then after the ending you will be presented with a gallery of concept art.
As follows from the plot of the next part, Munch's Oddysee, Good Ending is the real ending of Abe's Exoddus.