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NiGHTS into Dreams (Saturn)

NiGHTS into Dreams... Saturn
Genre: Action
Perspective: Behind view, Side view
Published by: SEGA of America
Developed by: Sonic Team
Released: 1996
Platform: SEGA Saturn

Probably, every once in a lifetime flew in a dream. Indescribable feelings. And if you have not had such practice, then perhaps the most cult and hit game on Sega Saturn - Nights into Dreams from Sonic Team comes to the rescue. It is entirely devoted to the world of dreams.

Even not so - to World of Dreams. Because it is not just a word combination, but the name of the place where all the events of the game will take place. World of Dreams consists of two parts. The first is the so-called Nightopia, where all the sleeping people spend most of the time. Their dreams and dreams appear here in the form of glowing multicolored spheres, known as Ideya. The second part is called Nightmare, that is Nightmare. In this dark corner of the World of Dreams, the Evil Wizeman rules, dreaming about what? Correctly - to seize power throughout the World of Dreams, stealing the energy of the spheres of sleeping people. In the end, it will allow him to invade even the real world. To implement his insidious plans, he creates various creatures called Nightmaren. All of them vary in strength and are divided into so-called levels. The two most powerful creatures of the first level are Reala and NiGHTS. Similar, like brothers (or sisters, who decides them, if they are asexual), they had the same power and power. Their appearance was very bright and unusual. Dressed in outfits like buffoons, they possessed remarkable acrobatic abilities and were able to fly. Reala and NiGHTS were to become the leaders of the Wizerman army.

However, NiGHTS rebels against its creator and does not want to obey his will, and steal the energy of sleeping people. For such impudence, the Nightmare ruler imprisons NiGHTS in Naitopia, surrounded by Ideya without the possibility of returning. But our protagonist does not give up and asks for help from two visitors to World of Dreams in the fight against the villain. NiGHTS companions are two teenagers. One of them, Elliot Edwards, is an excellent basketball player, who offended the losing match last day. In a dream in nightmares, he again sees his defeat. Elliot tries to escape from this dream and gets to the Naitopia, where he finds the enforced NiGHTS. The second heroine is Claris Sinclair. The girl is a very talented singer, she wants to perform at the festival in honor of the century of her native city, but she is afraid that she will not try because of her excitement. As soon as Clarice goes to bed, Wizeman's henchmen try to increase her fear and get as much energy from her as possible. Escaping from nightmares, she also meets NiGHTS.

In general, it is worthwhile to elaborate on the main character of the game. NiGHTS is considered to be the mascot of the prefix Sega Saturn. This is a very bright and memorable character. The first thing that catches your eye is an extraordinary appearance. Purple suit with wide sleeves and a big funny cap. Huge blue eyes and a kind smile. NiGHTS does not cause anything other than sympathy. The creator of this character, by the way, is the notorious Yuji Naka. If anyone does not know, this is Sonic's father himself. Therefore, it's no wonder that NiGHTS also became very popular. There are still disputes about the field of this character, some operate with voice acting, and they say that this is a girl, others talk about the character and tend to the fact that this guy. However, the developers made it clear that NiGHTS is an asexual being. How to perceive it, depends only on the player.

To manage most of the time we will have to him / her. In total, the game has seven great levels, each of which is divided into four stages and battle with the boss. Eliot and Clarice have three unique levels and one overall - the final one. At the beginning of each level of creation Wizeman'a try to steal the energy of Ideya of all colors. Heroes need to have time to get to NiGHTS, so as not to allow the irreparable to happen. Behind them, by the way, the alarm clock, which tries to prevent and wake up, is chasing. As soon as our acrobat enters the business, it becomes much easier to play and what is most important is more interesting. For a certain time, you need to collect a sufficient amount of blue chips and destroy the Ideya repository that absorbs energy. You need to do this, flying around in the same plane, but in honest 3D, performing various aerobatics figures, somersaults, loops, flying through rings, arcs and other joys. You can accelerate, change the plane of flight with the help of jets of fountains and even descend under the water, where you can find weighty bonuses. The camera changes its view depending on the terrain and direction of movement. The gameplay and graphics of the game are simply stunning. Even now everything looks very beautiful, spectacular, colorful and dynamic. Effects, environments and movements are just super! It's easy to get used to management, and once you figure it out completely and find out some hidden abilities of the character and levels, then the game becomes even more interesting. You can develop just a crazy speed and lay these bends, avoiding opponents, that simply captures the spirit. For each stage passed, we are presented with estimates, on which very much will depend. What exactly? Play and learn for yourself.

After all four level stages have been completed, NiGHTS will have to fight one of the Nightmaren. For this purpose, only a couple of minutes are allocated, with what in each level is your opponent with an individual approach to destruction, so it is impossible to always be ready for what awaits you. It is necessary to confront even with Reala himself and, of course, Wizeman. In the final battle for the salvation of their world will be immediately two people: Eliot, and Clarice. After the victory over the villain, the characters wake up at home. But whether their dreams will come true, will depend only on the player.
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