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Final Fantasy VII (PS1)

FFVII, FF7, Final Fantasy 7 PSX
Before swap CD, save state to file, next CD, upload save state file.
Genre: Role-Playing (RPG)
Perspective: 3rd-person
Visual: Cinematic camera
Art: Anime / Manga
Pacing: Real-Time, Turn-based
Setting: Cyberpunk / Dark Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment America
Developed by: Square
Released: 1997
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

Many players believe that the game Final Fantasy VII, released by SquareSoft, is the highest achievement of 32-bit gaming equipment in the RPG genre. Before you unfolds a panorama of fantastic combat adventures, familiar to many of the previous games from this series. An important technical solution for developers - to change media from ROM cartridges to CD-ROMs (the game is released on 3 CD) - has allowed them to realize fundamentally new opportunities for organizing a game action and achieve stunning visual and audio effects. Your fascinating adventures begin (after a leisurely and very colorful introductory story) in the mystical city of Midgar, where you lead a team of dashing guys performing special tasks to fight terrorists. When the fight begins, the image on the screen becomes especially tense: on it appears that city map, then the hottest points of the battle ... Before you unfolds a panorama of fantastic combat adventures, familiar to many from the previous games of this series.

A lot of fights in the game, enemies attack your heroes continuously. But, of course, your fighters are far from defenseless; they are able to hit enemies with both conventional weapons and magic spells. For example, the beautiful Elis (Ealis) with the help of charms can defeat the terrible Leviathan, possessing a destructive weapon - huge tsunami waves. Characters move (or even run) through the beautifully looking streets of the city, interact with passers-by, engage in armed conflict with gangsters, as well as with demons and other mythical creatures. Your game skill should be manifested in rummaging through all the back streets of the city, trying out all possible attacks of your characters and understanding what magic tricks you need to use in certain situations.


Throughout the game, you must search for precious stones that give special power. This is Materia, allowing your heroes to use the power of magic to destroy enemies and heal the wounds of friends. Tiny round stones have different colors (to distinguish their properties and capabilities). However, there is an even more powerful substance - elemental, or elements (Elemental), giving you supernatural states. Such matter has a ruby-red color and is very rare. It can usually be found only in extreme situations, for example, in a fight with Shin-Ra. After you have deposited the Great Matter, you will be able to return there and receive additional magic. If you have the substance Bahamuth and Neo Bahamuth, then, coming to the Blue Matter, you will receive the magic of Bahamuth Zero. If at the "Master" level you collect all thirteen kinds of control matter, then, going to the Blue matter, you will receive the magic of the Master Command. Having sixteen kinds of invoking matter, you, having come nearer to the Red matter, will receive Master Summoning magic. Collecting magical matter of twenty-one types, you, going to Green matter, will be able to get the magic of Master Magic.

The first reactor. On the platform, search the body of the killed soldier and go deep. You are attacked by several soldiers, but you will not need magic. The road to the reactor is blocked by two large doors that your friends will open. You just need to talk to them. Going down the elevator, you will find a place where you can save the game. On the floor in front of the reactor you will find Restore Materia. Take it (but use it until you can not). On the "boss" Guard Scorpion attack, using the magic of Bolt. When the scorpion attacks with a tail, do not take any action: just wait. After a fight with a scorpion, you will have no more than 10 minutes to get out of the building. On the way back, help clear the jam on the iron construction Jessie (Jessie), otherwise you will not be released. Do not waste time fighting. It is better to run away (LI + R1).

You need to get to the train stationed at the station. Talk to all your friends when you meet them. Barret Wallace is calling his teammates at the bar. The hostess is there - Tifa (Tifa Lockheart). Before you go to the bar, you can inspect the village. Talk to the team, then pretend to leave. You will be asked to stay.

The seventh sector (Slums). After visiting the armory shop, buy "Iron Bangles" there and sell "Bronze Bangles". Then go up to the training center. There you can not talk to anyone, but be sure to choose the material of the AN.

Fifth sector (Reactor). In the train you have to quickly move around the cars, avoiding meetings with security. Set the maximum speed of the text - and you get from the passengers some gifts. Talk to the person lying on the seat. He will give you Phoenix Down. In the second car you can get a "Hi-Potion" from the passenger standing nearest to the door of the car. In the last car you will have a talk with Tifa. Next you have to jump off the train. You will find yourself in a labyrinth (pass it simply: keep moving forward all the time).

The new reactor looks quite the same as the first one. On the way back, "save" the game. At the crossroads, you are surrounded by soldiers.
After a brief conversation with the President, you will be attacked by another "boss" - Air Buster. Use more limits and magic. Try to hit the boss more often in the back. Having gained victory, you will have to fall down.

The Flower Girl. After acquaintance with Aeris Gainsborough, you will become her bodyguard. When she is attacked, ask her to wait and run to the four barrels that can be dropped on the enemies' heads. Then get off through the break in the roof of the temple.

The fifth sector (Slums). After talking with everyone, go to the house of Iris. In the garden you can find Ether (Ether) and another matter - Cover. Go to sleep, and then quietly (not to wake Iris) leave the house. Iris will overtake you at the entrance to the sixth sector. Go to the playground and talk there with Iris. You will see a rich cart with Tifa. Follow her to the Wall Market. In this big city, to get to Tifa (she is in the house of the mayor), it is necessary to change into a woman's dress. Go to the clothing store and talk to the saleswoman, then go to the bar and try to bring a tailor from there. Choose a dress "soft, shimmers". Next you need a wig. It can be obtained in the gym, taking part in collective squats. You can quickly and often squat - your wig. Go back to the store, try on the renovation and go to the mansion. Enter the open door on the second floor.
Now you need to go on a date and ... be rejected. Moreover, it is necessary to fight with guards. But do not worry. Find Iris (she sits in the basement) and head for the tycoon's bedroom. Behind the bed you will find "Hyper".

Train Graveyard, "boss" APS. Use a fiery spell. The "Cross-Slash" limit can paralyze the monster. Then you will have to wander through the labyrinths. Look for useful items there.

The Pillar Assault. You approached the seventh sector just in time - to take part in a fight with Shin-Ra. Be sure to "save" the game. At the top of the tower you will meet Barrett. Equip it with the most advanced weapons and armor.

"Boss" Reno - not the strongest in the game. The main thing - do not let him conclude your heroes in the pyramids. To remove the pyramid, one of the free characters must hit it. To go upstairs in the sixth sector after the battle, use the rope in the picture with the walls inscribed. But first you need to buy in the store batteries (for 300 gold). On the next screen, using batteries, you need to jump from one piece of cable to another.

Shinra HQ. Save the game. You can enter the building through the front door (but with troubles) or quietly, through the back door. It is necessary to find access cards to all the large floors of the building. On the sixtieth floor, hiding behind statues, carefully walk past the guards. On the sixty-first floor, talk to the guy next to the stairs. On the sixty-second floor, visit the mayor of Domino: he will give you access cards on the sixty-fifth floor. If you guess his riddle from the first time, you can get Elemental-matter. On the sixty-third floor you can find a few useful things. On the sixty-fourth floor, "save" the game and rest. On the sixty-fifth floor is the layout of the city, in which there are not enough parts. They are hidden in neighboring rooms. Restoring the layout, you will get an access card to the Sixty-sixth floor, where you will need to engage in espionage: go to the toilet and through the ventilation shaft to get into the room above the office. Overhear the conversation. Go to the sixty-seventh floor and follow Hojo, which will take you to the Iris and two "bosses" - Sample H0512 and Sample H0512-0pt. Concentrate your efforts on the rear monster. Barret will best cope with him: he owns a firearm. After the fight, you will receive a Talisman. One of the employees can get an access card to the sixty-eighth floor. After talking with the President, you will go straight to prison. Talk to all your friends and go to bed. When you wake up, you will see that the door is open, and the guards are dead. Search the guard and wake Tifu. On the bloody track, go to the President's office. He is dead.

The bosses of Hundred Gunner and Heli Gunner follow along with you on an elevator. Therefore, close attacks are not available to you. The only character who can hit these "bosses" with conventional weapons is Barrett. Use lightning Bolt and limits as often as possible.

When meeting with the "bosses" Rufus and Dark Nation, first deal with the panther. Cloud Strife use Elemental Lightning. Apply limits and monitor your health. In the next arcade section you have to run away from the army of motorcyclists. Try not to let them beat the car, in which the heroes are going.

Against the "boss" Motor Ball, use lightning and standard attacks. After the battle, you will receive a star pendant (Star Pendant).
Your path is free. You leave the city and go where your eyes look. Now you can decide where to go first, and where - then.

We advise you to first visit Kalm (in the southeast). There are waiting for you friends. In the hotel you have to spend about an hour listening to the history of the relationship between Claude and Sepheroth.

On a chicken farm, you need to buy food for the chicken, so that he can then transport you through a dangerous terrain where a terrible worm dominates (until you are able to overcome it). To catch the chicken, go to the card. Walk for a while near the tracks. The battle will begin, and in the background you will see a chicken. During the whole battle, almost every move, it is necessary to feed the chicken, otherwise it will run away. In the future, you often have to use chickens (the game provides a sophisticated system for assessing the status of chicks and their capabilities). Try talking to the chickens in the pen. They will provide you with an exceptionally useful material, allowing you to call in the battle of a huge chicken.

- Go through the cave to the other side of the continent. Explore all the cities. In Fort Condor, you must help the defenders of the fort to cope with the soldiers. I'll have to play a mini-strategy.
- In Junon Harbor there is a difficult place where you need to accurately jump. A little girl can help. But first you need to fight with the flying "boss" Bottomswel. He sends bubbles like pyramids to heroes. But to destroy them you will have to use magic. Call the dolphin.
"In Junon, you will need to change into soldiers' clothes and obey orders." You need to get on the ship, on which you will once again meet with the Seferot.
- The "boss" Jenova Birth is much stronger than you. Be careful. Use the strongest material - Summon.
- To get to the park "Golden Saucer", you need to save 3,000 coins. A permanent pass costs 30,000 coins.
The most important thing in racing on chickens is not to overdo with speed. It is quite enough if you will go the whole race in the second or third place, and use the saved forces closer to the finish line.
- In Gongaga Village you will meet two more "bosses" - Reno and Rude. Try to paralyze them with a limit of "Seal Evil".
In the cave Gi Cave there are strong monsters. Go quickly. Fighting the "boss" Gi Natiak, be extremely careful: it is capable not only to produce destructive blows, but can also steal your health and magic. Try to use the matter of the Summon class.

In Nibleheim, in Shinra Mansion, you need to open the safe in twenty seconds to gain access to the new character. The code combination for the safe is as follows: to the right 36, to the left 10, to the right 59, to the right 97. But first you need to find all the clues: one lies under the piano, the other is scribbled on the board near the bedroom, the third is the picture on the box wall in the round room, the fourth is written sympathetic ink on the first sheet in the left room of the first floor. To deal with the "boss", Iris should use "Seal Evil".

Now you can get a new member into the team. Go down the secret staircase to the basement and enter the crypt. Open the central coffin and talk twice with Vincent Valentine. Later this character, who loves all sorts of shooting tricks, will join you.

After Rocket Town, where you will meet the new hero Kid (Cid Highwind), go to the Temple of the Ancients. Seferot also gathers there.

In the store in Wutai (after the battle with Yuffie - Yuffie Kisaragi) you can buy useful "Fire Vests". In the pagoda you need to fight with five "bosses". Against Gorki, use the combination of Elemental Gravity and Haste immediately. In the battle with Shake and with Staniv you need to defend yourself with the help of Barrier, and Haste will not hurt either. To fight with Checkov, provide Yuffie with the ring "Jem Ring". The "boss" Godo uses three pip attacks. First, give Yuffy Counterattack, Heal, Cure, Time, Barrier, Added Effect - Poison. In the battle, start with Haste - Barrier, watch your health. Use the Slow spell to get a gain in speed.

To deal with the red dragon in the Temple of the Ancients, start with Bio 2, then work on your squad Haste and Barrier. The dragon will like a shower from Deathblow.

Battling with Demon's Gate, slow it down with Slow. Try to maintain health at the level of 1.000 points.
After the tragic death of Iris, you will have to fight another generation of evil-Jenova-Life. It is necessary to equip Claude with a Water Ring. Use DeBarrier, Haste and Quake second or third level. Healing spells will not be available, so use not Heal, a Regen.

- To cross the Cross Glacier, you will need a map (look for a wall in the Hoizoff house). To avoid getting lost on a large snow-covered descent, use a map that shows where it leads.
- The right side of the "boss" Shizo - fiery, and the left - ice. He can receive bonuses from both fire spells and ice. Try to correctly use magic on different sides of the monster.
- Jenova-Death uses two powerful fire spells. Use MVagp, Haste, Slow, Regen. If the "boss" raves your team with Silence, prepare Esuma in return.

The final. You can go in several ways. Differences are only in subjects that can meet along the way. There are no places in the crater where you can record a game. But one crystal allows you to "save" once; try to take advantage of this opportunity. It is better to "survive" before the fight with Jenova-Synthesis. This "boss" seeks to weaken you - stock up with defensive means: Slash - All.

To defeat the "boss" Bizarro Sepheroth, act Knights of the Round on all parts of the enemy's body to harm him by 70,000 points. It is necessary to concentrate attacks on the enemy's magic hands.

During the meeting with Safer Sepheroth, place the wall (Wall) and work on your team with the help of Regen and Haste. Attacks of this "boss" get ready to resist using Esuma or Remedi. Leave the wall for the duration of the battle, update it regularly, and use DeBarner to remove the barrier from Seferot. Try to apply those limits that lead to a massive defeat.