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Space Ace (3DO)

Space Ace 3DO
Genre: Action
Perspective: 3rd-person
Art: Full Motion Video (FMV)
Gameplay: Arcade, Quick Time Events (QTEs), Timed Input
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: ReadySoft Incorporated
Developed by: ReadySoft Incorporated
Released: 1995
Platform: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer

Space Ace - the defender of justice and truth in the galaxy, the brave champion of evil... Approximately this is how the presentation video of this masterpiece of multi-building and game construction from ReadySoft company begins. It sounds awful, does not it? In fact, the whole game from the beginning to the end, built on contrasts, immediately shows us this champion of evil - a fragile, unattractive little man with a high voice and an eternal idiotic smirk. His name is Dexter. I do not know who and how it will take it, but I personally burst into laughter when I saw this Dexter himself in action. Angular movements, clumsy gait and already the above-mentioned grin ... is such he is a defender of humanity who, right from under his nose, took his beautiful girlfriend Kimberly. Actually, it is in the game the nicest character and figure that you need and... the developers even a couple of times allowed us to look under her skirt (I must say that if in such mini walked all the girls of the earth, then the population would have gone far beyond the critical limits).
Our freak Dexter and the beautiful Kimberly perform a mega important mission: Find and neutralize the evil commander Borf and his deadly Infanto Ray gun. Say right, the cannon is not fatal at all, it just turns into a baby any one who gets its rays. But what else can villains who want to seize power dream of? It's so convenient. Turned into infants, raised the villain adoring servants and voila! The change of power without the bloodshed and other horrors. But it was not there. Our brave hero at any cost must stop the deadly threat and save the galaxy at any cost. And the price he will pay high because his girlfriend has been kidnapped (well, the girlfriend is in the game but who knows how much she is dear to our Dexter). Now Dexter faces a double task. In short, he found himself an adventure.
The game is a cartoon in which the main character runs, jumps, shoots, flies on a spaceship, rides a motorcycle and rollers and all this happens in the worlds drawn by some schizoid artist.
The worlds in which the action takes place simply do not lend themselves to description, these colors, these labyrinths, creatures, the fantasy of the artist is huge. For me, the guys read Robert Shackley, Stanislaw Lem, Clifford Simak and many other science fiction writers, for I personally met such a gigantic man from them.
The game developers turned out to be huge jocks and as a result almost every move in the game, each character looks humorous, and what are the moments of Dexter's death! Personally, I have long recovered from the episode of Dexter's death: He falls into the abyss while making a surprised face and shouting - Hay Hay.
And what's the Borf movie after Dexter's death? Pull at this moment X in order to skip it and you will catch such grimaces on the screen that God forbid you burst with laughter.
The game features a unique and diverse flora and fauna that will not deny yourself the pleasure of eating poor Dexter. In general, animals in the game is a separate conversation. These masterfully painted beasts forever strive to grab onto Dexter and crunch it with soft bones. By the way, on one of the levels, giant green dogs just crunch them if you go crazy. As always, there is nothing to laugh at.
I want to say a few words about the gameplay: The whole cartoon is scripted for certain actions that are always the same. Activate at certain times by simply pressing the desired button. Press wrong - you will laugh from the episode of Dexter's death so that I personally died at every level just for fun. Developers brought 2 original ideas into the game. The game can happen both in one direction and in another (I'll explain: For example, level 2 - Fly through asteroids ... 1- option Press Up then Right and Then Right Up ... Second option Click Up then LEFT Then LEFT Then Up ) Ie the game can be "left to right" and "right to left". I do not know if anyone will understand this my explanation, so it's better to load the disc and see for yourself. The second element that developers have included with the game is the Dexter chip called Energize!
Periodically, when levels pass, Energize appears on the screen and the screen turns red. Press B and Dexter will turn into the rolling of a handsome man.
The most important is that this will change the level and we will have to sweat. So: Dexter is a little quicker and easier passing level, Dexter under Energize is a more complex and rich version of the passage. Try to pass the game 2 ways to get great pleasure.
The levels in the game are few and they are short, which allows you to pass the game for 10 minutes. But! While you do not remember the key combinations for each level, your walkthrough will stretch to hours and maybe days. I note that the game has no save, but there is an endless Continue. I do not know if it's good or bad, but it did not bother me personally.
The game has great music, excellent voice acting. The musical component is made to fit the graphic.
In conclusion, I would like to note that Space Ace is a beautiful cartoon arcade with great sound and graphics with unique bright and colorful worlds and all kinds of creatures inhabiting them with a lot of humor. The game has a positive attitude and anyone who plays it will not be able to resist a smile. The game helped me out often when there were children at a party. So that they do not languish I told them that we will play in a cartoon and run Space Ace or Strahl and we would roll around the floor laughing for hours and seeing Descater's grimaces and grimaces in his unsuccessful attempts to save humanity (I was wasting specially to make the children happy). Enjoy your game, I wish to laugh heartily, and maybe cry with laughter.