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Slam 'n Jam '95 (3DO)

Slam 'n Jam '95 3DO
Genre: Action, Sports
Perspective: 3rd-person
Gameplay: Arcade
Sport: Basketball
Published by: Crystal Dynamics
Developed by: Left Field Productions
Released: 1995
Platform: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer

Since the advent of digital entertainment, began to appear all sorts of video-game adaptations of this sport. Perhaps we will omit the sixties and the beginning of the eighties, when the digital basketball was the game where "this rectangle is a basketball number one time, and this one is number 2, and the square between them is the ball" (Yes, Pong is world entertainment, under a thousand titles) and other not entirely satisfactory examples of such creativity. Well, we start immediately from the sixteen-bit era. Because just then basketball as video games, divided into 2 camps, each with its own idols. Since the b / w, and especially the NBA is primarily a show, and only then - sports, then the division occurred precisely in the fact of how the game is presented by the sport. Or show. The first - the adherents of basketball simulator, and their avatar - no doubt NBA Live - a series that, sadly coincidence, did not please 3DO with its presence. The second camp - representatives of basketball arcade, spectacular, and once the brightest representative of this caste - NBA Jam, and later NBA Hang Time. So what is it, Slam'n'Jam 95? And what does it belong to us?SnJ95 meets us with a sign of quality. This sign is the firm - publisher. Crystal Dynamics is the guarantee of the highest level of the product, at least in the case of games for 3DO. We issue a credit of trust. Watch the movie, run exhibition. And here it is, the first disappointment. The legendary creators of Crash'n'Burn did not have enough money for a license. Or stingy. But the fact that in fact, the only normal basketball on the console (about Jammit will not, well?) Does not have in its assets the names and emblems of teams, real characteristics and real players of the NBA, already plunges into the abyss of despair. But the boat of the gamer's mood will have to rise from despair. Exactly at the moment when the process begins. In fact, the gameplay of SnJ makes you remember the same NBA Live, or NBA Action series with megadrive, for which (especially for NBA Live '98) your humble servant sat out long evenings, with ecstasy passing seasons and commenting on the game, remembering each player his team. Here we are, alas, deprived of such pleasure. Well, all right, because the process deserves close attention and praise! Look: the big 3D field is worn by big sprite basketball players, the commentator comments regularly, the fans are sick - everything seems to be really! And if you remember the video preview from the disc with Hex, you can complain about the fact that they removed the girls from the support group and the names of the teams from the margins of the field.Yes, that's right, this sample of game construction went on the heels of realism. No flights with a triple somersault and a fireball you will not see. Everything is somewhat more modest. On our court there are a couple of dozen "dunk" movements with subsequent kicking of the ball in the basket, the ability to crack the opponent and, in the end, to smash the glass shield. But you know, it seems, it went well for the game. The creators, the studio Left Field, managed to create a balanced and truly fascinating product. And the recipe is simple. If you look closely, SnJ does not do a 32 bit revolution in the genre. The basis is taken all the same NBA Live with a megadrive, the angle of view was changed: as in NBA Action (only moving along the z axis, that is to say vertically), we are watching the game from behind-top. And classically made a correction for the possibility of calculating graphics and sound.

On modest 100 megabytes, which is occupied by the game, in addition to large sprites of basketball players ("2 times more than 16-bit!" - the cover screams), there is also quite good animation, a couple of dozen areas, differing mainly in the color of the border of the field and sometimes with parquet textures, a good selection of digitized cries of a certain Van Earl Wright (Van Earl Wright) and other buns like a preview of the advertising of future and existing games from Crystal Dynamics. Also, the player is now free to view repetitions of especially good moments moving the camera across the field (only forward, you can not turn the camera, obviously there is simply no other wall near the stadium). In general, as you understand, nothing extraordinary. And you could do it.As features, it is also possible to replace players on the field, monitor their performance during the season and other things that would make much more sense if the game had a sane license. But I got it right. After all, the name of the game honestly warns about its absence.In general, the only joy of NBA fans is that purely outwardly basketball players are similar to the real characters in these teams. More precisely, the situation is this: in order to play let's say real Chicago Bulls, we need to select the following team, that is to say Cleveland Cavaliers, where Scottie Pippen will be waiting for us under the number 33, which was sealed to Leonard Lenning (Leonard Lenning). That is, if you are fanatically committed to any team, then you can easily drive an orange ball around the court with your favorite basketball players (if you remember their names and numbers, of course) and comment on the good intrusive friendly V.E. Wright can be barbarously deprived of voice in options.Attention to the crowd. Everything is very detailed, animated and built in several layers.-Well, and what will be the verdict at the end, Mr. Judge?Graphics in static - almost flawless. In the dynamics of very pleased with the effects of mirror floor and linear animation of basketball players. And saddens with turn animation, which simply does not exist. The truth is you take it for granted after 5 minutes of play.The sound is quite good and does not cause any complaints, except perhaps from the eternal "Hello Everybody. I'm Van Earl Wright and today we'll be slamming and jamming" before each match.The atmosphere of the basketball of stars is present, and in very small quantities.There are no licensed teams and players. But with the help of cunning manipulation, they appear under other people's names.In short, every amateur of this sport should have a game. Firstly, this is the only normal basketball on 3DO, secondly - the exclusive of our console (in my opinion), thirdly - just a really good game.

Control keys

D-pad - the command of the ball;B - perepasovka;In + R - a sharp blowC - jump and impact;C, C - throw.You control the player over which the arrow hangs. Use B to switch control.


Evasion from foulsIf you earned a foul, press the P button until the computer counts it for your player. Replace the fouled player with any of the spares, and then press R. Now, the player who has been replaced will be given a rule violation.A player similar to ClintonNumber 34 of Atlanta is not really Don McLean from Washington. Take a closer look: this is the poured Bill Clinton, the American president.


Pretty playersHold R while the cut scene is on and the menu is displayed. As soon as the game starts, press P to stop the game. Now release R and return to the game.Small players with big headsDuring the cutscene, hold R and quickly press L. Once the game starts, press P ("pause"), release R and L, and then return to the game.Small players with shortened body partsQuickly press L and R during the splash screen, but at the end, press only L. Once the game starts, press P to stop the game. Now release L and return to the game.Players with big headsQuickly press L and C during the splash screen. As soon as the game begins, "put" it "on a pause" (P), then release L and C. And now go back to the game.Switching from small players to largeStart the next game and press P to pause it, and then return to the game.High jumps when hammered from aboveHold A and C during the cutscene. When the ball is thrown, call a "pause" (P). Now release A and C, and then return to the game.Increase game speedHold A, B, C during the cutscene. When the ball is thrown, press P to pause the game. Now release A, B, C, and then return to the game.