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PaTaank (3DO)

PaTaank 3DO
Genre: Action
Perspective: 3rd-person
Gameplay: Pinball
Published by: PF Magic
Developed by: PF Magic
Released: 1994
Platform: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer

PaTaank is a rather unusual 3D interpretation of pinball for 3DO Interactive Multiplayer. All the unusualness of the game is that you have to play for the ball itself, which in this game is a flying disั, however strange it may sound. The game takes place in the future on a huge arena built especially for the fun of the audience. The game has four different arenas, each of which you move gradually through the Nexus, performing the task in the previous arena.


All codes are entered from the "OPTION SCREEN" screen, which you can access by pressing B in the main menu.
Hold L, type A, PAUSE, A, PAUSE, B, B, release L, press PAUSE - getting the best results screen. To bring your name closer to the results of the winners, hold R and press C (if not, try twice: C, C). To call another screen, "Hall of Frame Entry Screen", hold L and press C (or C, C).
hold R, type A, B, B, Up, C, C, B, A - The changed game. Further, after you press PAUSE and B, you will enter NEXUS.
Hold L, type C, B, A. A, C, B, A, A, put the game on PAUSE and press B - Another way to access NEXUS. To enter METAGAME, enter CARNAVAL OF LUV, press PAUSE, and then ⇨ to finish the level. Go to TUNNEL OF LUV. Press PAUSE and ⇨ again, at the SURF level. Slip on the wave to become BIG KAHUNA. At the DISASTER CENTRAL level, press PAUSE and ะตั‰ะต again, select the three green panels, and then the PANIC button.
Hold L, type C, B, A, A, C, B, A, A, play, and during the game press X and hold until the appearance of new species on the screen - access to FREE CAMERA and HIGH ZOOM.
Hold L, dial B, C, C, ⇦, A, C, B, A - obtaining a bird's eye view.
Hold L, type A, C, B, ⇨, B, C, B, A - getting an inverted picture.
Hold L, dial B, B, C, Up, C, C, B, A - Now with the joystick you can move to any point in the space.
Hold L, type A, C, A, ⇨ BV C, B - getting rid of gravity.
Hold L (or R), dial C, B, C, Up, B, C, C. A - now you will never run out of fuel.
To get a full view, hold down X when you are on the "magneto", and use the arrow keys on the joystick to rotate the picture.