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Guardian War (3DO)

Guardian War, Powers Kingdom 3DO
Genre: Role-Playing (RPG)
Perspective: Behind view
Setting: Fantasy
Published by: Matsushita Electric Corporation of America
Developed by: Micro Cabin Corp.
Released: 1994
Platform: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer

Guardian War - the only RPG in English (except Lucienne's Quest from the same developer), available for the game console 3DO. Immediately make a reservation - this is not pure RPG, but rather, a battle tactical game with role-playing elements. Conversations in the process of passage will be very little - only the monologues of the goddess, traders and bosses. Prehistory is just as scant, all the main time is occupied by battles.
"This story is about another world in a different time.It used to be a beautiful world protected by the goddess Erald.The forces of darkness were afraid of her, therefore, they could not penetrate this world for the time being." We will control the golem with the strange name Pumpkin , awakened by the goddess Erald for the battle with the Evil Lord Azrael and his army of monsters.
The world in the Guardian War is made in isometric. The continents are divided into locations connected to paths, so that Pumpkin moves on them, if desired, entering inside. In the Shrines, you can awaken allies, in the cities to stock up with the necessary equipment, and in the rest of the locations to deal with the children of evil. For some reason, the reviewers compare this move system with the one adopted in the Final Fantasy Mystic Quest for Super Nintendo, but I would be shocked by such comparisons. The combat system is unusual. Golem moves on a flat map, divided into squares, the review is from a third person. Without being in combat mode, you can wander around the map, searching for chests and surviving enemies. In the vicinity of the monsters, the battle mode begins. In this case, golems are built in battle order and act in turn. The distance that they can travel at a time depends heavily on the level and the body used. The state of the earth's surface also has an effect on our heroes. There are areas where you can restore magic, the standard of living, and there are those in which any magic attacks are blocked, or the rates of life and speed are falling. There are also teleports. Blows are usually dealt in close combat, and spells or shooting are from a certain distance. So, casting fighters, for example a priest, and archers, can be put behind, and a knight, armored, on the front line. It is important to remember - who attacks, that and beats. Counterstrikes in this combat system is not provided. Clearing the location, we return to the main map. Some lands are not cleaned after passing - they can pump out fighters.

Naturally, as in any self-respecting role-playing game, it is possible to buy more powerful weapons, some things and uniforms. But where did you see before that you could buy new bodies for golems? The most interesting feature of the game are the classes. Having typed the fifth level, you can choose a body of the senior class, as well as adherence to the light or dark side. Thanks to this chip, you can play the game differently again and again, choosing different bodies.
Junior class Description Senior class (dark) Senior class (light)
Knight Powerful attack with the sword Dark Knight Paladin
Archer Arrow Archer Bow Knight
Priest Magic of Light Dark Priest Messiah
Shaman Type of magic is not known Dark Shaman Master Shaman
Man-bird Fast, flies Devil Bird Garuda
Sorcerer War Magic Black Sorcerer Sage
Ninja Assassin Ninja Master
Samurai Black Swordsman Samurai Lord
Fishman Neptune
Levels change when typing: 15, 25, 100 and 200 experience points. The elder is the fifth.

Of useful things I'll mention Power Stone (another strange name). He recovers the standard of living by 100. From the same category Power Ruby (+200) and Power Crystal (+999 HP). Manna Stone and Manna Gem restore 100 and 300 magic units, respectively. Reverser removes the fossil spell. Neutralizer relieves poisoning. Power Emb, which can be found in Shrine of Fai, makes the Golem attack more powerful. Defense Emb from Mushroom Forest increases defense. Quick Emb from Hinterand adds speed.
Of the things very useful will be Bell of Love - with his help you can attract a monster to the team. He will fight for you, but he will remain uncontrollable. Acid Bomb poisons the enemy. Lamut Medallion from Mueq W is needed to access additional battles 1 and 2. Sirum Medallion from Hinterand gives access to 3 and 4 additional battles. And Tuphon Medallion allows you to take a very powerful golem called Extra.
There are things that affect magic. Holy Ring enhances the magic of Light. Black Orb is good for spells of Darkness. Robe of Wind for the power of the Wind. Rabbit's Food improves your luck. Dragon's Fang has a great effect on the resistance to magic attacks. All and not to list. It's nice that the action of objects is described in the game itself, because I never found the manual.
At the time of publication in the first half of 1993, the Guardian War was simply unbeatable. Before, none of the roles could boast of 3D appearance! A year later, the game is released in Japan and Europe as Powers Kingdom. Is the game developed specifically for the US, and only then released in Japan? Unfortunately no. The game was first made in the Japanese language, and only then it was translated, and it was rather pathetic.
Once again, I would like to remind you of the distinctive features of Guardian War: full 3D animation, 32,000 colors, fantastic (it's true) 3D magic effects, 55 completely 3D characters. And all this splendor in 1993. In our country at the time, Dendy was just starting to spin!
Music was written by two composers: Yasufumi Fukuda and Yukiharu Urita. The guys tried to glory. In what other RPG you will hear such a driving rock, as in the Guardian War ???
Naturally, the reviews about the game are the most positive. The magazine GamePro gives 90%. Video Games & Computer Entertainment 80%. EGM 76%. All Game Guide 70%. But Video Game Critic gave only 42% - he already played enough in modern RPG-shki, with them and compared, completely forgetting how they looked in the early 90's ... Although, somehow I agree with him . The combat system that predominates over role-based elements is somewhat boring with monotony (this is treated by turning off the animation), and in part is not brought to perfection, as in the RPG of the second half of the 90's. The most striking example is the difficulty of "aiming."
Despite all the roughness in the combat system, scant English, graphics defects when scaling, low quality of digitizing sounds, and in rare cases, their lag behind the action, we have a great game. I recommend.
In Europe and Asia, this game was released as Powers Kingdom.


To get to the secret menu, start the game, and when "Mar Mode" appears - the menu with flags and map, press and hold ⇦, ⇨ and C. Flags should "freeze". Now press the joystick Up, Down, ⇦, . The screen should show a menu in Japanese. It consists of the following items:
  • Download a previously saved game;
  • Hero's equipment;
  • Shop (in the store any object can be bought or sold);
  • Jewels (you will get 10 thousand money units if you press A);
  • Undefeated pass through enemy ranks (the item works in switch mode: press once and enemies will not attack, press again and the option will turn off);
  • Your X and Y coordinates (X and Y work in the mode switching) - Free self-movement on the specified coordinates (switch);
  • Access during the battle to the selection menu of any type of weapon or magic (switch) - Divine power (during the battle your glasses and health will not suffer);
  • The Lethal Card - Sound Effects;
  • Increase the selected level by one - Increase the number of the selected class or subclass by one.