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FIFA International Soccer (3DO)

FIFA International Soccer 3DO
Genre: Sports
Perspective: Bird's-eye view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Interface: Direct control, Multiple units / characters control
Sport: Football (European) / Soccer
Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: Extended Play Productions
Released: 1994
Platforms: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, SEGA CD / Mega-CD, SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive

The most popular sports game. Football (Soccer) is shown as if from within. You will see those sharp moments of the game, which can not be distinguished from the stands or in the television reproduction. At your disposal a lot of "side chambers", slow-motion display, noise design. The possibilities of the game are enormous, hence, your improvement is boundless.

Control menu

The game is launched from the main game menu "GAME SETUP", consisting of the following items:
"EXHIBITION" - holding a friendly match. Select the two participating teams. The characteristics of the teams are shown on the screen in the form of strips, the length of which reflects the assessment of the qualities of the team in this or that nomination: "SHOOTING" - shots on the goal, "RUNNING" - speed of movement of players, "PASSING" - accuracy of the transmissions, "DEFENSE" - actions in protection, "TACKING" - the quality of the selection of the step, "GOALIES" - the skill of the goalkeeper,
"OVERALL" - the general indicator. When choosing a particular team.
"TOURNAMENT" - holding the tournament (according to the World Championship scheme). Choose one - eight team-participants. The characteristics of the commands are displayed on the screen - see "EXIBITIONS".
"CHAMPIONSHIP" - holding the championship.
"LEAGUE" - is selected from one to eight teams to participate in the league championship, must play with all on a circular system. The winner is determined by the greater number of points accumulated. Do not forget that to play "in one go" tournament or league is beyond the power even of notorious fans. Therefore, after completing the next match, do not forget to write down the current position (see "OPTIONS").
"OPTIONS" - options. Here you can choose:
MODE - game options: ACTION - both teams make little mistakes and play equally fast, SIM - imitation of real life, players gradually get tired, move slowly, are inaccurate in the programs.
LENGHT - a football match consists of two halves. You can set the duration of the halftime: 2, 5, 10, 20 or 45 minutes.
CLOCK - is the time counting during the stops? STOP - yes, it stops. RUNNING - no, it runs.
WEATHER - weather choice: NOT - hot, DRY - dry, DAMP - wet. SOAKED is a downpour. RANDOM - the weather is random (as in life).
SOUND - soundtrack: ALL-complete, MUSIC - only music, SFX - only noise effects. NONE - with cotton in the ears.
DOLBY - connection of the DOLBY system.
OFFSIDES - Your attitude to the offside position. Put a tick - and the judge will be able to terrorize you with whistles, constantly tearing off brilliant attacks to both you and your opponent. Put a cross - and "out of the game" is forbidden FOULS - if you are not strong in the rules and the judge who passes cards left and right annoys you, take it out by putting "NO CARDS".
"RESTORE GAMES" - load previously saved game.

Control players during gameplay

Beginning of the game from the center of the R or L - beating player do not forget to deploy to the side of the next partner.

Assault (with the ball):

⇦ / ⇨ / Up / Down - Maintain;
A - a strong blow, "take-away";
A + L or A + R - high impact;
B + ⇦ / ⇨ / Up / Down - pass towards the nearest partner with the set side buttons;
B + R or B + L - give and run;
C + ⇦ / ⇨ / Up / Down - hit in the specified direction L or R - pass back with heel;

Protection (without the ball):

A - select the ball or block with a subcategory;
В - select ball or block;
C (+ L or R) - acceleration of running of the football player;
C + L + R - push the opponent;

Control of the goalkeeper:

A - cursor switching;
⇦ / ⇨ / Up / Down - Move;
B or C - throw the ball to the nearest defender;

Corner kick, strike out - in attack:

A - switching the cursor "target" - "receiver";
⇦ / ⇨ / Up / Down - Move;
B - kick or throw "to the recipient";
B + L or B + R - hit the "receiver";
C - hit or throw "target";
C + L or B + R - impact of "goal";

Angular blow, out - in defense:

B and C - to control the "receiver";
⇦ / ⇨ / Up / Down - Move.

Free kick:

B - selection of the player who beats the penalty;
A or C + ⇦ / ⇨ / Up / Down - hit;
A / B / C + ⇦ / ⇨ / up / Down - for reflective impact;

Fighting for the ball in the air:

A - head bang;
B - a blow from summer;
C - impact in the fall "through yourself".


  • The three TEAM options ("Coverage Coverage", "Team Formation" and "Team Strategy" - see above) are closely interrelated and significantly affect the result. Think carefully about them. The scheme of the players' actions should correspond to their arrangement, and the placement should respond to the team strategy.
  • In the league, you want to win against weak teams and how you can play better with strong players. In simple matches, aim to score as many goals as possible.
  • Do not get carried away with the stroke in the center of the field. The risk of losing the ball is unjustifiably great.
  • To protect your own goal, start on someone else's half of the field, not letting the opponent quietly play the combination. If you play with an inanimate prefix, then consider that she does not like the power game. Transfers become inaccurate, and command actions are unreasonable.
  • Do not abuse the game in passing. Effectively, but not effective! The enemy will surround you with a dense ring, and getting out of it will be very difficult.
  • When striking at your goal, move the control to the defender closest to the goalkeeper to be ready to pick up the ball.
  • When selecting the ball, use the rolls carefully. The player who completed the tackle, if he misses, turns out to be off the game for a while.
  • Do not try to bring your attacker one on one with the opponent's goalkeeper when attacking. As often as possible, beat the gate from afar and from medium distances.
  • When the goalkeeper of the opponent knocks out the ball from the hand in the field, bring his attacker to him. If you manage to position it correctly, it will be able to intercept the blow.
  • In the "SIM" mode, both replacements are made in the second half of the game, when the fatigue of the players begins to affect.


FIFA Soccer is a serious game. But if you want to entertain yourself, use codes. To enter the codes, stop the game (PAUSE) and enter one of the following sequences. If all is entered correctly. You will hear a beep and a confirmation message will appear at the top of the screen. Re-entering the code cancels its operation.
C, R, A, B, B, R, ⇦, A, B, A, B, B, R - "hot potatoes";
A, B, B, A, C, A, B, A, B, B, A - invisible walls;
L, A, C, ⇨, B, A, L, L - "laser" ball;
B, A, B, A, R, B, A, B, B, A, R - a giant player;
B, C, B, A, L, L, A, B, A, ⇦, ⇦ - a huge ball;
B, A, C, L, B, A, B, B, A - metal players;
R, A, L, B, A, C, L, A, B, A - they will play without T-shirts;
C, A, R, C, A, B, ⇨, A, B, B, L - radical turn;
R, A, B, B, A, C, L, L, B, A, C, L is a tough game;
L, A, B, A, R, R, A, C, C, A - insanely strong blows.