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Dragon's Lair (3DO)

Dragons Lair 3DO
Genre: Action
Perspective: 3rd-person
Gameplay: Quick Time Events (QTEs), Timed Input
Art: Full Motion Video (FMV)
Setting: Fantasy
Published by: ReadySoft Incorporated
Developed by: Advanced Microcomputer Systems
Released: 1994
Platforms: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, SEGA CD / Mega-CD, Super Nintendo (SNES)

Legendary game Dragon's Lair, it's hard to believe that she came to us from the 80's. Then in 1983 it was possible to play it only on Arcade machines. With the arrival in the 90's of people's houses more powerful game consoles, appeared and the port of this game for them. This game did not pass by and the game console 3DO Interactive Multiplayer. In the rest the game remained practically unchanged. We still play for the noble, but slightly eccentric knight Dirk the Daring, whose main task is to save the beautiful princess Daphne, which is guarded by a dragon in a castle enchanted by an evil magician. Due to which the castle was filled with various traps and evil creatures. In this interactive cartoon full of black humor, you, that would go to the end and see a happy ending, will have to work hard. After all, you need to press the right button at the right time. And it's all without any clues. But from this game, most of the animation in which was made by a brilliant Disney artist - Don Bluth, does not get worse.
Two Tips:
  • To quickly move Werner to the edge of the screen, press the C button together with the arrow-direction.
  • While in the hands of your hero's weapon or book, never talk to anyone.

Control to ensure walkthrough

At each stage you need to pick up (or, coping with our list, just reproduce) the only correct combination of clicks to ensure your passage further. In (sweep of the sword), Up (up, in the hole) - on the dilapidated bridge;
⇨ - about three doors (press right away as the right door opens, already during the destruction);
In, ⇨, In, ⇦, Up - in a place with terrible fingers;
In, ⇨, Down, ⇦, Up - in a room with tentacles;
B, B, ⇨ - in the striped snake;
⇦, Up, ⇨, Up, ⇦, Up, B, Up - in a round room, swimming pool with water;
In, ⇨, Up, In, Up - room with a hatch in the floor;
⇦, В, ⇦, ⇦ - the ladder to the descent;
In, In, In, In, ⇦, In - an oven;
Up, In, Down, Up - two rotating blades;
Up - room with chest and bed;
⇨, Down, Up, ⇦, ⇦ - room with a hatch in the ceiling;
Up, Up, ⇦ - press seven times with fire and ice, Up - place with lava;
⇦, ⇦, ⇨, ⇨ - room with skeletons ⇨ - "drink me";
⇦,,, ⇦, ⇦ - slippery ladders;
B, B, B, ⇦, B - hot place;
Up, In, Down, Up - colored balls;
⇨, ⇦, ⇨; then ⇦; - mechanical horse;
⇨, Down, Up - Hidden Door;
⇨, ⇦, Up, ⇦, ⇨, ⇦, ⇨ then B, B - room with a huge knight;
Up, В, Up, В, ⇦, В - a corridor with six doors (a huge hall);
Up, Up, Down, In, ⇨, ⇨ - wooden bridge with bats;
B, ⇦, ; then B, ⇦ - a spiral staircase and a large bat;
<=; then ⇨, ⇨, ⇨, ⇨, ; Up, In; finally <=, <=, Down, In - frog king;
Down, Up, <=- small tiled room;
⇨, Up, ⇨; then ⇨ - throne room;
Up, Up, Up, Up; then ⇨, ⇦, ⇨, ⇦ then ⇨ - caves with silt to press;
Down six times; then Up - colored balls;
Up, В, В, ⇨ - yellow liquid and a room with a pot;
Up, ⇦, ⇦, Down; then Down, Down, ⇦; then Up, Down, ⇨, In, In, ⇦, In - Treasure Room;

Codes, Secrets

Unlimited Lives: Press Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right on the title screen.
View FMVs: Start a new game, and make Dirk lose all his lives. On the continue screen, press right, right, left, left, down, down, up, up, P. If you put it in correctly, the game will restart and show you all the winning & losing scenes.