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Dino Crisis 2 (PS1)

Dino Crisis 2 PSX
Genre: Action
Perspective: 1st-person, 3rd-person
Gameplay: Survival Horror
Published by: Capcom Entertainment
Developed by: Capcom Co.
Released: 2000
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

The key differences with the original version of the game become clear from the very beginning. That is why, fans of survival horror either immediately recoil in horror, or they will accept the game as an innovation. While Dino Crisis was a well-told, straightforward story, the sequel is more sporadic in content. The game is divided into a series of small scenes within which a common storyline unfolds, thanks to a sequence of separate stages covering five local sites. As you explore these areas and the appearance on the scene of the necessary dinosaurs, the system of screen scoring will give you extra points for each reptilia, which you will be able to cause damage. After completing the next five scenes, these points will be added up and added to the total score, and if you manage to pass the site without harm to yourself, or if you shoot one shot at the targets you are facing, you will receive additional points in reward.
Although all this can easily be regarded as the fact that the art of playing becomes more superficial, this trade in points by installments really works, because it allows you to integrate your successes in the game. Instead of handing out weapons in exchange for collected keys, card doors opening and so on, Dino Crisis 2 allows players to buy everything they want, provided they have a really thick wallet. Throughout the game, computer Banks are scattered, which act as both conservation points, and as vending machines with weapons and equipment.
Dinosaurs Dino Crisis 2, which can be seen from a distance or guess about their approach through the rustle of leaves, are just as clever as those that were torn to pieces by Bob Peck in Jurassic Park. To begin with, now they attack in groups of three, and it seems that they appear out of nowhere. Predators will try to evade the flank of the player, attacking from a distance, although the matter is simplified by the fact that this cunning trick remains unchanged throughout the game. In Dino Crisis 2 removed a limited weapon system that was in the previous game. Now players receive cash rewards for every dinosaur they have won, and for extraordinarily skillful murder receive additional rewards. Thus, you do not have to wait until the end of the game to get these coveted flamethrowers and rocket launchers.


Since the incident Capture Of The Dr. Kirk was 1 year old. The government is continuing research on the Third Energy issue. Unfortunately, there is another rather terrible cataclysm: the city of Edward City, in which research is being conducted on the problem of the third energy, unexpectedly disappears completely, and the government is building a special Time Gare to return all research results and save scientists themselves. It decides to send a special team back in time and to locate the city of Edward City in space and time. And no one can even imagine what happened in the city of Edward City, except Regina.


Question: I managed to find only 10 Dino Files. Tell me where can I find the last 11th?
Answer: As we understand, you missed the Dino File Mosasaurus. You can find it in the second part of the script, when you play for Regina in the 3rd Energy Facility. It lies on the table in the control room, next to the Toolbox Key.
Question: Tell me, please, where can I find the gas mask Gas Mask?
Answer: You'll find the mask after you defeat T-Rex at the end of the Edward City section, playing for Dylon, and you'll have to use the tank.

  • Mosquitoes will get your character out when he has a bleeding. They do not cause any damage, do not reduce the HP level. but will distract him, and he will become more vulnerable to dinosaur attacks. You can, of course, kill mosquitoes, but then new ones will fly in, and you'll just waste your ammunition. Especially since you do not receive any EP for the killing of insects. Therefore, immediately take any medication or go to the point of shipment. If you manage to buy a special costume Inner Suit, then the bleeding will stop immediately. Even if you get wounds, you can play until the end of the game, absolutely not worrying about the loss of blood.
  • During the game you will find the points of shipment and stores (Save Points and Shops). They look like blue screens located in the walls. Go to the blue screen, press the X button, and a menu with two options will appear: Shop and Save. Use the Save option to remember the game, and try to do it as soon as possible. Shipping points, in fact, is also a reward. They are called Extinct Point Service Stations. You can spend points here to buy weapons (Weapons), equipment (Tool), ammunition (Magazine) and drugs (Recovery). Press the X button to select the appropriate option. It is best to buy weapons and armor at the earliest opportunity. Stock up with medicines in the Recovery option, but it's better not to buy them, but to try to find them in the course of the game, then they will get to you for free. When the ammunition runs out, select the Magazine option and reload your weapon. Weapons can be fully loaded throughout the game, but when you buy weapons. You need to know its characteristics, so as not to waste money, but to acquire only what is needed, and the best.
  • The dinosaur is dead only when it lies on the ground in a pool of blood, and the value of the earned EP Value points appears at the top of the game screen.
  • Use any objects, containers, tables, etc .. to hide from dinosaur attacks. If you manage to take a position for an object, it will be easier to deal with some enemies. * Try to take a position in the corner or stand with your back to the wall. In this case, the dinosaur can not attack from behind, and it is easier for you to kill it when it attacks from the front.
  • Try to counter-attack the dinosaur, then you have more chances to win, and you will earn more points. Often you can hear the approaching dinosaur, so prepare to attack, take the best position, select a weapon, and at the same time a secondary (sub weapons), and immediately counterattack as soon as you see it. If you are attacked in an open space and can not detect a shelter, then use the R2 button. Then you can repel dinosaur attacks even from two sides at once. To do this, press and hold the R2 button, then press the R1 button and the X button to perform the attack. You can also use the L1 and R1 buttons. to open fire on the dinosaur. This attack strategy allows you to hit dinosaurs, even if they attack from both sides.
  • Try to attack the dinosaurs when they are close to each other, then you can immediately destroy several pieces and save ammunition.
  • Use the map to get to your destination without wandering. Press the L2 button. to display the map. An orange color indicates the area in which you are currently. Open doors - blue, closed doors - red.
  • Try to have in your invenory as much as possible first-aid kits (Med Paks), Hemostats and Health (Health), especially since health is even more important than Eyewear points. Do not forget this, because the most important task is to survive. Press the Left / Down / Right and Triangle buttons. to take a step to the side or step back. These maneuvers will allow you to dodge the formidable attacks. In the defense is very useful to use other maneuvers. For example, you can get away, run zigzag, dodge attacks, etc. If you have a Firewall wall at your disposal, then you can use it to set a wall of fire around yourself. After that, turn around and attack the enemy.
  • Continuously move and do not stand in open territories. Try to reach the shelter in time, and then counterattack the dinosaurs. Try to dodge attacks on open territories, and when reptiles start chasing you, lure them into the territory where you can hide behind some object, and then destroy them. More often use the D-pad to dodge dinosaur attacks.
  • Doors and stairs - places are quite safe, because dinosaurs can not attack you while you are on the stairs or in the doorway.
  • Carefully inspect the territory to see in advance where the dinosaur can jump on you, and attack as soon as you see it. For example, in a cave (Cave), when you play for Dylan, Inostrancevia can jump out of a small cave. Stand at the entrance to the cave, attack Chainmine when it pops out to turn it upside down with your belly, and then finish using Solid Cannon. Go beyond the screen, and then quickly return to their original place, finish off the dinosaur and then repeat this process. You can thus gain a huge number of points and become virtually invincible. This strategy should be used in the game as often as possible.
  • If you are injured and bleeding started, use Hemostat or Med Rak L first aid kit, or you will very soon die. When the lifebar begins to flash in red, the danger is very high. When you buy an Inner Suit suit or light armor Light-Ewight Armor, you can not be afraid of bleeding.
  • At the earliest opportunity, buy a gold card (Gold EPS card). It doubles the number of EP points for killing each dinosaur, and therefore, you have the opportunity to purchase a wide variety of weapons and equipment.
  • Stay in the middle of the road as you walk through the jungle. Thus, you will be able to see a dinosaur in time, which will try to attack you.
  • As you understand, you need to run as often as possible. To do this, just press the desired button on the D-pad. However, if you carry a heavy two-handed weapon in your hands, then naturally, the pace of your movement will slow down and you will be able to move only at the pace of walking. When you have more light weapons in your hands, you can open fire even on the run.
  • When you play Hard difficulty mode, the weapon costs twice as much, and the number of medical "preparations" that you can have at your disposal is half the time. The remaining indicators are the same as in the Normal difficulty mode. But, as you know, this is enough for a hard life.
  • To scramble up the stairs and open the doors, you need to press the X button. To jump off the eaves, jib, container, or other object, you also need to press the X button.
  • Doors, overgrown with vines can be opened by cutting these thickets with their machetes. Select the machete, press the Circle button to cut all the vines that close the door, and you can go into it.
  • Doors with electronic locks can open Regina, using their stun-gun. Select this weapon, click the Circle button. aiming just above the lock and you can open the door.
  • In the course of the game, try to use smaller large first aid kits. Medium kits (Medium) with Haemostat are practically the same. However, a large first aid kit takes considerably more space in your inventory.
  • By pressing the R2 button. You will rotate 180 degrees. A very useful technique, especially when enemies attack from behind. You will need it very much in the final stages of the game.
  • When you are attacked by a large number of enemies, it is best to turn around and escape from them, taking a comfortable position. If they rush after you in close rows, then you can literally one shot destroy three or four enemies when they are in a tight group or on a straight line.
  • Your character takes aim at the enemy if you hold down the R1 button, but you can only fire from your main weapon. If there are several enemies, press the R1 button while aiming to change the target. From the secondary weapon Sub-Weapon can shoot at any time, but keep in mind that the shot will be carried out in the direction in which you are looking.
  • Sometimes you can go through the level, having met literally only 3-4 enemies, but destroying them. You get too few points and can not buy decent weapons. Try to walk around the level to meet as many enemies as possible and do not leave the level when you are attacked. Usually in each zone you are attacked by up to 25 enemies and, destroying them, you can really earn enough points.



Use the Sub Machine to destroy 10 Oviraptors and 8 Velociraptors. Thus, the first two attacking waves of dinosaurs Regina liquidates. Then select Chainmine to turn Inostrancevia upward belly, and plant her turn from the machine gun right into the tummy. Use heavy machine gun Heavy Machine Gun to deal with two Allosaurusas and Tyrannosaurus Rex. Shoot the Allosaurusas directly into the barrel. and when you fight with Tyrannosaurus Rex. take the position as it were between the legs. In this case, attack him, being under his right under the belly. At the same time, of course, try not to step on it, but at the same time to avoid its terrible Frontal Jew Attack.


Use the Firewall wall to organize a defense against the Oviraptors and Velociraptors, shoot them from your shotgun, use the Chainmine mine. to turn Inostrancevia upward by a bullet, and then shoot it at point-blank range from the gun. Use the gun to finish off the two Allosaurusas. Shoot them in the sides, and when you meet with T-Rex, take out the rocket, aim very carefully and in no case miss, you have only 5 missiles, and each miss is equivalent to defeat.


Speed is the key to the battle, Allosaurus is very fast and powerful. When you are attacked by Oviraptors and Velociraptors, rub your tail with all the urine to knock them off their feet. Just press the Circle button. Larger dinosaurs, such as Allosaurusas and T-Rex, pose a great danger. Press the R1 button and the Square button at the same time and you will be able to grasp their teeth in the side. In general, Allosaurus quickly run and furiously bite their enemies. The best tactic is to strike with the tail, and then run up and grab the enemy in the throat until he dies. To perform this maneuver, click the Circle button. then R1 and Square at the same time.


This character is already familiar to you from the first game Dino Crisis. He has only one effective main weapon, and you must use it against every dinosaur that attacks you in the arena. This weapon is called Solid Cannon. Use Chainmine to flip Inostracevia upward with your belly, and then plant it in your belly from your wonderful Solid Cannon cannon. A Firewall wall can be used to build a defense against a whole flock of Oviraptors and Velocitraptors. The fiery wall blocks their attacks, and you can easily deal with them from your cannon.


This guy was lucky. As the main weapon, he has a flamethrower (Flame Launcher). Attack them with all dinosaurs except T-Rex. Fry such a quantity of shish kebab that enough for everyone. Use Chainmine to flip Inostracevia up the belly, and then straight to the belly and not once to make sure. But against T-Rex you have to use an anti-tank gun (Anti Tank Rifle), however, at your disposal only 20 rounds, so attack it exactly in the head.


It is very fun to ride a tank in the arena of the Collosseum. The control of the tank is the same as before, when you ride it through the city of Edward City, killing T-Rex. The R1 and L1 buttons turn the gun turret, the X button allows fire from the main gun, and the Circle button allows you to use the "secondary" weapon Flash Bomb. It is best to crush the dinosaurs on the tank, but with Allosaurus and T-Rex this, apparently, will not work. Therefore, go straight to them And when you come close, open fire from the main gun. In general, the tank caterpillars make the majority of dinosaurs a real mince.



The best tactic is to attack and immediately escape. This is their favorite maneuver, as Oviraptor is quick and weighs relatively little. He also inflicts powerful kicks and is able to spoil his opponent to death. To use a special attack - click on the Up, Down, Up and Square buttons. Such attacks are very good against Allosaurus and T-Rex. As soon as you execute the attack, immediately run away and move continuously. To perform the jump and hit a powerful kick, press the X button to spit the poisonous saliva, press the Circle button.


Now you have to play for Velociraptor. This is a very fast dinosaur with a deadly attack. All his attacks are very effective against any dinosaurs, so boldly attack using a variety of techniques. Press the Down button on the D-pad and the X button to inflict a Bite Down Attack. To hit the opponent with a powerful tail blow, press the Right button on the D-pad and the Circle button, and to hit the tail to the left, press the Left button on the D pad and the Circle button. To perform special attacks, click on the D-pad of the Left, Right and Up buttons, simultaneously pressing the Square button. To bite the enemy, press the X button or the Square button. To strike a powerful blow, click the Circle button.


These powerful dinosaurs, as if dressed in solid armor, it is very difficult to win. Use the Chain Mine to topple them up with your belly, and then attack the soft abdomen. Here they end. These dinosaurs move very slowly, but their attacks are extremely powerful, and the jaws are like steel traps. To bite the opponent's teeth, press the X or Square button. To toss the enemy away, press the Circle button. To rush into the attack and bite, press the Triangle button, and to perform a special attack, press the Circle button twice, the Down button on the D-pad and the Square button.


Now you are playing for T-Rex. Use the powerful jaws of this monster to destroy all enemies, just press the Circle button. Press the X or Square button to grab onto the teeth and how to shake. Click the Up button on the D-pad and the Triangle button to run. To publish a powerful roar and attack, press the Up, Down, Up and Square buttons. To trample down the enemy and break it into pieces, press the X and Up buttons on the D-pad.


Use a swift attack to kill Deathblow with one deadly blow. Click the X button or the Square button to attack; click the Circle button to launch the Swipe Attack attack; To execute a deadly thrill, click on the D-pad Up, Down, Up and the Square button. When doing Thrust charge. You will need a second to activate this technique, and then you will see a flash of lightning. If at this point miss the enemy's attack, your thrust attack will not be executed.


This dinosaur is very small, for it to play literally fun. Compi is tiny, but its bites are such that it can bite even a raptor. Run as much as possible and bite, attacking the dinosaurs. If you miss the attack of the dinosaur, then, of course, the game will end. Press the X button or the Square button to bite the enemy, and to perform a special attack of the Compi Kung-Fu move, press the Circle button and the Down button on the D-pad.

Weapons notes

Press the R1 button to grab the main weapon and the X button to fire it. Press the R1 button and the Circle button to use the secondary weapon (Sub weapon). Be sure to make sure that your secondary weapon looks exactly at the enemy before making a shot. Otherwise, you can even damage yourself if you are on the line of fire. The R1 button also acts as an auto-lock, allowing you to instantly bring weapons to the nearest target. While the L1 button allows you to turn around with the weapon and aim at the enemy behind you. Use these features when enemies attack from different sides. Try to reload in time the primary and secondary weapons in Save Shop stores, which will meet along the way. Note that secondary weapons and underwater weapons can not be used on the run, so try to purchase the necessary weapons in Save / Shop stores. In the jungle, you can easily earn enough points of EP, so that you can not deny yourself anything and have fun with any, even the most expensive weapon.

Chain Mine

You will need to purchase this weapon to successfully escape from the cave (Cave). By the way, this is the only weapon that you can turn Inostracevia and then finish with an accurate shot in the belly from some powerful weapon. This is the only vulnerable point of this dinosaur, since it is surrounded on all sides by a powerful armor and otherwise it can not be destroyed. Chainmine fires five mines right into the ground, turns upside down any enemy that will be in his way. This weapon is secondary, it can be held in one hand, and it is very useful in a number of missions.

Games Puzzle

Here's how to figure out the next puzzles that you'll encounter in the game. Note: in the passage we will write about them, but here we give for those who try to start the game themselves.

The Jungle Area 1

How to choose a key (Military Facility):
In the military center, take the key, where Dylan seems to be getting lost. Then go to the closed room near the point of shipment, open it using a sub-weapon (Stungun) (this is something like an electric knife), open this door, go inside, go to the panel, replace the key with the one that is under the blue light . The panels are arranged as follows: red, yellow, green (Green is the one we need), blue, gray, violet. Now you will receive a blue key and you can go to free Dylan.

Catch a small dinosaur (Research Facility):

To catch a small dinosaur that regularly steals small glittering objects, you must close all the curtains and leave only one open (near a small cage). After that, you must start chasing this dinosaur and, when he jumps out through the uncovered curtain, must immediately enter the room and chase after him until he jumps into the cage. After that, the key card that you need is removed from the cell. Go to the closed door, open it, take the battery and maybe find something else there.

The 3rd Energy Facility

The ID number (ID card) to be entered:
First of all, take the key with the holes in it, then go to the locked flickering box, open it with this key and get the file, and in the file you will find the number that you need to enter from the identification card: 5210. Now use ID card and enter this code. You can go through the door.
Activate the main energy source (Reactivating main power)

3rd Energy Reactor

This is an easy puzzle. In order to restore power supply, you need to take your sub-weapon (Stungun), and then when any of the switches turns red, attack it with this weapon and act so until all the switches turn red and the supply of energy will not resume. Now go and use your computer.

Jungle Area (Again)

Restore the power supply to use the bridge (Missile Silo):
Here, you also need to restore the power supply, but this time it's more difficult to do, because there are more switches here, and you have to attack them from Stungun until they all turn red. Then the supply of energy will be restored. After that, go through the bridge and stop the launch of the rocket.

Habitat Support Facility

To get rid of lasers (near lasers):
To get rid of the lasers, you need to press the colored switches in the following order: green> yellow> blue> red. Now the lasers are off, and you can go through the door.

Kill the T-Rex (Final fight)

In fact, it's very simple. Press the switch in the far left corner, and then the switch to the south of the main panel. After that, go and activate the main panel to activate the satellite, well, then everything is clear. If you cope with this simple task, you will see a wonderful ending.