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Conker's Bad Fur Day (N64)

Conker's BFD, Conker Bad Fur Day
Genre: Action
Perspective: Bird's-eye view
Gameplay: Platform, Puzzle elements, Shooter
Interface: Direct Control
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Narrative: Comedy
Published by: Rareware
Developed by: Rare
Released: 2001
Platform: Nintendo 64 (N64)

Conker's Bad Fur Day (abbreviated CBFD) is a video game from Rareware released on the Nintendo 64 console. It is the game that takes the largest amount (512 megabits) on the cartridge in the history of Nintendo 64 (another game that occupies such a volume is Resident Evil 2 ). Has a remake called Conker: Live And Reloaded, which only added a few skits and significantly improved graphics.


Initially, the project was called Conker's Quest, later it was renamed Twelve Tales: Conker 64. The final name of the project was Conker's Bad Fur Day. The game is made on the engine of Banjo Kazooie. At first the game was positioned for children, with the corresponding children's plot, the early screenshots confirmed exactly this.
But after a while, after criticism, developers from Rareware decided to completely rework the game.
The press release that the game is being processed was released on April 1, on Fool's Day, so not all of them immediately believed it. The developers remade the game from the children's Twelve Tales: Conker 64 in Conker's Bad Fur Day, a game aimed at the adult audience.
Nevertheless, although the game sold well in the US and the UK, overall sales were worse than anticipated, in part because of the release of the game in 2001, at sunset Nintendo 64.
Another reason was Nintendo's fear that children could play the game, and therefore, despite the fact that the game was published by Rareware, it put on its version of the box a larger symbol than the usual "Mature" and the inscription "This game is not for children younger than 17 "- the moves that testified about the fears of Nintendo.
Nintendo of America did not openly advertise the game, all ads were reduced to shows on night cable television and to small commercials on the Playboy channel. But despite all the limitations, the game has a cult.

About the game

Graphics and sound

Conker's Bad Fur Day is one of the latest games for Nintendo 64, which incorporates all the previous experience of Rareware development games for this console. After the release of Conker's Bad Fur Day, a lot of publications recognized that the graphics presented in the game are the best for the Nintendo 64. The game was attended by large open locations without the inherent for N64 "misty haze". Also, the game was different detailed facial animation and synchronization of the movement of the lips.
The soundtrack for the game Conker's Bad Fur Day in 2001 was awarded the BAFTA award for best sound.


  • A lot of plot twists in this game are parodies of various films, such as Terminator, Dracula, Wizard of Oz, Star Troopers, Untouchables, Clockwork Orange, Alien, Matrix, Exorcist, Apocalypse Now and Saving Private Ryan.
  • In the remake of the Xbox added a few more skits - on Van Helsing, Jaws, Mad Dogs and Star Wars. Episode VI. Return of the Jedi
  • Van Helsing - Konker in Van Helsing's costume in the episode "Dracula"
  • Saving Private Ryan - Episode "It's War!", A parody of the Allied landing in Normandy
  • Terminator - Battle with a robot in the "Barn Boys"
  • Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines - Battles with Tediz
  • Jaws - A shark-dog and camera movements at this time.
  • Matrix - Shootout in the lobby with caresses.
  • Alien - the Final Boss and the method of killing him.
  • Reservoir Dogs - In "Rock Solid Disco" when meeting with Boss.
  • The Exorcist - Little Girl and Robot in "It's War!"
  • A Clockwork Orange - Initial cut scene.
  • Star Wars. Episode VI. Return of the Jedi - When Konker meets with Panther-King aboard the space station.



In the initial intro, Conker sits on the throne, surrounded by characters, whom he will meet much later. (The Parody of the Clockwork Orange). Recollection comes from the past. Conker drinks in the pub "Rooster and Nippers" along with several squirrel-soldiers. He tries to call his mistress Berry to tell her that he will be late, but she did not answer, because she was busy with aerobics. A little later, Konker leaves the pub completely drunk, he pulls him to the threshold, and he leaves in the night.


Conker wakes up the next day, with a hangover head, and meets a scarecrow named Berdi (which most likely is a parody of a scarecrow from another semimolar on the N64 game Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time), which tells him how to use contests-dependent zones . Using this new ability, Conker receives the pills and completely heals his hangover. After clicking on the lever, Conker enters the room, in which he remembers that he has a frying pan (In the Xbox version - a baseball bat). He hits her with a gargoyle on the bridge, which then falls from laughter into the abyss, but at the same time a stone that blocks the exit is falling from above. Konker, using the nearest context-dependent zone, gets a trinitrotoluene sword, which is also undermined by a cobblestone.
Cinematic intro shows the King-Panther, who sits on his throne in his castle, which causes a mad caress-scientist-technophile to solve the "problem of a broken table". The scientist decides that instead of the leg, you can put a red squirrel (that is, Conker), and the king sends his guard to catch one squirrel.


Konker arrives in the central zone of the game, named so because in the center on a high hill stands a windmill. After receiving money from the Queen of Bees for the return of her beehive (which turned out to be nothing less than a two-machine gun) from the wasps, he buys from Birdie the instruction on using a slingshot against several beetles that block his progress on the hill. But Birdie is all holey, and so the living money, having found a hole in his pocket, returns to Concer. In the shadow of the castle there is a huge fecal mountain. Nearby is a closed shop, on which hangs a sign that it opens at 10:00, and therefore Concker goes to the nearest passage, which leads him to ...

Barn Boys

... the nearest farm. Here, Konker enters the barn, where he fights with a pitchfork called Frankie, who was provoked with a paint bucket and a paint brush. Around the living haystacks jumped, so that the forks constantly missed and destroyed the stacks. Pitchfork, completely angered, went to hang, but this did not work, because the forks, according to the bucket of paint, did not have a neck at all. Konker jerks the lever, which frees the King of Bees and the monster made of hay.
The King of Bees complains to Conker that he needs to pollinate a living flower. He finds bee-pacifists without a sting, which open the flower and the King pollinates it. Konker after that, taking advantage of the flower's breasts jumps into the niche, where he receives $ 100. Later, he returns to the barn to release Frankie and, with his help, hits Senobot three times (Haybot), who jumps and breaks the floor.
Hay on the monster burns in flight, exposing the termuropodobnogo robot. At the same time on his back is a huge button "do not push!". Conker and Frankie are hiding from the missiles behind the pipes, and the water pouring out of the pipes during their explosion shortens the robot for a time for which Conker manages to press a button that, after a third push, destroys Senobot's hands and then his body.
Frankie is broken in half, but Conker wraps it around with adhesive tape. When the water starts to rise, Conker throws the knives into electric cords to clip them, and then floats to the door that leads him to the money. After Conker again goes to ...


... a shop selling manure, where, after solving a puzzle with a bull and cows, he is rewarded with a ball of shit, which he uses to kill the guard on the pond and pass through ...

Bats Tower

A tower where the aristocratic fish-boxes ask Konker to help them get rid of the dog-fish guarding the underground storage, promising him 10% of all the money in this storehouse. Conker climbs the tower, where he solves the puzzle with finding gears, which shortens the chain of the dog-fish. Fishermen open the vault, and Concer has to swim through the underwater labyrinth to get into the boiler room, with a stream of urine to extinguish the small fire demons and fight the boiler-with-copper-eggs, run by the two remaining demons. Conker gets out of the maze and finds only $ 10, so he should have got only $ 1. This enrages him and he decides to take all the money himself. Suddenly, the chain breaks and the fish cat eats up all fishponds, but Conker manages to slip away at the last minute. Then he uses the corpse of the fish - the dog as a step, and gets to $ 300. He returns to the Winds and enters the dung mount ...


... where he is met by one of the beetles and tells about the horrors happening in this manure heap and runs away. A certain voice calls for Corn sugar corn. Konker hits it with a frying pan and drops it from the ledge. Satisfied, a huge pile crawls out of a large excrement pond with this corn instead of teeth and is presented to Conker as Great Mighty Poo (English Great Mighty Poo). After singing the first part of his opera, the pile begins to throw Konker with his own pieces. Conker fights off, throwing huge pieces of toilet paper first into flying pieces, and then into the mouth of the "singer". When the Great Mighty Shit is brought to a white heat, a powerful scream of a heap breaks the passage into a secret room with a flushing cistern, a rope from which Conker pulls. The operatic singer-stinker with a howl is washed into nothing, opening the passage, where Konker rushes.

Uga Buga

Prehistoric episode. Berry is stolen by Golem-like Rockards, stone creatures that fight with prehistoric people. Konker deceives the prehistoric people by wearing the mask of one of them and with a fight breaks into the Rokardov rave club called "Rock solid", where he discovers that Berry was stolen by mascot helpers who offer him to get rid of cave people bombing their habitat.
A little later, Konker is deafened by a bunch of cavemen and takes all his money, which he returns after chasing hovering skateboards on the lava. After this, Konker takes part in the prehistoric gladiatorial battle and after it returns to ...


After the second return of the beehive to the Queen of Bees from the evil wasps, Konker gets $ 400, climbs up the hill with the windmill and pays all the money in the mill to go for a drive along the river. After a not particularly successful trip, Konker falls off the barrel, which breaks the barriers that block the passage. The passage leads to ...


Here Konker meets Gregg-Death. Short, strong and squeaky, he uses a megaphone to sound threatening. A special flavor to this character is attached to his hatred of cats. Yes, and a meeting with him takes place on the pier, where he drives his oblique couple of fish cans.
He gives Konker a shotgun (or a short-barreled shotgun in the Xbox version) so that he can go through the cemetery filled with zombies into an old detachment. There Konker meets his forgotten great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather.
Great-grandfather bites Conker to give that vampire abilities. Turning into a bat and hanging on a rope under the ceiling, the great-grandfather of Conker demands from that to catch and throw into the crush of the settlers who attacked the mansion. After the third settler, his great-grandfather, having drunk blood, becomes too fat, the rope on which he hangs, tears, and he falls directly into the crusher. Conker, becoming a normal squirrel, returns to the Winds and gets into ...

It's War!

A mad scientist creates an army of evil teddy bears, Tediz. He created Tediz in order to overthrow Panther the King, but at the moment they are fighting with squirrels, and Konker was drafted to the front. The scene of the arrival on the beach is completely idle for the initial scene from the film of Saving Private Ryan. Conker makes his way into the enemy bunker.
After saving the Private Rodent, a rodent in a prototype of a bullet-proof armor, Konker destroys a huge Tediz, controlled by a little girl, using a tank that was found by Conker and Rodent. However, the tank was defeated and Rodent fell unconscious and was mistakenly declared dead, and the little girl turns on the self-destruct system of the base. Konker runs back the same way through the labyrinth of mines and fighters-Tediz to the shore, whence he has time to swim away.
Immediately after the explosion, Konker and the surviving squirrel-soldiers see how the living Rodent in his armor flies over their heads to the Winds and crashes into the mill, and the mill, falling, opens the way to the Feral Reserve, a parody of the Federal Reserve. In this case, a fallen mill kills the Queen of Bees: you can see her protruding legs.


Conker again meets Laska-Mafiosi, who explains that he is on the verge of bankruptcy and hires Conker and Berry to rob the storehouse dressed as Neo and Trinity from the Matrix.
After a parodic battle, they reach the repository, where they collect all the $ 1,000,000 and meet the Panther-King. Mafiosi takes his money promised by the king, kills Berry from Thompson and leaves. Meanwhile, a scientist who was greatly angered by the fact that Konker destroyed his entire army of Tediz, laid the egg of the Alien in the Panther-King, and the stranger, at birth, tore the King's chest. However, the storage is a compartment of a spacecraft, which the professor launched on "two nitrogel engines". Konker pushes the lever that opens the airlock, into which corpses of Berry and Panther-King fly away and also the scientist himself. There is also a room with a prototype of a yellow spacesuit-exoskeleton, which Konker uses for the battle with the Stranger.
After three unsuccessful throws at the gateway, the Alien flies off but miraculously returns and jumps to Conker, but the game "hangs". Konker gets out of the suit and offers the programmer a deal in exchange for the fact that Conker will not tell anyone about the glitch in the game. The programmer, at Concher's request, moves him and the Alien into a white emptiness from the Matrix, gives a whole rack of various weapons, and then again, at Conker's request, moves him to the throne room where the game develops and Konker beheads the Alien.
Konker then remembers that he should have asked to bring Berry to life, but the programmer has already left. A lot of characters come to the throne room, and Conker is crowned against his will.


After the credits, Conker again drinks in the pub "Rooster and Tongs", pouring everything and pouring himself. Later, Konker again goes drunk in the night in the direction opposite to the one chosen at the beginning of the game.