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World's Scariest Police Chases (PS1)

World Scariest Police Chases PS1
Genre: Action, Racing / Driving, Open world driving
Perspective: 3rd-person
Gameplay: Shooter
Published by: Activision Publishing, Fox Interactive
Developed by: Unique Development Studios AB
Released: 2001
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

In the World's Scariest Police Chases, you play the role of a real hero, which is every policeman, and go on passage of 50 missions. You will race along the alleyways, accompanying VIP persons, controlling the traffic on the street and the like. In the series of 15 missions "bad guy", you can act as a criminal. In addition, on each machine there are two vacancies: the driver and the shooter. One player can control both characters or their roles can be performed by two different bandits with joysticks in their hands. As for weapons, at your disposal there is everything you need, from 9mm and M16, and ending with grenades and anti-tank guns. Well, of course, you've already seen them. It's quite difficult to turn on the TV and not get on the story of how these guys were catching up in "real life". Someone might think that in every corner of our world there is someone with a video camera, expecting that something very special is about to happen, and then it will be possible to drive it on TV for big money. World's Scariest Police Chases - one of the first games in which video snippets were taken from real life. And why does the World's Scariest Police Chases restore the feeling of a television show? In the game, not only all actions are accompanied by the story of Sheriff John Bunnell, but also the ability to view the entire operation by chasing the offender from the kind of camera located on the helicopter. Well, just like on TV. Add to this the possibility of playing not only one, but also several players in the Death Match, and each other in cops-and-robbers mode - you will have a very exciting racing game in your hands.
The game is very similar to Driver, but only in a simplified version. The essence of the game is that you are pursuing drivers who violated the rules of traffic, as well as criminals. At your service are police cars, trucks, as well as ordinary cars, which are often used by police for secret missions. Initially, players can choose one of their 4 available car types (and only 13 of them), the weather (clear, rain, lightning, thunder, random weather, etc.), and the mode in which they would like to play, including training session, Free Patrol session, Single Mission, as well as Cooperative Mode. In this game, you feel the same way, or almost the same way as in the game Driver. Although it is significantly changed, improved, and the similarity is determined only by the influence that Driver has had on all the racing related to cars.
Training session is much simpler, accessible and understandable than in Driver. And it seems to be focused on catching criminals, and therefore the exercises are matched appropriately. After all, in fact, players very often have to look for a criminal in the city, managing various types of police cars. Among the first four: a police sedan, a police jeep Explorer, as well as two conventional cars with a sedan-type body, which are used by police for their purposes. The game, generally speaking, is fairly simple, but there are so many pretty details in it. In particular, you will often have to meet with absolutely amazing criminals. the city produces an absolutely amazing impression. Firstly, this is the largest territory that once appeared on the screens of the PlayStation consoles. There are numerous city streets and buildings, parks, which can be easily rushed by car, multi-storey garages and buildings, often for which you will have to pursue criminals; slopes, springboards, complex two-lane highways and various obstacles, such as islands, dividing lines, street lighting lamps and others, which make life not only difficult for you, but also for criminals.
Very cool looking maps. They are simple, easy to read. Perhaps, they will seem to somebody even too simple, but they do not complicate the game and do not cause irritation. In addition, you still have to finish off some bad guys. Although many of you have never wanted to be a policeman, but you will see that this is a worthy occupation and is not at all boring and not monotonous.


The plot of the game is based on a rather untwisted television show, in which there are quite a few episodes. Policemen, pursuing criminals, act quite resolutely, as if on the verge of a foul, often breaking the law, but, nevertheless, catch various offenders, criminals and hooligans. The five main game modes include modes: Story, Bad Boy, Exploration, Race and Multiplayer. It will be interesting to listen to the wonderful comment of sheriff John Bunnell about your actions. In Story Mode More, more than 50 missions in which you are pursuing criminals, search and arrest suspects, escort critical clients, act as emergency help, covert harassment, and do many other things that the police often have to do. Players can also break the law and get away from the police in as many as 15 unique missions in Bad Boy mode.
In fact, the whole action of the game takes place in one huge city. Players can safely patrol the territory of the city of Ashland, which has many roads, which need to carefully protect citizens, maintain order, pursue criminals. The city in terms of graphics performed just superb. Here there are all the characteristic features of large cities. The so-called Downtown is the business part of the city, in which huge skyscrapers; Chinatown is a Chinese quarter with numerous Chinese restaurants and entertainment venues; suburbs, industrial zone, harbor, airport. In general, everything that is necessary in a large city.
In single-player mode, you can control the pilot and shooter, and in two-player mode you can create a wonderful team of two police officers who act against criminals, actively helping each other. At the disposal of players is a very impressive arsenal of weapons: a 9 mm pistol, an M16 assault rifle, a rifle, and a fairly powerful Bazooka Light Antitank Weapon (LAW) (Here is a pun, LAW is the law).
In addition to the cooperative mode, other modes for two players include the Deathmatch mode (one-on-one battle), Race - race (who first crosses the finish line, Biathalon - passing checkpoints, Chase - pursuit (resembles cops and thieves), Speed ​​- speed the elimination race) and Crimewave.This is essentially a cooperative mode or a Death Match mode, but only for a while.4


Allows you to change some aspects of the game. In particular:
City map - on / off
Vechcile Indicator - on / off
Raute Indicator - on / off
The distance unit indicator is in miles / kilometers

Heads Up Display

At the top left of the screen you will see the weapon you own at the moment. Click the appropriate button and a list of available weapons will appear on the screen. Press the button quickly one more time and get the "next" weapon.
Sometimes a timer appears on the screen, which indicates how much time you have left to finish the mission or get to the right place.
When you see the arrow on the screen, follow it, it indicates the direction in which you need to move to complete the mission or complete the task. It's pretty simple, just remember that when you find yourself near any turn, the arrow starts to "turn" in the direction of this turn before you enter it. If the arrow immediately straightens, it means that you need to roll into the next turn, not this one. So be careful and do not get excited.
On the screen you will see a red indicator that appears in all missions. It indicates what damage you inflicted on your "enemy", and when the indicator is filled to the top, the enemy will be stopped, the mission is over, however, except for a few cases when you are pursuing several cars at once and must stop them.
The blue indicator is the so-called Stress Bar. It appears in most of the original missions, when you pursue people who have not committed serious crimes. The indicator starts to fill up when you catch up with the suspect and pursue him a short distance away, and as soon as he fills up, the suspect stops.
In addition, the screen has an indicator of damage, the so-called Damage Bar. It indicates what damage your car has received. If, God forbid, it fills to capacity, your car is destroyed, and the mission automatically fails.

Game modes

On the main menu you will see four options. Use the X button to select the appropriate mode, and the Triangle button when you decide to return to the previous screen.

Free Patrol mode

In the mode of free patrolling, you drive around the city called Ashland, looking for criminals and chasing them. At your service a choice of four cars: a black sports car, a brown station-wagon, a police sports car, and Crusier - a prize car. To receive a prize car, you must complete certain missions in pursuit mode, and at the same time get "commendation".

Player Selection

In this option, you can select the mode of one or two players. If you select a two-player mode, one of them shoots, and the other manages the machine. In doing so, you can choose for yourself one of these two roles at your own discretion.

Starting Location

Naturally, this is the starting area, and there are 10 such territories in the game, but only the only territory - the Headquarters is available to you at the very beginning of the game. In the future, you get access to the territories simply in the course of the game.

Area List

Here you will see the name of all 10 territories on which you will act in the game:
  • Headquarters - police department.
  • Church
  • Beach
  • Gas Station
  • Chinettown
  • Donut Plaza
  • Stadium
  • Industrial Area
  • Airport
  • Police Academy
  • Harbor
Blank is a special territory, which is extremely difficult to get to, and the easiest way to do this is using the codes for Gameshark. It, in fact, seems to be an empty territory, and as soon as your car is here, it will immediately be destroyed.
Time of Day. You can choose 6 am, 9 am, 12 am, 3 pm, 6 pm and 9 pm, 12 hours, i.e. midnight. In addition, there is a random (Random) way to set the time. It is clear that it will be lighter, then darker, depending on the time that you choose. Of course, it will be almost dark at night.
Weater Condition. The weather conditions can also be selected randomly (Random), as well as Clear, Cloudy, Rainy or Thunder (which means a storm and is essentially a combination of cloudy and rainy weather, accompanied by thunder).
Pursuit Mode. In this mode, you go through the missions in order, and after each mission receive a conclusion based on the results of your actions on this mission. You can also earn "commendations", for which you will get prize items. However, you need to act impeccably to get "gratitude".
Commence Pursuit. In this option you can start a new game or load previously memorized.
Single Mission mode. In this mode, which is very similar to the pursuit mode, you pass only one mission, which you can select from previously completed in Pursuit Mode. By the way, in this mode you can earn "gratitude".
Mission Select. Here you can choose the mission you want to go through.
Player Selection. It is clear that in this option you choose the mode of one or two players. As we already mentioned, if you choose the mode of two players, then one of them is the shooter, the other is the driver, and you can choose which role you want to perform.


Audio. Here you can change the level of sound, music, sound effects, speech, sirens, etc.
Display. Allows you to set the screen in the desired position, using the buttons on the D-pad, if you select the option adjust. By default, the screen will automatically be installed in the place where it was when you started the game.
Controls. Here you set the control for both players. Use the O (Circle) button to set the default control, or the Square button to go to the Task option.
Memory Card. Here you can load a previously memorized game, or remember the game or a specific part of it.
Credits. It is clear that here you can view the game titles.
Task. This option lists the default driving controls for Driving, Shooting, and Combination:

Driving mode

Left - turn left.
Right - turn right.
L2 - a look to the left.
R2 - look to the right.
Triangle - change the camera angle.
X is the acceleration.
Square - reverse.
Circle - hand brake.


X is a shot.
Triangle - turn on the siren.
D-pad - aiming in the appropriate direction.
R1 is a weapon change. And in the course of the game, you need to press the R1 button to bring up the weapons menu, and then press it again before the menu "closes" to have time to choose your next weapon.


Left to D-pad - turn left.
Right on the D-pad - turn right.
L2 - a look to the left.
R2 - look to the right.
Square - change the camera angle.
X is the acceleration.
Sqaure - reverse.
Circle - hand brake.
R1 is a weapon change. And, as in the previous case, during the game, you need to press the button once to bring up the weapons menu, and then press it again before the menu "closes" to select its next weapon.
Up - transfer the weapon to the next target, after the weapon is selected.
Down - Returns to the previous target (if the weapon is already selected).
R1 is a shot.
Triangle - Turn on the siren.

Bonus Items

This list shows the various prize items that you can get in the course of the game. You can disable or enable this option at your own discretion. By the way, you receive prize objects, successfully completing a mission in the mode of pursuid mode or single mission mode and at the same time earning gratitude.


All starting locations in Patrol Mode:
To open all starting locations in patrol mode, in the main menu, you must type Down, Up, L2, L1, X, Triangle, R2, R1. A beep will confirm the correctness of the entered code.

Cheat Mode

To open the cheat menu in the main menu, press Left, Right, L1, R1, Circle, Square, R2, L2. A beep will confirm the correctness of the entered code. All weapons will be available in free patrol mode. Options in the menu will be unlocked.

Open all missions

In order to open all the missions in the main menu, you need to press Down, Up, Left, Right, X, Triangle, Circle, Square. If the code is entered correctly, you will hear a beep.