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Need For Speed III (PS1)

NFS3, NFS 3, Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit PSX
Genre: Racing / Driving, Simulation
Perspective: 1st-person, Behind view
Gameplay: Arcade, Vehicle Simulator
Vehicular: Automobile, Street Racing
Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: EA Seattle, Electronic Arts Canada
Released: 1998
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

No genuine racing fan can simply miss the opportunity to race on 8 amazing roads on such unique super-cars. At your service Lamborghini Countach, Ferrari 355 FI or Mercedes CLK GTR, etc. From some names the spirit captures. Great game action, jumps, battering ramps, collisions and just awesome opportunities to cut the corner and "wipe the nose" for the rivals. A variety of game modes (especially Hot Pursuit) police prosecution, the regime of two players - well, what else is necessary! Love for cars, even for virtual ones, never goes away. It only flares up with renewed vigor, every moment, at the moment of each appearance of the next digit of the favorite name. And even if the next series does not justify the hopes, there is still a belief that the next time everything will be just like in a fairy tale, that is, as in a real race.
In Need for Speed ​​III: Hot Pursuit, you have to ride on eight absolutely magnificent tracks, reminiscent of the design of those that were in the first part of the game, but now with a much greater degree of detail and variety. How do you like, for example, like the autumn route strewn with fallen leaves, all soaked with the last, still warm rays of the sun, shining through the rustling foliage in the light breeze? It is only necessary to change one parameter in the options mode - and now the sun is already hidden behind dense clouds, and the usual October drizzling begins. If you want to be there in November, then everything will be slightly covered with snow. Thanks to the weather change, the standard eight routes actually turn into a few dozen different roads, on each of which your car will feel completely different. In addition to the eight basic, the game also has several bonus tracks, which, however, it's not so easy to get. Moreover, even some of the main tracks for the time being (until you reach some results at available levels) will be closed. It's the same with cars, some of which will serve you as prizes for the successful passage (passing) of those or other races. This is how the creators of the game intend to maintain the constant interest of players to their offspring. For some it may not seem very pleasant, but do not forget that Need for Speed ​​is not the most difficult game you've ever seen, so with a certain amount of time spent on training, you will quickly reveal all its secrets. The main advantage of the new version lies in its graphic magnificence. For the first time on the PlayStation, lighting is done so competently. The bright colors of the headlights, the lanterns of police cars shimmering with blue and red lights, the beautiful lighting of the track both in sunlight and at night with lanterns - all this makes the graphics in Need For Speed ​​III: Hot Pursuit simply unique. Even when you are driving on an absolutely dark night route (well, this is where there are no street lamps), immediately you can feel the extraordinary brightness of the surrounding world.
The Need for Speed ​​series would lose its face without the brand name of the series - fine cars. In this case, the selection is once again simply gorgeous. Ferrari 550 Maranello, Ferrari 3S5 F1, Italdesign Nazca C2, Lamborghini Diablo SV. Lamboghini Countach 25th, Jaguar XJR-1S, Mercedes CIK GTR, and Chevrolet Corvette C5 are all representatives of the color of the automotive industry, the best cars of all time. The game is equipped with small reference books for each of the models, from which even an avid motorist can learn something new. Special attention to this time the developers and artificial intelligence. Since the police are returning to the roads and with it the intense traffic of ordinary cars, they all need at least some intelligence. The police are especially good. Now you will not be able to easily leave your friends with license plates. They will not only stop any violations and pursue you along the entire route, but will also try to call for help, surround and intercept your car. They can easily arrange an ambush along the road or try to intercept themselves. Drivers also now have become much smarter and, moreover, more irritable. Try to cut someone accidentally on the track - and certainly not get off just a couple of obscene expressions in your own address.


In the game Need for Speed ​​III: Hot Pursuit, Ferrari and Mercedes were so concerned about their image that they did not allow EA to use their cars in the Hot Pursuit (police pursuit) mode, however, at least for the PC there is a patch that allows to circumvent this restriction .
In the version of the game Need for Speed ​​III: Hot Pursuit for a PC on a compact disc, a program for modeling cars was placed, which led to a large number of various fan mods, although for the most part they had little realistic characteristics. And four cars could be downloaded from the official site, these are: Jaguar XKR, Lister Storm, Specter R42 and Ferrari 456M GT.
In the game Need for Speed ​​III: Hot Pursuit on the route Atlantica is the office of the developer company Electronic Arts. For example, when cops are heard nearby as they say "Unit 15 in pursuit of a yellow Diablo near the EA building, he's doing more than 120!" ("Calculation 15 is pursued by the yellow Diablo near the EA building, the object has exceeded the speed of over 120 km / h")
In the game Need for Speed ​​III: Hot Pursuit, when viewing credits (information about developers), you can see the driver's license with a personal photo on each of the development team. In fact they are fake, not real. You can also see group pictures here.
In 1999, the game Need for Speed ​​III: Hot Pursuit was recognized as the best game-race of the year.

Where to cut an angle

Hometown. Cut the angle as it should be here nowhere, but before the first wooden hut you can abruptly turn and pass into the lap to the wooden fence.
Redrock Ridge. On a steep hairpin, cutting it in a straight line, you can win a couple of seconds.
Atlantica. At the fork in the road, turn right onto the wooden flooring. Go down it and you will be in the port - you will get a good time saving.
Country Woods. It is good to cut a corner in two places. First, on the first long hairpin, you will see a gap, where there will be less trees. Dive into it, just do not hit the trees, and win just a bunch of time. The second cut is possible on a very steep hairpin, after you pass a small fence. Here you can just jump to the bottom of the track and break away from your opponents. Do not forget to just press the L1 button to exit after the landing.
Lost Canyons. It is difficult to say if it is possible to gain time in this way, but in the area of ​​the castle you can fly up the steps and jump to the track. If you do not crash into the columns when landing, everything will be okay.
Aquatica. The first cut is actually on an alternative route and can take even more time. When you approach the huge white wall, you will see a passage in it. Drop the speed and roll into it. If you do not win time, you will surely break away from the police. Further, go down the road, you will see several signs and dive into the tunnel. The main road will lead to an inclined winding road. Here you can save a lot of time.
Empire City. On this track there are three places for cutting. The first is immediately after the start. Just before the crane you will see a small passage. Feel free to fly into it, a few seconds in your pocket. Immediately a little to the left you will see another option, in front of him a barricade with flashing lights. Dive for it and a few more seconds of yours. Then, after the second row of columns sticking out straight in the middle of the road, you will see the wall on the right, which is noticeably different from the others. Boldly taxi there and jump out on the other side, do not be afraid to fall down. And this feint will not work behind. It's so difficult to win!


In all races you will be confronted by the same competitors, and their skill from race to race does not grow. Opponents need to know in the "face", otherwise it will be difficult to choose the optimal tactics.
Ice. Perhaps this is the most difficult opponent, especially dangerous in Hot Pursuit.
Bullit. The second is strong, but sometimes it can be done simply by speed.
Blazin. Very uneven opponent. That rushes like an angry one, then it trains like a turtle. Often breaks forward, but rarely at the finish rises above 3-4 places.
Swerve. Can break out into the leaders, but a high pace for a long time does not stand up and falls behind.
Terror. Usually finishes in the middle, but sometimes on the track can jump out and into the leaders.
Tad. A typical middle peasant, without ambition.
Karkas. Rarely takes place above the last.

Game Modes

Practice. In this mode, you can master the basic elements of the game. Traces of the wheels will help to stay on track. Recommendations and directions are given for each route. But the one who loves to get to everything himself, can not stay here long.
Single Race. The passage of a single race on any road you have available. In this mode, you can choose any opponents and set their number.
Tournament. In the mode, 8 races are held, for which points are awarded, if you manage to finish successfully. To get into 5, 6, etc. race in the mode for beginners (Beginner), it is necessary to occupy no worse than the third place according to the results of the first four races. If you win in the competition mode, you get a Jaguar XJR-15 car in the class of beginners, and in the class of experts - a magnificent Mercedes CLK-GTR. Points are calculated as follows:
1 place - 8;
2 nd place - 7;
3 rd place - b;
4 th place - 5;
5th place - 4;
6th place - 3;
7th place - 2;
8 place - 1.
Knockout. In this mode, there are 7 races, and the last place in the race is eliminated from the competition. The last remaining wins. Very exciting combat tournament without the right to make a mistake. If you win this tournament for beginners, you get Empire City, and if in expert mode - El Nino.
Hot Pursuit. Perhaps the most exciting and dynamic race. On any track, you fight against one opponent, and the police set up road blocks, stack the studded ribbons (to pierce the tires). If they stop at the beginning of the race, they will give a warning. After that you must travel less than 40 mph, otherwise they will fine. After five penalties, you are removed from the race. And if they used thorns and stopped you, then immediately they are arrested.
Arcade and Simulation modes. In the arcade mode, everything is clear, chasing yourself, bypassing in a row - excellent cornering, good control, and so on. But in the simulation mode everything is much worse, especially management.


Tracks are significantly different from each other. The main four tracks have their own differences, which you will see in the mode of Tournament. Empire Sity is pretty monotonous, with a few excellent cuts. On the routes Easter Eggs can not be chased with other computer machines, as well as in the Hot Pursuit mode. But practically on all routes there are various moving objects.
Hometown - 3.6 miles. Very light wide track, Allows to develop high speed. The only difficult place is a steep 90-degree turn, which will appear very unexpectedly in the city. A classic blue combat aircraft will fly at this level.
Redrock Ridge - 5.4 miles. Learn to go through the turns, there will be no problems on this track. Near the finish line you will see a train on the rails.
Atlantica - 4.9 miles. Very beautiful city, very cool race. A pair of steep pins, and all the rest is nonsense. A huge airship (will see and hear it) will fly at this level.
Rocky Pass - 5.5 miles. A sinuous slow track, requires practice and skill of passing corners. But it's free, no one interferes.
Country Woods - 5.2 miles. Very difficult route, especially when you go for the first time. A bunch of steep (under 90 degrees) turns, and you need to be able to pass them on slippage. On this route, in the Hot Pursuit mode, it is usually not stopped.
Lost Canyon - 6.3 miles. Well, a very steep route! Rush through the territory of the ancient castle and through a multi-storey overpass, wide, three-lane. It's easy to get off the route here. Training will help a lot. Near the finish line you can meet the train.
Aquatica - 5.3 miles. Classy evening race on a steep winding seashore. It is necessary to be able to pass bends with the help of a hand wheel. You can see something like a sinking Titanic, giving an alarm signal.
Summit - 8.4 miles. The longest and most difficult route, it is necessary to get used to it, so we advise you to practice. Because of the snow, it is very slippery, so you can demonstrate a giant slalom. Good luck!
Empire City - 4.6 miles. Race through the huge city is just super, many cuts, obstacles, columns right in the middle of the road, steep under 90 degrees turns. And above the head rushes and roars the helicopter!
Easter Egg Tracks. On these routes Easter eggs can not be chased in the Hot Puzsuit and Single modes.
And here are a few extra rather peculiar tracks.
Caverns. In this race, there are solid obstacles on the track.
The Room. Race in the children's room on a typically children's game racing stadium, where you hold the buttons, and the cars run around the track.
Autocross. The track is laid in a huge forest, solid mud, but the air is simply beauty!
Space Race. Race in the space station - there are several stunning sections. Explore the harbor with spaceships.
Scorpio-7. Take the aquarium in Aquatica and carry it all along the track - get Scorpio-7.


Cheats can be activated by using them as usernames.
SEEALL - New camera views: Shotgun 2 & 3, Circle, Rear, Chase
SPOILT - Unlocks all cars and tracks except for hidden tracks
XCNTRY - Unlocks AutoCross
XCAV8 - Unlocks Caverns
ROCKET - Unlocks El Nino
1JAGX - Unlocks Jaguar XJR-15
AMGMRC - Unlocks Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR
GLDFSH - Unlocks Scorpio-7
MNBEAM - Unlocks Space Race
PLAYTMUnlocks The Playroom