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Lucienne's Quest (3DO)

Lucienne Quest 3DO
Genre: Role-Playing (RPG)
Perspective: 3rd-person, Top-down
Visual: Isometric
Art: Anime / Manga
Pacing: Turn-based
Setting: Fantasy
Published by: Panasonic Software Company
Developed by: Micro Cabin Corp.
Released: 1995
Platform: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer

Swords & Sorcery (Lucienne's Quest in the US) is not the only RPG for 3DO, but according to many it's the best. The game is the second RPG for the 3DO platform from Mirco Cabin (after the Guardian War), but, unlike other developers using already created resources, this is a completely different game, with a different engine, characters, rules and plot. For Sega Saturn RPG was released only in Japan under the name of Swords & Sorcery.
On one bright, sunny day, a young man named Ago approached the famous tower of the great magician Kokindo. Guys rarely go on fortune tellers and wizards, this is more of a lot of sex, but this time the case is very serious. The Juninas (wolf people) attacked his village, biting them all. Residents became werewolves and after darkness their appearance changes to a wolf. No famous doctor could cure a terrible curse and now only hope for magic.
What was his surprise and disappointment when, instead of a gray-bearded old man, he turned out to be a 15-year-old distracted little girl, who at times speaks to herself! As it turned out, this is a young pupil of Kokindo named Lucien. At her own will, or at the insistence of the teacher, she persuaded Ago to take her with her.
Traditionally, on this I stop the narrative about the plot of the game, so as not to spoil the intrigue.
The combat system is extremely unusual, since it has strong strategic elements. Fights are conducted on an isometric map. It is possible to move around it, skirting the obstacles, or hiding behind them. You can also hide the weak fighters or strong magicians behind the back of a well-equipped shirt. Arsenal of actions is also diverse - especially striking Lucien - this fragile creation hides under his cap an unimaginable size of a mighty sorceress with tons of spells! Moreover, in some spells you can choose the power for optimal mana consumption. Ago is especially strong in the shape of a wolf, so, it's better to appear here at night. Other heroes also have their own distinctive features.
3D worlds, detailed graphics, various types of review, pleasant music, memorable characters - the game will not leave anyone indifferent. And how I like management - if Lucien rests against a corner, she tries to round it by herself.
Naturally, to the laurels of the unshakable Final Fantasy game Lucienne's Quest does not hold out, it is much easier. That only it is possible to restore health by spreading the tent anywhere on the global map. And Game Over is not the end, but teleportation to the beginning of the dungeon with the preservation of experience from the last attempt, so that any location is passed if not from the first attempt, then with the second for sure. The plot is not very complicated, no secret conspiracies and sharp turns. About 30 locations, 3 maps, 5 main characters (each with its own characteristics), many enemies.


Talk to everyone you meet. Extra spells can not be bought in the store and you do not know "in time" - they have to be found.
Weapons can be used to destroy obstacles in villages and dungeons. Powerful weapons destroy even the walls. Inside the obstacles are often hidden useful things.
Agio is the strongest in the shape of a wolf.
Miminago, even when there is very little health in it, is still capable of attack. But the enemies will not pursue him in this state.
Kanejung (Kaneyung), after hitting an opponent, is then able to poison him. He also effectively jumps before the beaten opponent.
Once created by the ghost will not disappear, even if its life force has dropped to zero. To revive this dead soul, cast the spell again.
Fly in the fights do not trample down the fly agarics. It is not safe.
The game begins in the tower of Pinakoteik. Luznnpa learns that Junin has turned Ageo into a wolf. While her master Kokindo is absent, Lucincina and Eijo go to the village of Mirado. You need to go through the village Babachop (Babachop). Go out and head north. Go up the stairs to the west and head south, then west. Go up the stairs to the north. Go west, then south along a narrow corridor. There is a chest in the room. Go down the steps to the south-west. Go to the room in the north-west corner. In the boxes you will find the gladiolus. Return to the room in the south and exit the tower through the doors between the two sentries. Go by the path, winding to the south-west.
At the fork, go north to get to the Pinakoteik colony. There, go to the hardware stores (in the west) and Armory (in the east) to equip Lucinna and Eijo. Before leaving the colony, you can stay at the Inn in the north.
Along the river, go south, then east along the bridge, north to the mountains and, finally, to the east, to Babachop. Here everything is connected by stairs and underground tunnels. Inn, Armory and Hardware you will find by hitting the holes in the south. To get through the Chichibora caves, buy a baton and ax in Armory. Over the mound, go through the hole guarded by two blue masks. Lucinna will cure the local king, and he will talk about the cowardice of his son Maminaga and help the travelers. Lucinna will persuade Miminaga to join the detachment, equip him with an ax and a club.
From the village, go to the northeast to the Ogre in Chichibore. Penetrate the mountains. The sentries, when they see Miminaga, will let you in. Go north to the first intersection and turn to the east (to the slope), then the track will turn north. Turning to the west and going down, you will find in the southwest corner of the low treasure area. Rise on the inclined road, go to the east and destroy the obstacle. At the crossroads, turn north, behind the barrier is a treasure. Now go between the two streams of water to the south. After wandering around in the caves, you will find Ogra guards. Kill them, and then stand on the colored feet in the floor to improve your health and gain magical abilities. Find the treasure of Solomon with a magic talisman of the spirit of the earth. Lucincina must convince Miminaga to participate in the battle with Ogre.
Battling it, you will find a "blazion", allowing you to destroy the purple barriers on the way to Mirado - and your squad will be automatically transferred to the throne room of Babachop. Once the father allows Muminaga to accompany Lucinna, go out into the hole at the end of the path in the north of the village. In the northern part of the village, talk to the shaman. He will give the spell the destruction of the walls and the devouring of the earth.
Now return to Chichibor and overcome the violet barriers, until you come out on the opposite side of the mountain.
Go along the path to the west - to the village of Mirado. The detachment will be delivered to Aiya - the leader of the junin. Leaving Eia's house, go through the village. Hardware is located in the west, south of the bridge. Inn - in the north, a Armory - in the north-east. After resting, cross the bridge in the western part of the village and walk along the river to the north. Crossing the river, go around the mountain (to the east, to the north, then to the west). You must go to the tower of Legyune. Go north to go into the tower. Destroying columns and tables, you will find different objects. At the end of the corridor you will find a chest. Bookcases can be moved back, expanding the passage. Your unit must find a dungeon with the children of Mirando. To release them, you need to kill the Black Warrior (one of the three mortal shadows of the devil from the castle of Feindcycle). Before the fight, before you open the door at the top of the stairs, stock yourself with health and magic.
Then return to Eia's house in the center of the village of Mirado. The owner will tell you about the castle of the Feindcycle. To get to it, you need to cross the ocean. The vessel is available in the town of Wildness, in the northern deserts. Eya will give Luzanne a wind knife, a tornado and a golem spell.
After giving Luzinna "blazion", go to the tower of Legion, iditol to the northwest, cross the river on the bridge and go to the mountains.
You have to get to the bay. Walk between two water streams and walk along the desert terrain to the north.
To the east of the lake there is a city of violence. Mimnnaga will go on scouting, and Lucinna and Eijo will enter
the village. Talk about the locals. Inn South
from the market of slaves. Hardware and Armory are separate buildings north of the market.
Leaving the village in an easterly direction, go to the abandoned mine. When you come down, notice that the purple patches reduce your levels of health and magic. Spells in the mine do not work. Boxes with skulls explode. You need to find the iron ax, he's in one of the chests. To release Miminaga, you need to defeat Knight Arousal.
Then return to the city of violence. Residents will tell you about a hermit living in a secret chamber. He has a Purchase Spirit.
Go east, through the desert, to the tortoise cave. Go to its southern end.
After leaving the cave, go to the east, go around the mountain, and from the big tree - straight to the south, to Oakenahield - to the city of Lizardman. The Shadow Queen sent here a gigantic larva. The local warrior Kaneyung went to battle with the larva. The city is destroyed by artificial earthquakes. Inn - in the first tree to the west of the entrance to the village, a Hardware and Armory - in the trees north of the Inn. Talk to the governor (in the village west of Armory and Hardware). Spend the night at the inn. In the morning it will be discovered that the larva began to devour a large tree in the northern part of the village. Go there.
Go through the hole made by the larva.
After destroying it, you will return with Kaneüg in Oakenshield. The governor will allow Kaneyungu to join your detachment and give you tangible help. He will direct you to take the ship to Crackenberg, l Destroy the boxes in the corner of the governor's house and get down the stairs. Talk to the local witch. She will give a spell of fire, light and a plasma flash.
Again go to the hole made by the larva, go to the place of the recent battle, and thence to the north.
Go between the mountains to the north, then to the west, and come to Krekenberg. Inn here in the south of the village (southeast of the market), Armory and Hardware - in the west. Go through the arch in the center of the village to the governor's house in the north-west.
From this house, go east, along the piles, to the ship "Expeg". On board, climb the stairs, walk around the cabins. Here you will encounter the Queen of the Shadow.
Destroy it, destroy the eastern wall and take valuable items from three chests, then return to Krekenberg. The sorceress will give you a healing spell, a refreshing wind and a lighting spell. The Governor will agree to take you to Port-Amen.
After resting, go back to the "Expe", the ship will transport your detachment to Port Amen.
There, talk to the locals, collect items and head west, to Las Aldus. Hardware is located south of the first intersection. Inn - East of Hardware. Armory is in the lower section, at the bottom of the road to the west. Armory stairs connected to the Inn. The road to the south takes you to the house of Be-0-melda, talk to him. The guard will tell you that the Kaminafew mine is located to the south of the sheep cave.
Going south, go into the sheep cave.
The entrance to the Kaminafew mines is to the south of the mountain. Bright red lava reduces your health and magic. Here you have to fight Chenuu. In Las Aldus, "Rock-Shaver" will allow you to clear Beomeld; your squad will be replenished.
Go to the river that flows from the south of Port Amen, and cross the Biwahagoromo bridge to the village of Bilkabamba. The head of the SRI of magic guides you to another dimension, take the star mirror from the Fairy Queen and the moon's eye from the Fairy King.
The entrance to another dimension is in the ruined village of Elkahon Ruin east of Bilkambam. Mimnnagh will pay attention to the unusual stone in front of the house. Pushing away the stone, you can go. Another time, pushing off a similar stone, you can take the water that closes the entrance. In the north-east, in the trunk, you will find the key to the ruins. In the other chest hiding boots, speed boots, in the third - power gloves, in the fourth - priest's robe. The fossil creature at the northern entrance must be killed. The gate to another dimension is framed by columns.
They will take you to the kingdom of Fairy Kingdom. Leave the house with columns and go but the path, paved yellow brick, to the red toram.
Gorge you will pass to the palace El Corazona. Talk to the fairy queen. She will give you a star mirror, if you kill the inhabitants of Ittawatana. Exit the palace and go to the south, to the yellow-brick path.
Itavatana is located to the west of the palace; the eastern direction is indicated by the queen incorrectly. The sentries in Itavatana will tell that the road to the left will lead to treasures. In the southeast corner of the region, take the demon sickle. In one of the chests is hidden a magic shield. On the water you can go, stepping on the flowers. For the pulsating earth, go quickly. Here you have to fight with Apsara.
Return to the palace of El Corazon, the queen will give you a mirror. She will explain how to find El Dorado, the palace of the king. Go south, to the path of yellow bricks, then - to the west, and at the crossroads - to the south. The king of the trolls promises to give you the eye of the moon, if you destroy the Lesser Dragon in the labyrinth of Chichikaka.
Go to Chichikak to the north-west along a path of yellow bricks. At the crossroads, turn north.
When the detachment is at an intersection with exits to the north, east and west, go west.
Fighting the Lesser Dragon, return to the palace of El Dorado, and the king of the trolls will give you the moon's eye.
Now teleport to Bilcabamba. The head of the research institute with the help of a star mirror and moon eye will pave the way; follow her. At the gate there will be one of the mortal shadows - Dark Reflection. Use spells.
Then teleport to the other side of the magic barrier and head first north, then west to get to the Biliking tunnel. Chest in the east can be neglected, it is empty.
After getting out of the tunnel, go west, then north to the gorge between the mountains, to the village of Brass. In the house in the south-west of the village chat with the hunter. Leave the village through the southern exit, go south to the coast, then west to circumnavigate the mountain.
In one of the mountains there will be an entrance to Oozoozlin. In one of the chests you will find the Earth Mace, in the other two - a metal shield and a tornado peak.
After defeating the Sand Runner, return to Brass, the hunter's house. He will explain how to get to the village of Cold-Dracke.
Head to the Shrine on the northern tip of the island. The gate in the north teleports you to the other end of the continent, to the same chapel.
The coastline you will pass to the village of Kold-Drak. To go north, you have to break the pine. Fight with a Dark Knight - and see the village. Residents, expelled by monsters, huddle in a cave. Talk to the woman and the man. Take items from three chests in the south of Armory. You will have to fight the Frozen Emperor, then return the villagers to the village and get everything you need for the final battle at the Feindcycle Palace. You must accumulate enough experience by this time and collect more gold.
The Feindcycle Palace is built in the north-west of the continent. Go north, across the bridge, and go through the north wall. Go west until the first intersection, enter the hole in the wall and cross the bridge. Now go north, then east. After destroying the barrier, continue moving in the same direction. Then, to get the object, hidden in the chest, go north. Head south: there is a passage in the south wall. Continuing to go to the south, cross the bridge, go into the hole in the wall. Do not miss the chest. Returning to the intersection, turn now to the east. The barrier that prevents you from passing to the north, destroy. Then go to the east, to the red area. Climb the stairs and go to the door, then to the north. Again, go up the stairs and go north past the pillars. Climb the steps in the northeast corner of the room and take from the chest the chain mail of the dragon. Go back, go west and go up the stairs in the northwest corner of the room. Climb into the yellow window, located on the west wall. On the balcony, go west, then turn south. From the intersection, go east, get a big ax from the chest and go back to the intersection. Now go west to the end of the corridor. Break the north wall, and behind it - obstacles, and climb the stairs. The teleporter will take you to another part of the palace. After that, go through the door in the north wall. Go to the intersection in the red area. If you pass to the left, you will find gold in the chest. Go back to the crossroads and go west now. Use the door in the northeast corner. Go east, go through the door and go up to the chest. Now your way is to the west, through the doors. Then turn to the south. Penetrate through a small yellow window in the east wall. Climb the steps, climb through the window on the west wall, walk along the balcony, and then - to the end of the path. Go north, climb the steps in the northeast corner of the room. In the next room, press down on the ledge of the stone. Go back down and enter the incline into the flaming pit. Before the first crossroads, go to the south, climb east. At the next intersection, go east, destroy the north wall, take the object from the chest and return to the previous intersection. Climb to the south and follow until the big red area. Go north, take the object from the chest in the north-west corner. Through the door, go north and enter the northern hallway.
Your squad meets a death-shadow and a weakened Kokindo. Fight the death shadow, teleport to another room. You have to defeat the huge dragon Black Wing.