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The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes (3DO)

The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes 3DO
Genre: Adventure
Perspective: 3rd-person
Gameplay: Puzzle-solving
Interface: Point and Select
Narrative: Detective / Mystery
Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: Mythos Software
Released: 1994
Platform: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer

The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes is a very high-quality game about the adventures of Sherlock Holmes for Panasonic 3DO. Initially, the game was released for the PC - DOS. But in a few years it was improved and published for the game console 3DO Interactive Multiplayer. It can be seen that the game is made with love, even the smallest details are very well worked out. This is the first game in the series "Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes" - "The Case of the Serrated Scalpel." The game takes place in 1888 in foggy London, in the backyard of one of the theaters near the black entrance waiting and killing the popular actress with a serrated scalpel. Although around this time in the city manages the nickname "Jack the Ripper" known for his brutal murders putan. This case is entrusted to investigate the detective and detective, who has already earned his fame in Scotland Yard - Sherlock Holmes. This is not a simple and confusing matter, which he will have to reveal with his friend and colleague Dr. Watson. And we have to help him. This is an exciting game in which we have to cling to the details and look for clues.


You are on Baker Street 221B.
In the inventory, read the letter from Leistreid.
Talk to Watson. You leave on street.
Alley after theater.
Inspect and take: a cigarette butt, a theater poster, an iron pipe.
Examine the body of Sarah Carroway. Take a sample of white powder.
Talk to Inspector Leistreid.
You go in the door, which leads to the dressing room.
Examine the flowers on the dresser and a card attached to them.
Take a flower and a card. Examine and take perfume.
Talk to Sheila Parker. She is very excited.
Talk about this with Watson, after which he will give you a soothing.
Give Sheila soothing, and then talk to her.
Show Sheila theatrical poster. It turns out that she belongs to her.
Pay attention to the stain on the top of the door. Talk to Carruthers.
You leave on street, but the door does not open.
Pick up the spring under the cupboard, and give it to the Carruthers.
He will restore the lock and the door will open.
Go outside and head for Sarah Carroway's Flat. Open the umbrella. A small copper key will fall out of it. Take it. Look at the basket for dirty laundry.
Take out and inspect the club rugby sweater. It will reveal a spot similar to what we saw on the door of the dressing room.
We are heading to Baker Street 221B.
We go home, and we use alternately a flower and a white powder on a laboratory table.
Experiment with the flower: use the matches, then the microscope (2 times), after the test tube.
Experiment with white powder: use a test tube, then matches, then again with a test tube.
Go out and talk to Wiggins.
Give him a flower, after which he will leave.
Go to the lane behind the theater. The body is taken to the morgue, the door to the dressing room is closed.
Southwark Morgue.
Talk to the Coroner. He will bring things to Sarah, but he will not let you take it.
Pay attention to the big key.
Talk to Gregson. You will be sent to Scotland Yard to Leistreid.
There we go. The constable at the entrance does not let us in. Talk to him.
Useless. We return to the morgue and talk with Gregson.
Now he personally accompanies us to Scotland Yard.
We go inside. We speak with Duncan.
We leave on the street. We speak with a blind salesman. We return and speak with Duncan, after he calls Leistreid.
Talk to Leistreid. He will give permission to take Sarah's belongings.
We return to the morgue, speak with the Coroner and give him permission.
We take the big key. Talk to the Coroner.
We are heading to the lane behind the theater. We open the door with a big key.
A small copper key opens the chest of drawers. We take two tickets.
We speak with Carruthers.
Chancery Opera House. We speak with the manager.
We show two tickets to both doormen.
We rise upward. We show tickets to Mrs. Worthington.
After talking with her. Give a note, which we give to the manager.
We go to the locker room of Anna. We are trying to open the drawer of the table.
The manager intervenes. We speak with Watson. We leave the dressing room and go again. We speak with Watson.
He distracts the manager, we take a bunch of keys from the middle box. We leave.
We are heading to Belle's Parfumerie. We speak with Belle. Ask about the young man who bought the perfume Eau de Seine.
Describe it (tall, black, oily hair), and Belle identifies him as a rugby player (if not, then try to go over all the answers until she identifies him).
Ask about the spirits of La Cote D'Azur. When Belle comes out, talk to the cleaner.
We're going to South Kensington Field.
We speak with the coach. We describe a person named James, who smokes Senior Service. The coach is calling Sanders. We speak with him.
We show the spirits of Eau de Seine. He reports the location of the Eaton Dormitory. We go there. We speak with Sanders.
We're going to the morgue. We speak with the Coroner.
We're going to Baker Street. We speak with the seller of newspapers.
If Wiggins is not around, then we leave, and then again we return to Baker Street. We speak with Wiggins. Will give a newspaper. Still talking with Wiggins.
We return to Eaton Dormitory. We give the newspaper to Sanders, after talking with him.
We go to St. Petersburg. Bernard's Publick House. We speak with the barman.
We pay players for info about Caruso. We look at Jack Mahoney (in yellow).
He does not want to talk. We speak with the barman about Jack.
We speak with Jack, we learn the address of Caruso.
We go to Antonio Caruso's Flat. Look at the photo. Talk to Caruso.
We go to Baker Street. We speak with Wiggins, we get a gyroscope.
Headed to Picnic Site and Playground. Use the gyro on the boy. Talk to him. Give him a gyroscope.
When he leaves, take his cap. Look at her.
We go to Eddington's Equestrian Shop. Talk with the seller, then with Watson. Look at the coat of arms. Talk to the seller.
We go to Lord Brumwell's Mansion. We use the bell ring.
After the conversation, they will let in the house. Examine the butt. We go into the room to the right.
We speak with Lady Brumwell. We leave.
Coming to Covent Garden. Talk to Leslie. We buy her violets.
We show her a card (which was found on a bouquet of flowers in the dressing room).
We take the basket from the barrel. We use the basket on the barrel. Got a cufflink with the initials of G.B. We go in the pub. We speak with the barman.
Look around. Talk to him again. To get information about a young man looking for Sarah's address, one must take turns to beat the darts of three visitors to the pub and barman.
After winning all, talk to the bartender.
Headed to Hattington Street Chemist. We speak with a chemist.
We buy something from him. We speak with Richard.
Then visit Bradley's Tobacco Shop. Let's try moving the cigar box, but Alfred will not allow it. Talk to him.
Now move all three boxes. Climb on them and examine the head of the moose. Use OPEN on the head of an elk. See the address of the Oxford Stuffings. We go there.
Oxford Taxidermy. Inspect the knife and the bloody blouse.
Talk to Lars. Learn about the meeting at the docks.
Talk to Watson. We take the knife and blouse and go to the Old Sherman.
Old Sherman's. Speak with Sherman, get a leash. Put it on Toby and you will automatically find yourself in the docks.
On the right is the door to the warehouse, but it does not open. Move the barrel to the door and climb on it. Take the bucket. Examine the dirty window.
Move the barrel back. Pick up a rag. Use the bucket on the Thames, then a rag on the bucket and after the rag on the window.
Look out the window. Talk to Watson. Open the door to the left and take the hammer. Use the hammer on the warehouse door.
Go there.
You're on Baker Street. Talk to Watson.
Headed for the Bow Street Police Court.
We speak with the guard. They do not allow us. We're going to Scotland Yard.
We speak with Duncan. Give us a pass.
We return to Bow Street Police Court. We show the pass.
We speak with Blackwood.
Headed to Anna Carroway's Flat.
Use the door hammer several times.
When making sure that there is no one at home, use a bunch of keys on the door. Inside, take both business cards.
Move the flower, a little bit of soil will fall to the floor from the pot.
Go up. Talk to the cleaner.
When she leaves, move the statue. Take the book - it's Anna's diary.
Read it. Review both business cards.
We go to Law Office of Mr. Jacob Farthington. Talk to Jacob Farmington.
Again we go to the Bow Street Police Court and talk to Blackwood (not forgetting to show the guard a pass).
Headed to Jaimeson's Buying and Selling.
Talk to Jameison. In the conversation, mention that he bought a pendant, taken from a murdered woman and can be brought in as an accomplice.
We go to Moorehead and Gardner Detective Agency.
We speak with the secretary. We show her her business card.
We examine the paintings on the walls.
We go to The London Zoological Gardens. We speak with the constable.
Come inside. Further to the right, past the elephant. You will see the corpse, examine it. Talk to Gregson. Go to the office.
Talk to Hollingston.
We leave the zoo and head to Simon Kingsley's Flat.
Look at the picture and shoes.
Talk to Simon Kingsley.
We return to the zoo. We go to the cage of the lion (to the left of the elephant).
While Simon is holding the lion, we go down into the cage. We lift the clock.
Examine them in the inventory. Examine the scrap of paper.
We return to Moorehead and Gardner Detective Agency.
We speak as a secretary. We take a typewriter and break it into the office door. We go there.
You're on Baker Street.
We're off to Bow Street Police Court. We show the pass and speak with Robert Hunt.
Again in Moorehead and Gardner Detective Agency.
We speak as a secretary. We go into the office. We move the chair.
Behind him, we take books off the shelf, behind which we find a safe.
We open it with the help of a piece of paper found with a clock.
We take a pendant and a piece of paper. We examine the pendant and get a letter from it. We read it. Move the chair back.
We go to Lord Brumwell's Mansion. We use the bell ring.
We speak with Lady Brumwell. We go in the door. We speak with Lord Broomwell.
After he leaves, we are trapped in the room.
We inspect the shield and swords. Move the left sword. We look at the big picture.
We open it, and there is a safe. We open the safe and take the key from it.
We open the door with the key. We leave and speak with Lady Brumwell. We leave.
We observe the suicide of Lord Broomwell.
We find ourselves on Baker Street.
We go to Robert Hunt's apartment.
We examine the book on the table near the bed. We take a bookmark, which is a mortgage receipt.
Headed to Jaimeson's Buying and Selling. We show the receipt, get a fortune-telling card and a small decorative key.
We're going to Covent Garden. We go in the salon of Madame Rosa.
Look around. We open the drawer of the desk with a small decorative key. We take the silver key. Move the left candle.
We open the safe with a silver key. We take and examine the parchment.
We leave and go to Savoy Street Pier.
We look out the window. We open the door with an iron pipe, found at the beginning of the game.
Enjoy the happy ending of the game!