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Shock Wave 2 (3DO)

Shockwave 2: Beyond the Gate 3DO
Before swap CD, save state to file, next CD, upload save state file, restart emulator.
Genre: Action
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Shooter
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: Electronic Arts
Released: 1995
Platform: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer


End Current Mission Successfully:
During the game, shoot a laser, while the laser is visible, pause the game and press R, R, B, A, B, R, A, C, A, Stop. Then pause it again and press A, C, A, R, A, A, B, A, A, A, Stop.
Shoot a laser, while the laser is visible, pause the game and press A, A, A, C, R, Stop.


The first battle for Earth - for us. But. as you know, not everything went smoothly: crafty aliens temporarily wrapped their organic ships, and again prepare an attack.
To prevent a rematch, the ship - a veteran Omaha sends after the outgoing armada, pursues it, and passes after it through the hyperspace Gates. Thirty-seven years have passed (seemingly). About the ship - no rumor, no spirit. The aliens have not yet appeared massively, but this is not easier. Just a few days ago there was an incident - sabotage with hostage taking, and a certain lady with red eyes and her close friend about four legs took a direct part in this story. This is an excuse. Saboteurs make a "quick escape", and the Command of the Military Space Forces of the Earth sends after them the ship Cortez in order to punish, and at the same time find out what all the same happened to Omaha, and, if possible, to save the surviving crew members. Cortes pursues the fugitives, passes them through the Gates, and finds himself in the alien universe. where the whole thing is going to happen.


A creepy story, comparable only with WING COMMANDER 3, mighty improvements in terms of graphics, interface and moving media, new types of missions - that's what SHOCKWAVE 2. Those who have not seen the previous part - I explain: SW is a fly-shooter with view from the cockpit. The flights pass over the surface of the planets, which though embossed and textured, but still just a surface. True, some bulging parts on it are still present, and they are just related to the missions assigned to you. What about the missions themselves? A lot of. Striking their diversity:
here and battle with the air and ground forces of the enemy, and the systematic shooting of strictly defined goals (God forbid to get a little higher or lower), and the breakthrough of the enemy's defense in order to achieve any points, and command actions, and deactivation of defensive fields.
all the list is very difficult, and it is not necessary - the main thing is to understand the main features of the game. and they are:
At your disposal are three main destruction machines - a tactical fighter; a small but kind ship - a researcher with an antigravity drive; and a rocket turret - for especially honored guests. The fighter can quickly rush and maneuver, but he has problems with weapons: only a blaster and two types of missiles (though this is already better than in the first part). The ship behaves most like a light tank. He is unhurried, but has the ability to move back, which is often very handy. And the arsenal of it is great - there are rockets and a reinforced blaster ... and also additional tanks for fuel, shells, scanners of all kinds, field deactivators afterwards. beauty! Cannon - the turret has all of the above weapons, only stands in one place, revolving around its axis.
Such tools of labor and | self-improvement You are endowed to overcome all the difficulties of the game. And difficulties, believe me, will be in excess. There will be an acute shortage of fuel, and extremely rare refuelers, and | energy walls, and not killed technical innovations of the enemy. thirteen levels of absolute flying are tightly tied with each other by a powerful storyline, backed up by competent video screens. Constant communication with the computer system ICE will give you the opportunity to always be aware of the events, make adjustments to equipping your equipment, and sometimes obtain very valuable information about the missions. You will be carried throughout the inhabited universe, since the Gate is a universal means of transportation, and knowing the access code, you can get anywhere almost. many codes you will have to get to finally reach Earth, and bring the long-awaited news of victory. very addictive game.


Refuellers can be easily found using the map on the left panel of the screen. To get to the tanker, use the compass.
When using the elevation scanner, press X to view the instrument panel.
Before each mission you need to equip the ship using the provided weapons, and on a short map to determine your location and mission.
To determine the type of objects encountered on the screen, use a tactical radar. The blue objects are friendly, the green moves along the surface, the reds are motionless, the yellow ones fly, the whites have a special purpose.
Pay attention to the color of the sight when the weapon is aimed at the target. If the sight is green - the target can not be hit, and if red, then you can use any weapon. If the color is purple, then only rockets can be used for this purpose.
At the prize-winning "Try Me" you can get from the "Jumpgate" menu after all the main missions are completed. You are given the opportunity to refuel and rearm. To do this, you have to walk over the buildings along the road. To get off this level, find a swarm of butterflies and destroy them.

1-1 - Hoelinwaa

You need to complete three tasks. If at the beginning of the mission in 45 seconds not to destroy the radar installations, then you will have to meet with a much stronger opponent.
The first task is to destroy seven guard posts.
The second task is to go through the electric fence before it can close. If current passes through the enclosure, destroy the guards at the entrance.
The third task is to penetrate the compound and defeat the base.

1-2 - Sarcoma

The first task is to demoralize the enemy by a transmitter, which must be loaded onto the ship immediately after the completion of Hoelinwaa, even before the beginning of this mission.
The second task is to find and destroy four watchtowers.
The third task is to find a prison and destroy four cannon fortresses that protect it. By this time, the watchtowers must be destroyed.
To weaken the enemy, destroy the plant, two communication buildings and an industrial building.

1-3 - Meskeni

There are four objects. Bring the mission to the end, without losing the robber.

2-1 - Tasla

Destroy all the soldiers encountered before you reach the landing zone: less opponents will be in the next stage.
The first task is to clear the landing team's landing zone in coordinates 065-014. It is necessary to destroy three missile installations and six enemy soldiers.
The second task is to remove the transponder from a special tanker, which will arrive in the zone after cleaning it. Fly over the deactivating switch to enter the unit. You do not have enough weapons to attack the fortress.
The third task is to remove the car from the tanker, located in coordinates 034-046. Return to the fortress and destroy it. Laser use only against the fortress, since it can not be used for more than one second.
The fourth task is to destroy all the soldiers and all the ships in the compound.
Some soldiers launching missiles do not approach your ship. The operation is considered completed only when all defenders of the fortress are destroyed.

2-2 - Khasla

Destroy pumping stations (they support the gun that covers the first teleporter).
The first task is to penetrate to the south-east corner of the main island and destroy the fortress and gun installations. Now the means of protecting three new teleporters have become vulnerable. The teleporter on the right (east) side transfers to the first from the beginning of the mission to the island. The teleporter in the center (north) leads to the third island and to an empty fortress. The teleporter on the left (western) side leads to the fourth (last) island with the enemy's main reserves. Point the teleporter, located in the center, to the third island with an empty fortress. Destroy all surrounding buildings so you can get to the fortress.
The second task - three minutes before the foundation to destroy the empty fortress, destroy all of its defenders. Go back to the main island and use the teleporter in the west to go to the last island. Continue to the southwest corner of the map, where the main base is located. It is protected by three gun mounts.
The third goal is to destroy the enemy reserve base. This can be done without destroying an empty fortress. But in this case it will take a lot of weapons. I'll have to shoot from all the guns and refuel.
Do not approach the ravines and the brown earth. Stay on the green earth so as not to run into gravity mines.

3-1 - Ockkalish

There is only one object on this mission. We must survive until the end of the mission, without losing the excavator.

3-2 - Ak-Quwa

It is important to go through the labyrinth without getting into the lava. Goal
blocked by two objects in front of them.
The gate turns out to be de-energized for a short time, so hurry.
When you come across several units, then, in order not to lose ammunition, hide behind the columns on the right side of the road.
The first task is to destroy the ball on the battlefield. Your ship must pass through the gate on either side of the junction. The gate is set at random. If you do not immediately determine their location, you will have to enter both, and into the other gates.
The second task is to collect the details of "Nom Shar".
Place the ship with the demolisher before the operation begins. This will protect a couple of fortresses. Do not strike at Nom Shar after the security is broken.

3-3 - Noabae

The first four tasks are to find and destroy four jamming stations.
The fifth task is to assemble the gun "Nom Shar", which was located at one of the stations.
The central enemy formation is at the beginning of the mission. From it the rays diverge paths to four other objects, they are separated by mountains. To fly from one object to another, you need to return to the center.
You look for the way to the right sector using a compass. Listen to ICE messages. If the ICE says that the aircraft did not appear in the sector, return to the center and go to another sector. Explore the area until the ICE informs you of the aircraft. Then turn the ship and fly to "Nom Shar".
In all four remote areas there are tankers. Almost all of them are in the mountains, and access to them is difficult. And still use them before returning to the center.

4-1 - Rosswell

The first task is to destroy four radar installations and the transmitter "Big Tuna". Find the two nearby teleporters, use the one on the right. He will forward your ship to the power plant "Pericata" - one that looks like a satellite.
The second task is the destruction of the power plant. In the same corner of the map is a teleporter, which will take you to the military center "Pericata".
The third task is to destroy the military center. Return to the two teleporters, use the left. Destroy the square silver building when your ship will fly past it. Then go back and use the teleporter, which did not work before.
The fourth task is to protect the "Big Type", transported to the command center "Pericata".

5-1 - Oneri

There is only one task. You must finish the mission without losing the puck.

5-2 - Weneri

Starting the operation, fly to the east, as far as the terrain allows. Fortresses can be destroyed only with missiles and special weapons.
The first three tasks are the destruction of the three fortresses.
The fourth task is to destroy all the brain posts located on the periphery.
The fifth task is to destroy the electronic machine.

6-1 - Boleni

The task is one - you must finish the mission without losing the puck.
It is necessary to destroy all incoming ships, including the main ships. If you can not do everything quickly, aim the blow up and destroy all the large flying objects (white dots on the radar screen).

6-2 - Primmun

The elevations are covered with radioactive material. Turn to the first canyon to the left.
The first task is to clear the valley. This will cause unrest, which will help Jenkins escape. Then go to the next valley.
The second task is to protect the "Sensci" radar system. Then you must destroy the three reflectors at the entrance to the next valley. Reflectors will be quickly restored. In the next valley there is a star blocker with strong protection, it must be destroyed. There are also six guns. Their destruction opens access to the tanker.
Go north-east to the teleporter. It is necessary to destroy two stations that supply protection to the teleporter. Use the teleporter on the west side of the station. Your ship will be delivered to three more teleporters, which will come into motion, flying around the installation located in the center of the district. As soon as you fly around the installation, one teleporter will be irradiated. If you once again fly around the installation, the irradiation will be removed and go to another teleporter. The teleporter in the far right side will take you to the northeast transmitter. It is surrounded by reflectors, which can not be destroyed.
The third task is to destroy the north-eastern transmitter. Go right to the reflectors and use the teleporter. He will return your ship to a group of three teleporters. Fly over the installation until the teleporter on the left is irradiated. This teleporter will take your ship to the southeast transmitter.
The fourth task is to destroy the south-eastern transmitter. Use the teleporter to return to the group of three teleporters. Fly over the installation until the average teleportator is irradiated. He will return you to the first teleporter. Approaching it, immediately turn in the opposite direction - to the control center "Jumpgate".
The fifth task is the destruction of the control center "Jumpgate".
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