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Robinson's Requiem (3DO)

Robinson's Requiem 3DO
Genre: Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG), Simulation
Perspective: 1st-person
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Narrative: Survival
Published by: ReadySoft Incorporated
Developed by: Silmarils
Released: 1996
Platforms: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, DOS

Your hero is on a planet that can not be studied normally until the end.
After the release of this game, the authors tried to repeat the "success" of the first part and released Deus. The game was released only on the PC, where it failed victoriously. I at one time wrote a mocking review on it, which the game deserved for 100%. Those. if the transitions between the climatic zones in the "Robinson" were mitigated by caves (from the tropics to the tundra), then in Deus it was like a built heating main under certain areas. The snow just started abruptly, flora and fauna immediately followed. Those. already ten meters in the winter zone you could meet a saber-toothed tiger, although a minute ago you observed something warmth-loving. Questions to Deus was too much, but because the game failed on all
parameters. Even a hardcore like me could not play this for more than two hours.
Yes, back to the "sick". The name very clearly defines our further existence. If Robinson had a Friday, even after a very long time, then people are almost at every corner. Only their mood frightens them. If the first person is just a psycho who has to be slaughtered, then the second person turns out to be a werewolf. And it's not a spoiler. This is the first five minutes of the game. You will still cut it anyway.
Robinsonade is supported by a real medical box. This box is almost the most important device in the game. They fell into cold water - aspirin, poisoning - inject some kind of crap, water from the lake - detox, tired of living and playing - cyanide. Yes, there is potassium cyanide in this game! A joke from the developers.
About the script, I already wrote, but that's about the atmosphere did not have time. In this world, with all its shortcomings, I want to spend a couple of evenings. Yes, I do not want to live here. Although, after the main character's replay on the storyline (if there is one), you can safely send probes, later gondolas with live engineers, and later the first settlers. There will be another planet-trash. Socium and garbage in the human sense are equal ("one and the same").
The authors managed to maximally break the general picture on the flaps of fantastic templates. Not only are we present on the planet-prison, which is not originally such, so we still have to fight with the local fauna, which often refutes all the laws of genesis. The authors needed to create a diverse world, so they wanted to spit on the laws of nature. Moreover, their "sandbox" was not so great, and therefore different ecosystems had to coexist side by side, not knowing about each other. As already mentioned above, these systems are connected only by caves, which themselves also become a hell for the mind of an experienced speleologist. In some caves hairy monsters thrive, in other crawls fatty lizards, and in the third settled pterodactyls, ready to poke their eyes with their beaks. After the fantasy-fantasy-paleontologo-zoological absurd, you suddenly recall the works of Jules Verne. But he would also have laughed at this feast of templates, in which he partly took part.
This game was just right to become a turn based RPG - so all the action is broken into squares. But realism requires its own - and its producers.
In conclusion (yes, in conclusion) I want to say that this is a game that I went through several times. I love her so much. I treat France with warmth. Happenes. But the atmosphere is created! Be afraid to make! They did what many directors thought for years.
They created the world! Let the stupid and illogical, but the world in which you want to survive! Give me examples of other worlds where you also want to live and survive.


  • Always check the water before drinking.
  • Sometimes you need to crawl, learn.
  • Retreat is sometimes better than a clash with an enemy superior to you.
  • Keep track of the total weight of the things that you carry. Take not everything, but only what you need.
  • To destroy the tigers you need: either one shot with a laser, or two shots from a bow, or one blow with a spear or multiple knifes. From the skin of a tiger, you can make warm clothes. Rabbits and bison are suitable for the same purposes.


Watch for the availability of food and other necessary items. Check your health before you take anything new.
First go east, in the left passage between the rocks. Watch for changes in the environment. Having stumbled on the hillocks or cliffs, your hero can get serious injuries.
You get to the place of wreck of the spacecraft. In the wreckage you need to find five pitches. You will also find the first aid kit.
Return to the starting point and start moving east until the lake appears. You will meet with another "Robinson". Destroy the competitor and take away his matches, a vessel, a computer, a battery and a knife lying on the ground.
In this area you can find some food. Pears on the tree near the lake are inedible.
The knife will help to pick up branches and leaves. Make a hat using the leaves and a needle from the medicine cabinet.
Fill the vessel with water from the lake, choosing the option "use" when you are near the lake. Take the vessel, bring it to the water - and it will fill. Water should be disinfected with a pill from the medicine cabinet or boiled on fire.
Near the lake grow three cauliflower. They are heavy, and one is better to eat immediately.
Go to the end of the mountain. Take here earthworms in a pile of earth (in the southern aisle) and cauliflower (in the northern aisle).
Then follow the south, climb up the mountain. Eat cauliflower growing on the slope to the left. Kill the eagle and, using a knife, collect the meat and feathers. From the nest, take the eggs and a large bunch of feathers.
Go down from the mountain back, continue to the north. You will meet a werewolf (human wolf). Destroy it and take a computer lying nearby in the grass.
Follow the narrow passage to the west. Here the road branches. In the left passage is a tiger. Sneak past him on the right path and go north to the end. There will be a tree from which you need to take the resin. Combine the resin and the branch to make the torch.
Go north to the fork, select the left road. Light the torch and enter the cave of Ali Baba. The caves are dark and cheesy, full of mutants. Move carefully to avoid the pits. Take the computer lying on the ground in the main cave.
Go to the longest corridor north to the tunic. Using a knife, collect salt from the walls. To prevent disease, use antibiotics. Humidity and cold are harmful for you, you can catch the flu. Exit the cave through the west passage, to the marshes. Do not explore the swamps at night: this is the time of hunting tyrannosaurs.
There are four ways to the west. Go the northernmost road - and find a bush with edible grapes. Rest here if your hero is tired.
Move along the second aisle from the north, in order to find five melons in the tall grass.
If you go on the third pass, you will meet another "Robinson". Talk to him and take the necklace. He also has whiskey and a computer. Fruits with "Yks'Ykd'Yk" act as a drug.
Following the village on the fourth path, destroy the poisonous carnivorous rastepia (or avoid them).
The amulet of the Robinson will help you avoid the attack of a female horse from the village.
Go north and listen to the woman - the head of the village. Nearby - stegosaraus. It can be milked by placing a vessel under the udder.
Collect a few vines with a knife. Now Robinson can build traps, combining a branch and a rope from the crash site. Arrows can be made by combining branches and feathers, and for onions combine branches and a vine. The fishing rod can be made from a branch, a grapevine and a pin from the medicine cabinet. Now your hero will be able to fish in any pond, selecting the hook icon and the * use 'option.
Return to the cave of Ali Baba. Return to the jungle, slip past the tiger. Carefully approach him from the other side and shoot twice from the bow. The Tiger will start attacking immediately after the first hit. Take the skin and tiger meat.
Go back to the wreck of the spaceship, move left north of the wreck. Climb the mountain. Here you can collect hashish leaves from a bush on the edge of a cliff. You will meet another tiger, kill him also with two shots. Restore the stocks of skins and meat, sew clothes, combining the skin and thread with a needle.
Enter the cave in the north and put on all the clothes you have. Go to the east of the cave. In the main cave you are waiting for Pteranodone, and in the east you will meet with another "Robinson". After destroying it, take a computer, a razor and a video game. You will find yourself in the canyon.
It's hot here, take off all your clothes and put on a hat from the leaves. Check the water supply. Spiders destroy or avoid. If you are bitten, apply the antidote urgently. In order to protect yourself from bites beforehand, take the serum before you go into the canyon.
Go across the desert west and southwest. Large bison-like rabbits destroy to get meat and skins. At the end of this area there is a large aggressive rabbit, the blows of which can lead to fractures, as well as cause temporary deafness. Take the computer from the body of a nearby dead
Through the passage between the mountains go south. Listen
"Robinson", which will collide on the other side.
At the bottom of this canyon find three pumpkins. Return to the desert, continue to move to the east. In the southern tunic are several useful items.
Returning to the desert, go to the east. Here is a village of hostile Aborigines. Attack them to get spears - effective reusable weapons. In the north of the village there is a potato field. Take a large vessel in one of the huts and fill it with water. Exit the village through a narrow passage in the south-west. There you will come across a pteranodone "and you will find the killed" Robinson ". Take his computer.
Return to the desert, go east and then through the passage to the cave. Enter the cave at the first intersection and continue moving in the same direction. You will pass through two caves inhabited by small tyranosauruses. Follow the south to the end of the two caves.
In one of the dead ends of the labyrinth lies a computer, in another dead end there is a small pond. From it, catch and eat a turtle. From the shell make a helmet. Collect salt from the walls of the labyrinth, it helps to transfer heat.
Return to the main cave and follow to the desert to the southwest. It is necessary to stock up two full vessels of water, wear a hat, periodically absorb salt. Go to the fork and go along the first western passage to the intersection.
Desert from the north is controlled by a large triceratops, do not approach it at this time. Go to the south of the desert, destroy the crazy "Robinson" and take his blinding weapons, flares and a computer.
Return to the intersection with the second pass and go to the south. When the path is divided, find the body guarded by the ram. Take the computer next to it.
Return to the cave, then go back to the canyon. Enter another cave to return to the jungle. Go down the mountain and enter the cave of Ali Baba to return to the marshes.
Now you are able to defeat the tyrannosaurus. Wait for the wizards and, when it appears, use blinding weapons until it dies.
Return to the village with a female horse. The villagers are grateful to you for destroying the tyrannosaurus. The head of the village will give you a lamp.
Cross the jungle, go to the east. Fill the vessels at the waterfall and continue to the east. Then go to the south, to the cave of the larva. Enter the cave. The larva can be destroyed with the help of blinding weapons. Follow the corridor to the west, to the bottom of the cave. Destroy the small larvae, take the computer that lies on the ground, and return to the large cave in the east. Go to the southeast by an underground passage - and go out into the forest. Wandering in the forest "Robinson" can be killed with blinding weapons. Caution: this robinson is armed with a laser and will begin to fire as soon as you get close. Laser take away. Then take the charger, computer and gloves "Robinson".
Go to the northwest and take the computer of the dead "Robinson". In the east, a deer-like rabbit lives. Arrange the traps and return here later to pick up the rabbits. They can also be hunted with a spear or a knife. Restore the stocks of skins and meat.
Go to the southeast, climb the mountain. Then go east. In the middle of a small plateau is a tree with edible apples. After collecting them, go back. Centaurs destroy with a laser, restore your reserves.
Continue in the same direction, and you will reach a plateau with centaurs throwing tomahawks in you. Destroy them, take a computer and a tomahawk centaur.
Return to the clearing of deer-like rabbits. In the north you will meet four tigers. Destroy them one by one, take meat and skins. Sew warm clothes.
Continue going east until a small lake appears. Swim to the north. When you see the raft, climb on it and continue to sail. Swim under the bridge and follow the left arm of the river.
From the shore, collect artichokes. Return to the fork of the river and pass now another sleeve to the lake. At the end of the lake is the entrance to the cave. Do not forget to wear all the warm clothes. Follow the river to the left, reach the end and collect salt from the walls.
Return to the raft to the fork and move to the east. Before you - a waterfall. Now put on clothes from the skin of the reptile, go to the waterfall and swim to the other side. A little further north.
Again change into warm clothes, put on a helmet from the tortoise shell. Explore the labyrinth. In a small cave, collect the coal. In the cave there is a computer guarded by three giants. The labyrinth ends with a passage in the southeast. Destroy the pterodactyl in this place.
Re-dress in the skin of a reptile and dive into the water. Swim north to the shore. Use the laser to destroy two pterodactyls. Travel in the same direction until a large cave appears. Go to the north exit to the canyon. In the canyon there is an entrance to another cave (it is guarded by a tyranosaurus).
Go right to the first fork. Among the skeletons, find the computer, then return to the canyon. You must have seventeen computers, counting and the one that is used. Go to the "Robinson" and kill him, not allowing him to shoot. Take his gas mask and computer.
Cross the canyon with tyranosaurus. Fill the vessels with water and collect some salt. Now go to the desert.
Tom go west: to where the insane Robinson dwells. To the north of you is the territory inhabited by harmless yang triceratops. Make a "Molotov cocktail", combining an empty bottle of whiskey, charcoal and salt. Then use a vine or a bandage for the wick. To defeat the triceratops, shoot him with a laser (he will wake up), and then throw him a Molotov cocktail.
Go to the wreckage in the north and take the battery there.
Now gently walk east along the long aisle full of various objects. Here you will meet robot-guards. Destroy them with a laser.
Eat one mushroom. In the entire desert, only one edible mushroom: in a dead end in the northeast, it is guarded by a robot.
Your path lies far to the southeast, to a huge tunnel in which a huge robot has settled. Make a trap by combining the battery with the wire. Go forward to attract the attention of the robot, then put the trap and move back.
Go to the north, not stepping on the lava. Put on a gas mask and enter the cave. Go left and destroy the robot near the fork. Take a computer and a powerful laser, lying on the ground behind the robot.
Return to the fork and continue in the same direction. Robots in a large cave destroy with one laser shot.
Go to the labyrinth in the north. Take Nina's computer from the pit. Sleep in the cave and you will receive Nina's telepathic message.
In a computer cave, destroy the clam. All computers, including your hero's computer, are installed on the main computer with a small red indicator. The process of destruction is started. You should get out for a limited time. Without a computer, you can not access the card, the control panel, or the scanner. Therefore, in advance, remember the way out. Double exit doors are located in the labyrinth in the middle of the map. Use a powerful laser to destroy the robot dog on your way. If all the disks were inserted into the computer, the door will open, you will meet with Nina and leave the planet.