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Flying Nightmares (3DO)

Flying Nightmares 3DO
Genre: Simulation
Perspective: 1st-person, 3rd-person
Gameplay: Vehicular Combat Simulator
Vehicular: Flight / Aviation, Naval / Watercraft
Published by: Domark Software
Developed by: Lifelike Productions, Simis Limited
Released: 1995
Platform: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer

Flying Nightmares is a fairly complex 3D air flight simulator on the AV8B Harrier II fighter for 3DO Interactive Multiplayer. The game is quite a difficult management, since the game is more for the joystick (the steering wheel / lever). Your task will perform different tasks but first you need to take off from the aircraft carrier.
In the game there is a small story, almost traditional for such games. In the Republic of Barcala, in connection with the coup, the power passes into the hands of the military junta. In Barkala suppress all sorts of demonstrations. And the United States certainly can not miss such a moment, so as not to intervene and start building democracy in this state. Sending there, their fighters put things in order.


You can schedule tasks yourself:
Air to Air - destruction of air targets;
Air to Ground - destruction of ground targets;
Air Patrol - patrolling.
Attention! To take off, press Up + L. While the appeared inscription does not disappear, you can not take off. Therefore, press R + B.
To gain altitude, hold Down. To turn on the autopilot, press X and select Autopilot=- ON (A), exit the menu with X. In the lower right corner - the radar where targets are distinguishable, and in the lower left corner - the weapon, you can change it by pressing B. To shoot , press A.
If you want to get a view of your aircraft from the side, press P + R, exit - R.
L + Up - add gas;
L + Down - reduce the gas;
X + P - sharply down (corkscrew);
L + X + P + R - bailout.

Tips for aviators

  • Before you check yourself in combat flights, practice by going through a special stage.
  • Decreasing, you increase the speed. Picking up the altitude - reset the speed. Do not make sharp turns at low speed, and then you will break. Having mastered the management of the jet plane, you will be able to sometimes hang in the air.
  • Do not allow power reduction below 75%. This level is necessary for the implementation of anti-maneuver maneuver.
  • Do not forget to catapult from a falling plane. Live pilots are more useful than crashed.
  • Watch the radar screens. Nearby "Avaks" will notify you about the appearance of enemy aircraft. Avksa messages are issued on a black screen under the HUD display. For example, "10 ะžะก ะ" means a ten-hour height ("10 o'clock high").
  • If you are flying at a speed of 500 mph, an enemy aircraft is difficult to detect. To increase your chances in aerial combat, make sure when you enter the battle that you have chosen the AIM9 missile. Having determined the location of the enemy, it will emit a buzzing. Release the rocket when a red circle appears on the HUD.
  • Places marked in the game as SAM are deadly. Attacking SAM in fast mode, you reduce the likelihood that you will hit rockets. Be wary, however, of the attack from the side. First attack with a series of rockets "Harm", then - "Mavsrikami" and "Hydras". Always have a Hydra rocket in stock. Also, you need the stock A1M9: the enemy is always ready, and at any moment you can attack a five aircraft. The C130 aircraft will not be guided by the A1M9 missile, it must be visually observed and shot down with the aid of a gun.
  • Try different types of weapons. When attacking the target, use landmarks. The mountains are well protected from the radar.
  • Having lost control of the aircraft, proceed to autopilot. Be careful when landing on autopilot. Perhaps you are followed by an enemy aircraft. In this case, if you do not have AMIM9, several times fly around your flotilla: its guns will knock down the enemy.
Invincibility: Save a game named BRICKMODE. Now, just press L and R to activate invincibility.
Flying Nightmares 3DO Harrier jet