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Star Trek: The Next Generation (SEGA)

Star Trek: The Next Generation SEGA
Genre: Action
Perspective: 1st-person, Behind view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Shooter
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Vehicular: Space Flight
Published by: SEGA of America
Developed by: Spectrum Holobyte
Released: 1994
Platform: SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive

The game, which will now be discussed, the plot with the underlying series is not related - as if one more episode, without prehistory and consequences. For information, the basis of Crossroads off Time was the pilot episode of DSN (Emissary), and the main mission in the 8-bit came from the episode of TNG (The Best of Both Worlds), which is at the junction of the 3rd and 4th seasons.
According to the genre, the SEGA TNG is, in general, a wanderer in the shell of space strategy. In between the on foot visits of different planets, of course, you will somehow manage a flying city called USSEnterprise, the crew and passengers of the ship total 1014 creatures, under your captain's command there are 19 of them, and on the bridge the simultaneous presence of five Manage something you all have to do alone, and in real time!
The main function of the spaceship, as is known, is movement in space. The navigation panel (CONN) is for this purpose intended. During the game, you have 3 space stations, 8 star clusters (clusters), 59 stars, 438 (!) Planets and ... how many moons you can count yourself. Of course, most of these objects are of interest only academic, but you can fly to anyone, view on the screen and measure with sensors (SENSORS). Generally speaking, little relevant information in the game ponapihano not in moderation - for example, take a mini-encyclopedia "Universe of the Star Trek" (COMPUTER), a volume of 128 (!) Kilobytes. You will no doubt draw from it a lot of interesting information, if you understand English. It is a pity that they will not be able to apply them during the passage ... What is frankly encouraging, at any stage of the game you can get a complete help on managing the situation by clicking Start. In particular, on the bridge involved a dagger of the joystick (choice of the item) and button A (choice). And in general, the button A, you will go into the submenu, and B - to float back. During navigation, C is also used to select the speed and launch the ship. Although the stations and three, the level of service, they are no different. If you suddenly want to make up a stock of photon torpedoes or repair the ship urgently and cure the crew members, remember one address: Codes Z5.

Since it is preferable to get to the goal intact and safe, it is useful to get comfortable with the repair resources of the ship (ENGINEERING). Technique, as they say, on the verge of fiction - irreparable faults do not happen. But the staff is limited, and the wiser you distribute their work in the plots, the greater the effect in the amount you will achieve.
Since in any menu you can not escape from the inexorable passage of time, I advise you to adjust the repair process in advance and not to look at it again. The communicator, the computer and the sensors do not have much value, the transporter needs to be kept in working order for saving time, the navigation terminal can suddenly be needed to get out of the protracted struggle, the life support system and the hull are very important, in combat they can not do without weapons and engines, but the most necessary Thing, shields, not in vain is in the first place. It is they who take upon themselves the main blow of the enemy, they will be struck by the most perfect armor that can not withstand several hits. Donate at your own discretion to all other needs, but not more than half. Actually, the shields, weapons and engines are divided by function into parts, and therefore can be repaired separately. But since these parts are equally important, you should not go deep into it. Outside the battle, only a jerk engine can spoil. And yet cruising speed can be exceeded with impunity, highlighting from the outset enough to repair its engine. It is sad, even in the future, servants of good and justice from time to time have to use weapons to defend their ideals ... and self-defense. And if it comes to the battle in space, take it immediately for a tactical terminal (TACTICAL). Maneuvering (acceleration and braking, turns) with the help of a joystick, you must avoid the photon torpedoes emitted by the enemy ship, and either throw it with your own (button C, in the direction of movement or from the tail battery), or get close to the distance of the fight of phasers. Accuracy and accuracy of photon attack leaves much to be desired, and the "photonics" end quickly, phasers of the same intensity are almost inferior to them (pinch A), and homing much better. Always keep an eye on the indicator of protective fields, do not run into the torpedoes of the enemy with a punched section, and in a difficult situation try to fly off on impulse thrust for repair (note that the enemy in technologies is not inferior to you ...), or quit the fight (hold B) for Attempts of total flight or, if during a battle the signal of a call flashes, discussions of the process of payment of indemnities ... The game contains a dozen walking missions, all begin in the transport compartment of the Enterprise upon reaching its goal. You can send four creatures at a time, but you will still manage only one thing, so you do not need to send extra ones. The startup is again assigned to button A, pressing C will move you to the selection of another team member. In place, the C button collects objects, using A, and, together with the direction of the joystick, selects the subject and the hero. At the moment of disembarkation in the ready state there is a uniform (COMMAND) icon-touching it, a member of the command orders the others to follow him. If it is necessary to take the whole group to one place, the column will move much faster than alone, but in some places you can pass without losses only by catching the moment, and therefore the chain of heroes will have to be quickly divided. To do this, switch to the second in order of the participant and take him away from the leader.

Some cosmo-pilots carry a tricorder along with their duty, a universal means for examining the environment. It can give the name to almost any object you meet, but there is no special need for it ... If there is anything dangerous at the landing site, phaser will be at your disposal, the only available weapon of the ground command. Half of the possible opponents are armed with them, the second throws stones and has no special protection. The hit of a stone or a phaser beam leads your heroes to fall, but does not have any visible effect on the armed enemy, so you should not fight openly using the terrain (walls, tree trunks and other shelters), as well as the location of the limb with a phaser on the body Cosmonauts, try to reduce the chances of the enemy to get into you. I advise owners of turbo joysticks to forget about the existence of the button "Turbo-A" ... By the way, some objects and phenomena can unintentionally harm more than any enemy on average. While the crew member is kept on the ship, the indicator of his health is growing, but with a fatal wound, the hero is finally sent off from service. So it's better not to delay with emergency transport (A + B + C) - the mission will be interrupted in any case. And if one of the plot heroes suffers, then the captain, without suffering such a loss, will go to the monastery ...
By the way, this bald Frenchman named Jean-Luc Picard lives in his spare time in the wardroom (READY ROOM), he also keeps a diary and gives advice on the management of the ship and the crew. And since in the process of contact (COMMUNICATION) you are conducting a dialogue from the first person, after which the captain writes down all the achievements of diplomacy to his account, you can safely consider yourself the captain of the Enterprise! And the dialogues in the game are as follows: your interlocutor says something, and you choose one of two answers, after which the process can repeat five times. Unfortunately, despite the abundance of options, the result in most cases will be the same ... The main exception is the conversation with the commander of the ship encountered in space, when the first answer can lead to a battle.
Terms of surrender are discussed similarly.