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Scooby-Doo Mystery (SEGA)

Scooby-Doo Mystery SEGA
Genre: Adventure
Perspective: 3rd-person
Gameplay: Graphic Adventure, Puzzle elements
Interface: Point and Select
Narrative: Detective / Mystery
Published by: Acclaim Entertainment, Sun Corporation of America
Developed by: Illusions Gaming Company
Released: 1995
Platforms: SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive, Super Nintendo (SNES)

This game, I probably would have attributed the text quest to the genre. In it, you will break your head, not less than in Shadowrun, Cosmic Spacehead, Soleil, Light Crusader or The Story of Thor. In Scooby-Doo, all reasonable actions with objects and people are determined by teams. When you press the "B" button, the cursor appears on the screen (this is already when the prefix is turned on and starts the game). If you point it at an object with which you can do something, an inscription with its name appears at the top. With the "C" button you call "inventory" or pockets of Shaggy (the main character). And by pressing "A" you can, if necessary, cancel the selected command. Teams (there are only ten of them):
TAKE - here, unlike the "Cosmic", do not pick up, but just take it.
LOOK - look. In principle, this team is not particularly necessary to you, but if you want to know the opinion of the protagonist - Shaggy about any subject or person, then - please.
OPEN - open. Well, to open, as you understand, you can door, locker, etc.
PUSH - push, move.
EAT - to eat. "Feed" Sheggi you can only two times per game, and even once it will be an antacid with an expired shelf life.
GIVE - give an object to a living creature (a person, a bear).
TALK - talk or "push" speech - as Eler Cant, who described Cosmic, put it. You can accomplish this command with almost any person.
SHUT - close. This is the exact opposite of the OPEN team.
PULL - push it away, pull it out.
USE - apply. The most important team in the game. Sometimes it is applied between two things in the inventory.
So, we start the game. In the initial options, you see three labels:
Play Blake's Hotel.
Play Ha Ha Carnival.
Sound test.
Yes! Here are two adventures! And we will begin the first part.


Blake's Hotel

History. The whole company together with the dog Scooby rides for the weekend to Uncle Blake. Arriving at the place, they find out that the hotel has a ghost, which scared everyone. There remained only the cook and the attendant. After the conversation, everyone except Shaggy and Scooby, go to inspect the hotel grounds. Uncle Blake escorts Shaggy into the hotel, and then disappears mysteriously. In this puzzle, you should understand.
Start Game!
1. First, go out of the hotel, do not forget to open the door. Now go left to the snowman with a shovel. Take away (TAKE) a shovel near the snowball in the hat. Now "apply" this shovel to the snowman (USE). Sheggy will utter tear words and with a cry of "Cowabunga" will strike a well-aimed blow at the snowman. Honestly, after this strike, I thought for a long time whether to name the genre of Scooby-Doo a militant. After the snowman there will be a frozen bell. Take it and go to the next screen (lokeyshn).
2. There you will see a snow-clad door (snow covered poor). Now I have to work as a janitor. "Apply" (USE) a shovel on the dug door,
3. Go inside the building and head down to the cafe. Here open the cabinet (OPEN cabinet) and take the opener (TAKE can opener). Next, turn the radio (PUSH radio), open it (OPEN) and take the batteries (TAKE battery).
4. Exit the cafe and go to the right, to Uncle Blake's room, near the stairs. There, take (TAKE) a heater and open the drawer in the table, there will be scissors in it, if not, then you have already taken them. With a big hunt, you can read the inscriptions on the board, look at different things, etc., but this does not affect the course of the story.
5. Next, climb up the stairs that you saw before this room. There, in the hallway (hall way), you will see seven doors, one of the first complicated tasks is connected with them. One of these doors is locked. To open it, you need to go to any other six doors in any order.
6. Behind this seventh door is the gardener's room. In it take the air freshener on the TV, the bed springs from the bed, and open the drawer drawer and take the book, which, if you notice, is one of the collection of books compiled In Uncle Blake's room. In the upper left corner is another chest of drawers, but with a broken mirror, open it too (OPEN) and take antacid bottles. In principle, you can try to take another antenna and a poisonous plant, but the plant should not be taken because it is ... poisonous, and the antenna just does not feel like it.
7. When you leave the room, go to the stairs and stop. On the opposite side of the stairs you will notice a kitchen elevator. Do you remember that cleaning lady who was washing the floor at the start of the cutscene? So, judging by her complexion and the thickness of the cable holding the kitchen elevator, it seems to me that she used it not only to transport dishes and food! Now it's our turn! Let's go!
8. Once in the kitchen, start to rip it off a little. First, take a pan (TAKE pot) and draw in it tap water (USE pot with kitchen sink). The next victim will be a chili box under a bag of flour. Then move (PUSH) refrigerator (refrigerator), behind it will be an iron thing (soda tab) (I'm sorry, but I can not give the exact name of this thing - I do not know). Then take the beads under the tap with water (I wonder how they got there?). I hope you've already noticed a microwave oven, now you'll have to gain experience with it. Open the (OPEN) microwave (microwave) and put a frozen bell in it, then turn it on (USE). Now you can take it back, already without the ice (cow bell).
By the way, did not you seem suspicious bag with flour? That's it, and I'm about the same. Maybe the expiration date has expired? Well, let's see it on the back of the bag! (PUSH flour). If you notice, the picture in the living room has two slits for the eyes (if you ever noticed the picture), so they are behind this flour. Look there (LOOK peephole). Unfortunately, you will not see the expiry date, but we do not have the task of ensuring food safety at the hotel (although ... for the sake of pizza ... in principle ...), but you will see two subjects talking about Uncle Blake and his whereabouts. How to get there, is told in a note, which one of these types threw near the fireplace. And here he intervenes, armed with the latest technology, a former hired killer of snowmen - Shaggy. Well, well, the most interesting lies ahead!
9. This time our means of teleportation will not be the elevator, but the door on the right. Once in the cafe, so that everything is clear to you, talk (TALK) with the cook (cook) on the topic of food. After he denies it, boldly eat (EAT) antacid. Whether his expiration date has expired, whether you drank it on a very hungry stomach, but in the stomach a small volcano will erupt. The cook, frightened for the health of the "mercenary", promised to look for something in the kitchen. Then you start "managing", meaning to take the key (key), which was previously unattainable.
10. Leaving the cafe, go to the fireplace. There you will see a piece of paper with a password to the whereabouts of Uncle Blake, but since there is a fire nearby, Shaggy will not want to take this piece of paper. "If the mountain does not go to Shaggy, then Shaggy goes to the mountain." As you already understood, the fire must be extinguished, and in three actions, otherwise you will not have time, it can go out itself (a joke).
First. Pick up the pan with water over the fire.
The second. Turn the pan with water upside down.
Third. Wait for the water to pour out of the pot of water (USE pot'o'water with fire). Now take what you came here for, I mean a piece of paper (TAKE crumpled note). Looking at it, you will see "... the fifth bottle on the left, the third from below ..." While you still do not understand everything, but nothing, you will soon understand.
11. Next, go to the broken snowman. On the left you will notice a booth (shed), in which the ammunition of Jim's gardener is stored (apparently, our worm-hero between shootings and the rescue of princesses earns extra money). But there's a castle on it! By the way, to him is just the key that you took. Open the lock and then open the lock on the door (OPEN shed). Inside there are: crowbar, work gloves and a syringe for painting on cakes, loaded with a poisonous liquid from weeds (weed killer). All this is taken away (TAKE). And go right to the closed door (in the cellar) (locked doors) (v podval). Here, Shaggy remembers the rules of using scrap and opens the door (there are two of them) (USE crowbar with locked doors).
12. Once inside, you should see a hole in the floor, a hook above it, a locker with bottles on the right, if you see Liu Kang, dashing Ken off to the melody from "Duck stories", then until you turn your head and read the magazine, your The friend cut a new Chinese cartridge (something like "Scrouge's Mortal Fighter") on an 8-bit. After you knocked out a friend and cut the Scooby-Doo, continue on. First of all, take vodka with orange juice and ice (do you want to believe it or not, but one of the translations of the word screwdriver is exactly this), and in Russian a screwdriver (TAKE screwdriver). It is located in the most inconspicuous place - on the left, in the bottom corner of the screen, on the barrel. Then open the locker at the top and take an extension cord out of it. Finally, we will open a new passage. Do you remember the note that says about bottles? So, "use" it on a bottle rack (USE crumpled note with rack). The passage will open, but it's too early for us, we still have a lot of things outside. We leave the stairs to the left.
13. From Uncle Blake's room, go out and go upstairs to the gardener's room. In it, take a poisonous plant with gloves (USE work gloves with poison oak). Interesting is the fact that from the shelf Sheggi takes a whole tree in the pot, but in his pocket there is only a leaf (probably the rest is lost when he pushed the pot into his pocket).
14. Now go outside the hotel where the bear snores and apply springs from the bed anywhere (USE bed spring). After Sheggie begins to "rave" on these springs, take a light bulb from the garland above the entrance (TAKE Christmas lights). I can also advise you to put your fingers in the socket while jumping. No, no, wait, you misunderstood me, I meant in the game, that is - USE outlet. In a normal "non-jumping" state, Shaggy will do so, but in the "jump" game DEPENDS, but not in the full sense of the word, it's just that Shaggy will jump until MegaDrive burns up.
The next step is to connect the extension cord to the outlet (USE extension cord with outlet). And the heater to the extension cord (USE heater with extension cord). Then it begins ... Mishka, sleeping in a nightcap, wakes up and starts to warm himself at the heater. Take a leaf from a poisonous plant, throw on a bear and make a leg (USE poison oak with bear). Mishka is in a panic looking for a pillar to scratch (do not worry, Shaggy escapes in auto mode), and what's most interesting, he finds. It is a wooden image, behind which is another bank of the river and, in fact, a river. Due to the fact that the pole is eaten from the bottom with termites, and from above is worn by a bear's back, it falls and paves the way. Well, go ahead, on the other side of the river!
15. While already there to begin with, take the fishing rod (TAKE pole) and cut the rope on the bridge, over the water (USE scissors with the mountain) with scissors. Take the cut off rope (TAKE mountain). Now fish (USE pole). The catch, of course, will be quite good, but it was eaten by Scooby. Okay, let's do it again ... and more! So-so-that-and-to, but dolls, it seems, do not eat dogs ... That is, on the contrary (in fact, the river fish are also not recommended to dogs, I consulted with a specialist here). So, take the doll (TAKE doll) and dump.
16. And you dump you in the foyer with a picture where you call the attendant (USE cow bell) at the counter using a bell. On duty, you give the doll (GIVE doll to bell hop), and he gives you a goblet. Take it and go up the stairs, and, with the help of the elevator, into the kitchen. There you come to the right edge of the screen, but do not go out and open a vent (. V .screwdriver with vent cover) with a screwdriver (or vodka, as you like). Then open the can of chili, which was taken earlier, with the help of an opener. And in this empty jar (interestingly, and where is the content?) Dial termites (USE empty chili can with termites). Here, immediately, "without departing from the ticket office," collect a portable flashlight (USE light bulb with bulb and battery). Well, everything is ready, go!
17. Go to the basement and from it to the very passage in the wall that you opened. You find yourself in an abandoned mine (the mines). On the right you will see rails and trough. The trough is actually a trolley, only without wheels. The wheels are not difficult to assemble, there are three of them, and they are all nearby (TAKE wheel). Now, put them on the USE wheel with mine car and go (USE mine car).
18. You descend just into the shaft of the shaft. Here it is necessary to bring the gas to the motor in advance, then to rise back. To do this, take the hose (hose) and connect it to the motor (USE hose with engine), and the other end to the gas (USE hose with gas). But in order for it (the motor) to work, it must be turned on using the switch.
19. Go right to the pond, if you can call it that. Shaggy will not want to go any further, because "the air here is not clean." Well, you have an air freshener (the freshener) that you took in the gardener's room. Use it and calmly go on ... until you get to the maze (the maze), which, moreover, is very, very dark.
Here you need a flashlight, which you made (USE flash light). In principle, the labyrinth is not particularly difficult, but I'll tell the sufferer quickly how to go about this game, where to turn off at all corners: up, right, up, right, left, up, up, and go further along the "corridor", exit the labyrinth ...
20. ... and get into the crypt. There's nothing special to do here, just sprinkle from the syringe on the weeds that close the entrance (USE weed killer with killer lettuce). Shaggy will say "Sayonara" and under your direction will pass on.
Well, you and on the spot, Uncle Blake is sitting nearby, I feel the liver! A!
21. Well, yes! You need to go down even lower, into that well in the middle. To do this, you need to tie the rope to the chain near this big hole (USE rope with cuffs), and then go down it (USE grief).
ABOUT! Here is a relative. But he is chained! What to do?! .. So, just have to let the termites on your beloved uncle (USE termites with uncle Blake). "I woke up and I'm singing," he will say after the termites work. And then on the joys of the meeting you hear Scooby's frightened cry: "Relp, Relp!" (Romogite! Romogite!). Scooby has problems with pronouncing the sound of "P" - more precisely, not problems, but on the contrary, that is ... well, in general, he is almost everywhere the first to say "P"). We hasten to help.
22. Upstairs, without finding a dog, Blake tells you: "It's better to start looking for him (brilliantly), but while I go, I'll look at one thing" (that's always the case). Feel free to go after him. In the crypt, immediately give your uncle a book from his collection (GIVE book to uncle Blake), after reading it and translating the symbols on the wall, he will say that you must put the goblet in the hands of the statue and pronounce the magic words. Put the goblet with statue, talk to the statue (TALK to statue) and select the fourth option - XYZZY. The statue will raise hands, and ... the tomb with the medallion will open. Take it (TAKE) and wind up to the very entrance to the basement, where Scooby and ghosts run. Well, well, it remains only to hang the locket on the hook and watch (USE medallion with hook) !!! The ghost follows the medallion and falls into the well. All, the end! The ghost is exposed - it turns out to be Jim, a gardener, and he glowed with the help of a glowing paint. At the same time he was with the cook.

На На Carnival

Honestly, the company Scooby-Doo is clearly not lucky. After the "rest" in the hotel of Uncle Blake, they go "to rest" in an amusement park. On the way there they dream how they will ride: Shaggy and Scooby on a hot dog, the rest on a boat. Arriving at the site, they are surprised - why all the lights are on, and so deserted? Why do not they sell tickets anywhere ?! And why are not hot-dogs sold anywhere ?! Well, well, that's enough reason (at least for Shaggy) to suspect something is amiss. Never parting trinity goes to ride a boat, and Scooby and Sheggie, due to the allergy Scooby to the boat and water, as well as a hungry stomach go to inspect the park.
1. First, take a sign near the red tent (TAKE sign). Then go to the left and go into the entrance to the park itself.
2. Again, getting into the impasse in English, I translate, as I can, the name of the place you go to - "boardwalk for walks on the beach" (do not, do not shout that out of me a clumsy translator, which is, such is )! On the beach this, of course, does not seem, but the boards are present. Here, rummage around in the trash can (no wonder Shaggy does not get used to it.) Next, you'll have to twist the bolts from Frankenstein's monster and steal his boots from his feet), after removing the cover (OPEN trash can). And take the bandage, which the mummy forgot to wash, after having changed clothes (TAKE mummy bandages). Go right past the clown's mouth and go to the mechanical fortune teller, in front of her is a coupon, take it (TAKE coupon). Looking above, you should see whether the car, or the creature, but constantly working. (If you see a yellow lump with a constantly opening and closing mouth and eating white dots, it's the most common Rass man.) Pac-man fans do not need to worry, it's not a game in the game, it's just your friend Again changed the cartridge). Take the candy (TAKE taffy), go to the upper right corner and go inside the door.
3. Here you need a little: take a bottle and a boat (TAKE bottle, TAKE boat). Open the bottle (OPEN) and read the scrapped note (LOOK at note). It says: "Guys, why are you so busy there for so long? I'm already beginning to get bored of sitting locked up in a house of laughter!" "It's scary," says Shaggy, and you and he go to the fun house. It's such a clown's mouth that you've already seen.
4. Since there are three rooms inside the house of laughter, there are, respectively, three entrances made, incidentally, in an original way. Twisting in front of these entrances, press to the right and, as a consequence, fly ... to the left.
5. You will find yourself in a small "kingdom of crooked mirrors." Scooby will immediately run away, and Shaggy will go to the right ... But! If you want to know what is going on in the story, then I advise you to go to the right. As a result, the clown will jump out of the mirror and scare Shaggy so that he will run away. But, to deal with it, you just need to push the mirror on the wheels (PUSH mirror). "Let him try his own medicine," says Sheggie. The clown sees himself in the mirror ... Then in a shock runs away and drops "sparkling fire cock" ..., Okay, this is one of the translations, but in fact it is a cork, a plug. Select (TAKE spark plug). And then use it on the boat (the boat was, you see, a leaky USE spark plug with boat.) Go to the exit, to the left, then go back to Fun House and press "left".
6. Well, you are in the room with the terrible creature of Frankenstein. It is not possible to unscrew the bolts yet, but taking the shoes is real, albeit virtually (TAKE boots). Pay attention to the standing in the corner of the sakrogaf ... no, the sarcophagus ... no, the sarcophagus! So, open it (OPEN coffin). After you see the mummy and slam the door sakro ..., sarfo ..., sarco ... phage, out of the jamb of the door ... hmm, there will be a piece of bandage sticking out, pull it (PULL bandage)! Before your eyes it will not be a mummy at all, but an ordinary, ordinary director of this amusement park. After Shoggy promises to save the park from the sinister clown that spoils everything, the director will wash off.
7. From the mouth of the clown, go to the right, in the lower corner, and you will be in the backyard. Climb the ladder to the left (USE ladder to the bungee jump). You will be on the rig for jumping down with a stretch rope. Bind and jump (USE bungee warness). Swaying on a rope, take a bouquet or, in our opinion, a bucket (TAKE bucket). Get off the tower (USE ladder) and head to the house of laughter.
8. To the right of this "clown" there is a small cock. Gather water from it into a bucket (USE bucket with faucet) and exit from the park itself, to the gate.
9. What? The jaw has already dropped from so many tickets, but nothing, they are not yours yet, yet! From this kid with a roll of tickets go down to the lake.
10. V-o-o-o-n there, far away, our friends are riding on the boat. We ought to tell them somehow that you found a director (USE boat with spark plug with pond). Having done this, you are all five of you will be in the office of the director of the park. It will be a question of catching a clown. Guess who should catch the clown?
11. Appearing in the fresh air, go left to the end and up to come into the room with the game in the sledgehammer. Give the coupon to attendant (GIVE coupon to attendant) and get a big hammer.
Tap them on the mechanism for the game (USE hammer with hammer game). A piece of iron will fly, but not until the end, it will be held by a magnet. Well, well, it's time to show "Honest Game". To do this, pull and release the iron pole (PULL pole). The magnet will take off and fall on the "ferris wheel", and as a prize you will receive a hammer. Come out.
12. Go to the right and enter the red tent. Inside it, go again to the right, past the boogie, which will stop you first, and then pass into the dressing room.
13. In the dressing room, pay attention to the chest, standing in the corner. Open it (OPEN trunk) and take the wrench (TAKE wrench). The last thing you should do here is take the application from the table on the left (TAKE application). But this statement without brand printing is an ordinary piece of paper. Therefore, go to the office of the director of the park, which is to the right of the tent.
14. Here, take from the table a seal (TAKE rubber stamp), and stamp again into the dressing room.
15. So, we are working with inventory. Put a seal on the application (USE rubber stamp with application). Well, that all this worked, hang on the board (USE application with bulletin board). Get out of here at last and go to Fun House, to the Franckenshtein monster (click on the rotating plate "left").
16. Well, and finally you got to untwisting the bolts from the monsters (USE wrench with bolts). Go out and go to the back yard.
17. I hope that you have already reached and have not lost your way anywhere. On the left there should be a ladder, on the right a bear, if there is a wall to the left, and a friend sits on the right, everything is alright, it seems that the friend also begins to like this friend. After explaining the rules of the game to a friend, let him go to the right, to multi-colored such balls. Here you must together run a balloon with the scoop on it Scooby (USE balloons with Scooby). Strongly pulling the joystick out of the hands of a poor friend just because "the most interesting thing started", do not, but just go to the upper right corner.
18. See this mechanism, something like a bathyscaphe? Get into it (USE valve).
19. Oh! You are under water, that's it! How beautiful! Remember Scooby allergy? Look, look how he trembles. First, open the stopper in the bottom of the bathyscaphe (OPEN hatch). Then in a bucket of water, place the octopus (USE bucket of water with inky). And then collect coins from the chest to the left with a magnet (USE magnet with treasure). Now get out (USE valve) and stomp up to the electronic fortune teller.
21. Go to the slot machine and use the coins to play it (USE tokens with crane game). Here I can help you, but better try to catch this gun (water). But if it's really unbearable, I'll tell you a secret. As soon as the game screen appears, press "right", and then, when the gun is at the border, press "C". Having caught a pistol, take it (TAKE water pistol). Go out and go to the kid with the tickets.
22. Exchange the gun for tickets (GIVE water pistol to kid) and go back to the tent.
23. Use the tickets to play darts. For this, give tickets to the peasant with a butterfly (GIVE tickets to dart attendant). And then take the darts and throw them into the balls (USE darts). This should be repeated three times. The prize is a teddy bear. Go to the backyard.
24. Here, give the teddy bear a bear on the ball (GIVE teddy bear to balancing bear). And take the ball (TAKE ball). Come out and go to the kid with a pistol,
25. Talk to him (TALK to kid) and select the question variants first 1, then 3. He agrees to ride with you on the "roller coaster". Already in place, the controller will say that the boy is too short for driving.
26. To fix this, give it to the boy (GIVE boots to kid).
27. Once on a roller coaster, you must do the following. First, pull the lever (USE brake). And fix the road (USE bolts with track). Unhooked (USE brake), pull the second lever. And, opening the booth (OPEN shed), take away the paintbrush (TAKE paint brush). Unhook (USE brake).
28. Now, soak the brush in the water with an octopus (USE paint brush with a bucket with inky), then write this brush on the plate that you took still oh-oh-oh when (USE inky brush with sign). Go to the back yard.
29. Here, place a sign near the cage with a predator (USE sign). And dump the house of laughter, only now press "up".
30. You see this car? And that motor? So, the motor will run idle if you do not put a belt on it. (USE taffy with engine). Turn on the motor (USE switch). Well, forward, to the "race for survival with a clown" (USE bumper car). There is nothing particularly complicated here, the main thing is to collide with the nose of the car. After the clown escapes and leaves the dart, take him (TAKE darts) and go to the backyard.
31. Well, you've come to the end of the whole game (although not, if you've only gone through this part, do not worry, there's still a Blake hotel)! Blast the ball with a dart (USE dart with ball) and watch the credits!
The clown was caught, he was a dart man. And he did all this because he "wanted to be a clown". Well, have you been a clown? It's time to pass it to the police, although ... it's better to launch it into orbit!