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G.I. Joe: The Atlantis Factor (NES)

GI Joe: The Atlantis Factor NES
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Platform
Published by: Capcom U.S.A.
Developed by: KID Corp.
Released: 1992
Platform: Nintendo (NES)

Probably everyone knows a beautiful legend about the ancient island of Atlantis. For many years both scientists and amateurs have been arguing whether the island was really a legendary island, and if so, where was it located somewhere in the Atlantic or the Pacific, and maybe somewhere near India. This mystery would have remained unsolved, if not for the terrorist organization Cobra, which did not lay down its arms after the death of its leader and the destruction of all bases at the end of "G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero." In some incredible way, members of the Cobra managed to reach the sunken island and find there a powerful artifact that allows them to revive dead people. They immediately took advantage of it and revived the Commander of the Cobra, restoring their main lost strength.
So, "Joe Team" is going again together, this time to finally deal with the terrorists. However, not everything is as simple as it seems - some of the members of the group were captured by the Cobra, and some are scattered and scattered around the area of ​​military operations. The battle itself is General Hawk! Remembered by his flights on the jet pack at the last level of the first part of the game for the NES, he considers it his duty to personally neutralize the Commander of the Cobra. However, the General in "G.I. Joe: The Atlantis Factor" is no longer the superman with a compact jet engine, which was in the first part, now he acts as an ordinary very well trained special forcesman. Of course, he will have to act not alone, but with partners who will join on the way to the main base of the "Cobra".
This time, in addition to the General, there are four members of the team already familiar to us: an old friend Duke, who commanded in the first part of the game; Ninja Snake Eyes, which, however, is of little use, since it appears near the end of the game and it can not be properly "pumped"; As well as the new and most unusual member of the Wet Suit team, a combat swimmer from SEAL, he is the only one who can dive into the flooded areas and stay there for more than 5 seconds. Two newcomers: the Special Forces Road Block, who can creep into places inaccessible to the rest, as well as the ninja Storm Shadow. Since the beginning of the game only General Hawk is available, but already at the first level we will find Wet Suit. Road Block and Storm Shadow will appear in the middle of the game, and Snake Eyes and Duke - closer to the end.
As the game progresses and some zones are discovered, we will meet with several super-useful characters. The first of them is Spirit, an Indian shaman, can restore the vital forces of the hero to the maximum right during the game, even in a battle with the boss. Second - Gung-Ho, at the right time can add ammunition in the amount of 100 pieces. The third is Big Bear, a super-useful character from Russia, who can revive an untimely deceased team member. Use the services of this support group can be a limited number of times by contacting them at the right time by radio.
Compared with the first part, the characters significantly increased the ability to eliminate the enemy. As many as four levels of hand-to-hand combat and four types of weapons. It is highly recommended to "pump" hand-to-hand combat to all fighters, since blows by hand inflict the most damage and do not expend such precious charges. In addition, even if the cartridges run out, you can still go hand-to-hand with the boss and even kill him. After the third level of "pumping" the heroes will have the opportunity to strike in a jump, and the ninjas after the second level will be able to shoot.
The simplest of the available weapons is an assault rifle, as the level increases, the number of firing directions increases. The most powerful and useful is the laser rifle, though it "eats" three cartridges per shot, it is recommended against the bosses. There is also an impulse rifle and a grenade launcher, but they are quite useless, since the bosses do not damage a lot, and the cartridges are consumed decently. However, from the outset it is possible to use only an assault rifle, and other types of weapons can be obtained after passing certain levels.
Unlike the first part, which was published by a little-known firm "Taxan", the publisher for "G.I. Joe: The Atlantis Factor" was the great "Capcom", which speaks of the success of the first part and the big plans for the second. It became much more difficult to play, because we have only one life before we meet Big Bear, and it's easy to die. However, if after a couple of attempts to remember where the power-ups lie and from whom "power" get out, at least at the initial levels, then it will become much easier to play. Its part of the complexity is added by the fact that you can go through the levels in different orders, so you can easily run into a difficult mission with characters not yet pumped to the desired level. It will be even easier to play when the team joins Storm Shadow, who has a very strong hand-to-hand fight, and after a certain level he will have remote strikes at all. However, compared to the first part, ninjas no longer "rule", because although they have an excellent hand-to-hand fight, but the scale of life is mockingly short.
Developers completed the task for 5 with a "plus" and released an excellent continuation of the first game. The music has not changed much, but the graphics have undergone significant improvements - now, for example, there appeared a scrolled background (how many games on NES can this boast?), As well as other innovations. In general, the game has become much more complicated and interesting. Several options for passing levels, various tasks, versatile characters and high replayability - all this only adds to the popularity of the excellent continuation of the history of "Joe Team". Although the game has received more modest estimates than the first part (most of the criticism was due to the meager amount of innovations), but, in my opinion, it is more interesting in passing than the first part.

Control keys

A - blow, shot;
B - a jump;
↓ - sit down;
A + ↗- a super blow, an extension jump (not for a ninja);
START - the screen for selecting heroes (from those taken under the command);
SELECT - changing weapons (possible only if there are cartridges);
SELECT + ↑ - launching a spiked ball;
SELECT + ↓ - call by radio (if any, whom to call).


  • 99, 93, O8, O9, 23, B9, G1 - K6, C2, Q6, W3, 67, L4, 13 Cobra Commander base;
  • C8, 47, J2, L5, T4, T3, B2 - W9, 23, J9, Q9, H9, 63, 54 Snake Eye's remedy;
  • D9, O7, L1, C9, H7, V8, 34 - D1, Z1, L1, F8, G6, S9, T1 Wet Suit.


  • The most important advice is to choose your character correctly. Therefore, we give them the most essential characteristics.
  • General Hawk. Initial viability - five points, a punch with a medium punch, increased jumping.
  • Veteran Snake Eyes and its improved version, Storm Shadow. Viability - two and three points respectively, armed with a sword, which, starting from the second stage of development, are capable of letting off enemy waves at a distance, without spending ammunition! Like all ninjas, they can jump high and hit the sword on the run (sliding - double joystick to the side).
  • Wet Suit. A faithful companion of Hock from the second route. His fist is the weakest, vitality is also not so hot (four points), but already from the nickname it follows that he can dive in not too deep ponds (and there are enough of them on the flooded island). To dive, climb into the water and press ↓ + B.
  • Duke. It you will pull out from the clinging paws of death in a dead-end of the 15th level. Weak-looking is a soldier, but in the battle with the Cobra he will give one hundred points to any other fighter! Duke can shoot up (just press ↑ + A), so do not be too lazy to collect a heaped laser.
  • Road Block. A real commando, staunch (6 points!) And mighty (his super jump in a jump takes out from the first time any foot opponent). In addition, it can creep into the narrowest slot - click down on the diagonal. Unfortunately, not a jumper.