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Vectorman 2 (SEGA)

Vectorman 2 SEGA Genesis
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Arcade, Platform
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: SEGA of America
Developed by: BlueSky Software
Released: 1996
Platform: SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive

Each, even the most overpowering, video set-top boxes has games that are very proud of and which, in any convenient case, are put on display. On SEGA Genesis such "branded" games are not small, but "Vectorman" stands for many in a separate account. This thing was originally conceived as a hit, and there are no weak aspects in it. Graphics - incredible (the game uses a cunning sprite technology that allows you to make objects from a variety of pieces, for example, the Vectorman itself consists of more than two dozen independently moving balls), the music is mesmerizing (it's unfortunate that they did not release a separate soundtrack), the fascination is beyond the clouds . In general, when I found out that "Vectorman 2" appeared on the shelves, there was no limit to the enthusiasm. And the Germans (for your information, the company "Blue Byte" is based in Germany) have not deceived the hopes of all gamers, fans of the first part. The visual series became even more beautiful (although it seemed - much more ...), the rhythm of music noticeably accelerated, and the people favorite "Losharik" -Vectorem gained even more opportunities. The prehistory of the game is as follows: after disassembly with the rebellious robotics, the Vectorman flew on his rocket-garbage collector (these are the real heroes ...) on the vast expanses of cold space, when a certain villain launched an unknown homing missile of the sender-client system and, what is most important - got! The poor garbage truck began to smoke, took it and crumbled to pieces, throwing its pilot into the upper atmosphere of the first planet that came across.


To pause the secret menu, pause the game and type: up + right + A + B + A + down + left + A + down. In that Menu You can choose any level, as well as read more with several useful features.
In order to restore the health of the hero, type in a pause: B + A + B + A + left + up.
If you want to add one more life, type in a pause: right + up + B + A + down + up + B + down + up + B.
In order for the number of lives to be 99, press the pause and type: down + C + up + left + up + right + right + C.
Type in the pause mode the combination: C + A + left + left + down + A + down, and Vectorman will cyclically change his weapon.
To view the map with coordinates pause and type one of the following combinations: 1. B + A + left + left; 2. B + A + left + down; 3. Left + Up + A + Up.


  • To beat the boss at level 17, get under him and shoot from below at a slight angle. So you evade the return fire and manage to get to his weak place - the mouth.
  • At the Tank You stage, keep the cannon of your tank slightly elevated, then the deadly projectiles will reach the valley. This will allow you to get rid of harmful enemies nesting at the bottom of the valley.
  • To successfully deal with enemies, use your jump more often: when they are overtaken by a volley from your wonderful boots, they are roasted.
  • Scorpions are very good at the Fired stage. You must take their form, and then become invincible for a while, which will allow you to pass through the lava.
  • In the Shout and Twist stage, you must compensate for the air resistance caused by strong vortices in the depth of the scene. While jumping, always press Forward at the same time.
  • In the Night in the Swamp stage, snails are very dangerous. But if you conduct a quick shooting, you will be able to destroy them, not allowing them to shoot themselves.