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Super Bomberman 5 (SNES)

Super Bomberman 5 SNES
Genre: Action
Perspective: Top-down
Visual: Fixed / Flip-screen
Gameplay: Arcade, Puzzle elements
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Art: Anime / Manga
Interface: Direct Control
Published by: Hudson Soft Company
Developed by: Hudson Soft Company
Released: 1997
Platform: Super Nintendo (SNES)

The story begins when an evil bomber named Emperor Terrorin, who maintains the power of time, releases several bombers from his prisons that are in orbit around the planet Bomber. Bomberman, a white bomber and main character in the series, must defeat the outlaws in order to reach the Emperor and restore peace to his planet.

Normal Mode

In this mode, the player can choose which level he wants to complete. The main map is zoned, where each zone corresponds to a map of an earlier game in the series (zone 1 corresponds to the map of Super Bomberman 1, zone 2, Super Bomberman 2, and so on), using its maps. stages, and monsters (Note: Heads of previous games have not been added to the game.) Instead, at the end of each zone, there is a boss different from previous bosses. other monsters or changing the layout). Depending on which path the player chooses, it may accrue 100% completion. There are two endings available, depending on where the player faces the last boss. After finishing the game with 100%, the game restarts the map and allows the player to finish with the maps in 200% thus obtaining a new password.

Battle Mode

Battle mode is the multiplayer mode of the game. There are three sub-modes to play. The first one is the most basic mode where the player chooses only his character, how many players he will be and some other basic options, such as time per battle and amount of trophies to acquire. The other two modes are more advanced and allow the player to edit which items will be present on the map (mode 2) or which items each of the characters will have at the beginning of the game (mode 3).
In battle mode 9 different characters are released to the player to be chosen, all of them (except the first one, which is white bomber itself) are enemies in normal game mode. In addition, there are 13 different phases to be used, where each has its own gameplay.



Bomberman Branco. O famoso Bomberman protagonista principal que vai ao Mundo Terrorin junto como o Bomberman Preto para salvar o Planeta Bomber, aprisionar os Bombermans criminosos e derrotar Terrorin. Seu look é branco, blusão azul com um cinto preto com um detalhe amarelo, sapatos e luvas cor-de-rosa (como sempre).


  • Bomber Woof: The mascot of Baron Bombano who only likes the same until they are separated; his ability is to dig land mines. His look is orange, purple nose, yellow margins, yellow neck, green paws, yellow ears and yellow tail.
  • Dave Bomber: He was arrested for being the reckless ruler of the Underworld at Planet Bomber; his skill is to punch the bombs and create destructive blocks to protect himself. His look is purple, fat, black robe, wears sunglasses, black hat with a red ball on top, green tie, red belt, red gloves and green shoes.
  • Gary Bomber: He was arrested for being the cruel and heartless leader of the Underworld on Planet Bomber along with Dave Bomber; its ability is to send trackers and kick them. His look is blue, thin, black robe, wears sunglasses, black hat with a green ball on top, red tie, green belt, green gloves and red shoes.
  • Pirate Bomber: He was arrested for being a pirate at sea long ago along with his Subordinate Bomber henchman; Your ability is to send Geta items. Her look is blue, blue and purple pirate hat with a yellow skull, eye cap, blue outfit, purple belt with yellow buckle, green water gloves and water green shoes.
  • Muscule Bomber: He was arrested for causing much destruction by his superhuman strength; his ability is to throw bombs. Her look is pale pink, muscular, blue head, red shirt, blue belt, red trunks, red gloves and red boots.
  • Iron Mask Bomber: He was arrested for committing murders; your skill is to send thorny bombs, kick & punch them and evoke enemies. His look is black, metal helmet with red eyes, gray armor, green and yellow suspenders in the middle, gloves and yellow boots.
  • Baron Bombano: Bomber owner Woof was arrested for being an imposter; Your ability is to send good & bad items. His look is red, yellow mustache, purple cape, green gloves and green shoes.
  • Plunder Bomber: He was arrested for committing more robberies; his ability is to cross solid objects and steal Bomberman items. His look is purple, mascara orange, hat on his yellow back with orange lines, purple boots and gloves also purple.
  • Terrorin: Emperor of his own world and the main villain in history who used the criminals to take the Bomber Planet in exchange for freedom; Your skill is to throw bombs, create barrier and send timer items. His appearance is of a Bomberman with a gold watch face, black body, purple overcoat, blue clown bib with green water borders, orange skirt, yellow gloves and yellow shoes.


Rooeys are creatures similar to kangaroos. Also present in Super Bomberman 3, rooeys are found by the player when destroying a common block, inside an egg with green spots, and are acquired when he touches the egg. Each of the rooys has unique appearance, color and abilities.
  • KeRooey: This rooey has the ability to kick the bombs in front of you, with the same effect as the Power Glove. He is blue and has a striped shirt. On the game title screen is represented as a football player.
  • GyaRooey: single female rooey, wears a pink ribbon above the head and is yellow. It can kick common blocks (which are destroyed by explosions) in one line, which will stop as soon as they reach another block, an enemy or a bomb. If another common block is reached, it will continue the path of the old block.
  • HaneRooey: A pink rooey with a pogo stick. It can jump over any obstacle on the map, including concrete, bombs and explosions.
  • MagicaRooey: This rooey has a magician's hat and his ability is to put in a line in front of all the bombs that the player owns, unless something is in the way. He's purple.
  • MaRooey: The rooey with the ability to run in a straight line at high speed. He is green and, because he is very fat, he rolls instead of running.
  • NaguRooey: A red rooey with boxing gloves. When you hit an enemy or boss, he will go dizzy for a few seconds.
  • WaRooey: This is the only rooey that the player can not get. He is black and has red eyes, but has no unique ability. It is only used by some bosses in normal mode.