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Super Bomberman 4 (SNES)

Super Bomberman 4 SNES
Genre: Action
Perspective: Top-down
Art: Anime / Manga
Gameplay: Arcade, Puzzle elements
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Interface: Direct Control
Published by: Hudson Soft Company
Developed by: Hudson Soft Company, Produce Co.
Released: 1996
Platform: Super Nintendo (SNES)

The story begins when Bagular manages to get rid of an explosion in his flying saucer. Soon after, the Four Bomber Kings are summoned to avenge Shiro and Kuro. Shiro and Kuro are sent back in time along with other Bomberman`s. They fight in several epochs in order to fight Bagular in the end.
In this game, players can choose between bosses when they play in battle mode. Each character has a special power to cast their skills.

Five Bomber Kings

  • Created by Bagular, this quintet is active in Battle Mode. They are similar to some Bomberman generations in appearance, names and attacks.
  • Ghost / Great Bomber. Usually seen in black and purple and with a large cape, Ghost (Ghost) is the leader of the Bomber Kings. His special ability is invincibility. When his ability is fired he can not move and soon after he can only launch a bomb with a small power rating.
  • Bazooka Bomber. With a red and white appearance, with the bionic right eye and a Rocket Launcher on his right arm connected to his backpack by a few wires. His special ability is with the Rocket Launcher that launches flames and after that shot he can only launch a bomb with a small power index.
  • Jet Bomber. With a white and blue appearance, with a visor at the top of his eyes and a large jetpack. He is able to fly with his jetpack and can destroy anyone who succeeds in his bombing and the flames of his jetpack. Upon completion of this flight, it can only launch a bomb with a small power rating.
  • Lady Bomber. With an orange dress and eyes with different shapes to define her as being female. They have the special ability to launch laser beams that are launched from various angles.
  • Hammer Bomber. Looking green with a huge yellow eye. His special ability is the morning star that is launched from various angles.

Level Passwords

7352 Level 1-1
1019 Level 1-1 (with all powerups)
8831 Level 1-2
7255 Level 1-3
5714 Level 1-4
5289 Level 1-5
1352 Level 1-6
6892 Level 1-7
6722 Level 1-8
7793 Level 2-1
1222 Level 2-1 (with all powerups)
6428 Level 2-2
8492 Level 2-3
7490 Level 2-4
4370 Level 2-5
6682 Level 2-6
4677 Level 2-7
4692 Level 2-8
4680 Level 3-1
1107 Level 3-1 (with all powerups)
2247 Level 3-2
5725 Level 3-3
7821 Level 3-4
5890 Level 3-5
7258 Level 3-6
3379 Level 3-7
6009 Level 3-8
5389 Level 4-1
0827 Level 4-1 (with all powerups)
4080 Level 4-2
2501 Level 4-3
5736 Level 4-4
3211 Level 4-5
5589 Level 4-6
8902 Level 4-7
0721 Level 4-8
3703 Level 5-1
0107 Level 5-1 (with all powerups)
2609 Level 5-2
2479 Level 5-3
4792 Level 5-4
6790 Level 5-5
1574 Level 5-6
1009 View ending