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Mega Man X2 (SNES)

MegaMan X 2 Super Nintendo
Genre: Action
Perspective: 3rd-person, Side view
Art: Anime / Manga
Gameplay: Platform, Shooter
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: Capcom U.S.A.
Developed by: Capcom Co.
Released: 1995
Platform: Super Nintendo (SNES)

This game is a direct sequel to Mega Man X, which was released a year earlier. The events of Mega Man X2 unfold in the near future, in which people try to coexist peacefully with robots calling themselves "Reploids", some of whom become Maverick and threaten civilians. The main character is the android Mega Man X, who saved humanity from the villain Sigma (English Sigma) six months earlier. He fights against three singles who call themselves X-Hunters.Gameplay Mega Man X2 is similar to the gameplay of previous games of the series and contains many elements, traditional for games of action genre and platformers. The task of the player is to go through a number of levels, destroying enemies, gaining various improvements and special weapons after defeating the boss at the end of each location. As in Mega Man X, a player can receive special abilities, finding additional pieces of armor. Graphics Mega Man X2 is also similar to the graphics of its predecessor, but the developers of Capcom added a game cartridge chip CX4, which allowed to use some of the 3D frame effects.Graphics, sound and gameplay Mega Man X2 received positive reviews from critics. However, a number of journalists were disappointed by the small number of differences in the game from the previous part. Mega Man X2 was included in the collection of Mega Man X Collection for consoles Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2 (PS2), which was released in North America in 2006. The game was also released for mobile phones in 2008 in Japan and in 2009 around the world, as well as for the Wii Virtual Console in 2011 in Japan and in 2012 around the world.


Mega Man X2 - a game in the genre of action and platformer; The gameplay is similar to Mega Man X and other previous games of the series. The player controls a protagonist named X. The task is to go through eight levels and destroy the encountered enemies. All levels are 2D, the order of their passage is chosen by the player. Initially, the main character has the following abilities: running, jumping, rolling and shooting from a hand gun, which is called "X-Buster". The player not only destroys enemies, but also overcomes various obstacles: bottomless pits, thorns, lava and others. As the game progresses, the player can receive additional lives and items that restore health and replenish ammunition. At the end of each level you need to defeat the boss; After defeating him, the player receives a special weapon - it can be used on the following levels.


1462-3327-6488-3246 All armor, 8 hearts, 4 sub-tanks, all Zero parts, 1st maverick hunter level;
6474-6347-6828-7223 All armor, 8 hearts, 4 sub-tanks, no Zero parts, 1st maverick hunter level;
3467 8843 3528 7651 All bosses defeated;
8277 8153 6728 7652 All Items (Except Zero's Parts);
1462 3327 6488 3246 All Items (Including Zero's Parts);
1462 3327 6488 3246 All Upgrades, All Zero Parts, Maverick Stage 2;
7366 7123 6188 3681 All Upgrades, All Zero Parts, Maverick Stage 3;
8377 8143 6828 7651 All Upgrades, All Zero Parts, Maverick Stage 4;
7366 7123 6188 3681 All Upgrades, All Zero Parts, Maverick Stage 5;
1172 3367 6188 3246 All Upgrades, No Zero Parts, Maverick Stage 2;
8267 8153 6728 7651 All Upgrades, No Zero Parts, Maverick Stage 3;
7276 7163 6482 3681 All Upgrades, No Zero Parts, Maverick Stage 4;
1528 3834 3451 2281 Beginning Boss defeated;
6683 8282 1841 4426 Bubble Crab defeated;
1528 3834 3551 2581 Crystal Snail defeated;
4528 3834 3454 2481 Flame Stag defeated;
8221-3336-5351-2246 Have all Heart Tanks;
8181-3336-6351-2226 Have all Sub Tanks and Heart Tanks;
7521-7232-1151-5626 Have all Sub Tanks;
6765 8222 3684 6626 Last Level with NO items, NO armor upgrades, NO power-ups. (All Zero parts collected);
3853 8282 5841 4446 Magna Centipede defeated;
6474 6357 4728 7226 Maverick Stage 1, All Zero Parts, all upgrades;
8843 8282 3841 6426 Morph Moth defeated;
6478-3346-6724-7226 No armor, 8 heart , 4 sub-tanks, All Zero parts, 1st maverick hunter level;
7146 3387 6246 1246 No Bosses Defeated but Fully Equipped;
6545 6864 3741 4551 Overdrive Ostrisch defeated;
7741 7232 3451 2747 Start a new game with Zero's Parts;
7366 7123 6188 3681 Start at Last Level with Full Power;
6545 6884 3781 4551 Wheel Gator defeated;
7888 7232 4151 5446 Wire Sponge defeated.