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Mega Man 7 (SNES)

Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Platform, Shooter
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Art: Anime / Manga
Published by: Capcom Entertainment
Developed by: Capcom Co.
Released: 1995
Platform: Super Nintendo (SNES)

Another series of Rockman's adventures (he's also Mega Man). He uses his quick-fire mega-basser to defeat his enemies. The mechanical dog Rush also helps the hero, which turns into a spring and an aircraft, and also searches for land prizes. Rockman, as always, is opposed by the insidious doctor Vaili and crowds of robots - his creatures. We will also meet a certain robot named Bass, but who is this and what he wants is a mystery so far. There are plenty of secrets at levels, not the fact that on the first pass you will find them all. The graphics in the game are not bad, the music is excellent.


After the sixth defeat at the hands of Mega Man, Dr. Wylie was behind bars. The world reigned again. But...
Wiley was always ready for an unexpected turn of events: he secretly created four new robots, which after six months were activated themselves and freed him from prison. The escape of the evil genius was noticed by Mega Man, and he followed him. The hero was waiting for a surprise: he had to fight with a mysterious robot in black armor and his wolf-like companion. A minute later, Mega Man recognized their names: Bass and Treble. The first told the hero that they decided to fight with Dr. Wylie, while that was not.
Destroying the four robots, Mega Man received news from Dr. Light: The Robots Museum was attacked! He hurried there, but Wylie had already picked up GutsMan. The mad doctor set a giant clown robot against his old enemy and disappeared. Mega Man destroyed the clown. But that was not all: Wylie had managed to prepare the next four robots.
During the adventure Mega Man again encountered Bass. He was damaged, and he decided to leave Wylie to his recent rival, who offered him repairs in the workshop of Light. Bass agreed. This became the fatal mistake of Mega Man: after returning home, he saw the destroyed laboratory... According to Light, Bass stole the plans of the Super-Adapter. Mega Man could not believe in the betrayal of his newfound friend. And immediately appeared on the monitor, Dr. Wylie revealed the truth: Bass and Treble - his creatures! This further angered Mega Man, and he went to the new fortress of the evil genius.
Before the fight with Wylie Mega Man twice fought with Bass: he first was in normal form, and then in the form of a Super-Adapter. This did not help him stop the mechanical hero.
Dr. Wylie was again defeated, and he begged for mercy. In anger, Mega Man charged his blaster, preparing to kill his eternal enemy... but the castle began to collapse: pieces of armature fell on the doctor. Bass and Treble saved Wylie.


Mega Man 7 - the first game of the series, released on SNES. Unlike the first six 8-bit games, the seventh part got a new 16-bit graphics and a high-quality sound. Among the differences are large sprites of characters, secret mode for playing for 2 people, etc.
The most important innovation is a store that allows you to purchase the necessary things (for example, extra lives). "Currency" in it is the so-called "Bolts". Bolts can be found on levels, and they also drop out from enemies.


  • Mega Buste. Standard Mega Man weapon, which is charged to increase attack.
  • Freeze Cracker. Mega Man shoots an ice spiked ball. You can also shoot diagonally. Upon contact with the wall, it breaks up into 8 parts. Freezes powerful enemies for a while.
  • Thunder Bolt. Mega Man produces a ball charge that can activate different machines.
  • Junk Shield. Mega Man creates around himself a shield of garbage blocks, protecting him from enemies. When the "Fire" button is pressed again, the shield, divided into 3 parts, flies away.
  • Danger Wrap. Mega Man releases bubbles, inside which there are bombs. When you hit the enemy, he is inside the bubble and explodes. You can create a mine by shooting into the ground.
  • Slash Claw. Mega Man conducts a cutting attack, leaving a power wave. Melee weapons.
  • Noise Crush. Mega Man shoots a sound wave that can be reflected off the walls. When you get back to Mega Man, the wave increases and after the shot is no longer reflected.
  • Scorch Wheel. Around Mega Man appears a fire shield, which can be launched into the enemy.
  • Wild Coil. Mega Man produces 2 springs, which jump on the screen. Having loaded the weapon, it is possible to achieve greater height of springs.
  • Rush Coil. With its help Mega Man gets to high spaces.
  • Rush Jet. Rush is transformed into a fighter of horizontal flight. It is effective before it hits the wall.
  • Rush Search. With the help of olfaction, Rush finds various objects, digging them to the surface.
  • Super Adapter - Combination of Rush Jet Adapter and Rush Power Adapter from Mega Man 6. When you press the "Jump" button again, Mega Man flies slightly higher. Charging the adapter, Mega Man fires his fist. Super Adapter will be available after the player collects the letters R, U, S and H, which are at the levels of the first 4 robotic bosses.
  • Beat. Mega Man uses his mechanical bird if he falls into a pit, Beat flies in and saves him. Available after the player finds it at the level of Slash Man and releases it from the cage.
  • Proto Shield. Using a shield, Mega Man is able to reflect the shots of enemies. To get it, the player must find Protoman at Shade Man's level and defeat him in battle.

Way for secrets and the composition of the word Rush

In the Freeze Man level, you will need to climb up the ladder and jump to the left on snow-covered platforms, where you take the letter H.
In the Burst Man level, you will need to climb up to the platform with a lift and take the letter R.
In the Cloud Man level, you need to find an invisible ladder in one place (when you stand next to it, it will become visible), use R.Coil to jump on it, climb up it, there on the upper right 1-Up, and to the left invisible platforms (Also become visible when you are next to them), on them reach the letter U. Also at this level there is a ladder, which you can jump with R.Coil, there at the top there will be a conversation with Proto Man.
In the level of Junk Man you will need after the first elevator, you take the Freeze weapon and shoot the lava, it freezes and collapses, then you jump down, on the left you see the letter S, for this you freeze the lava and make your way after the letter S, You RUSH or S. Adapt, with the help of it you can easily fly the chasms, but it's not yet - you all need this level again, because in this level along the usual path (not through the lava) you have to go for R.Jet, For this you come to the elevator shield, above it is still written ac 100V, shoot it T.Bolt and rise to these elevators the stairs, run into the room where lay R.Jet and takes it.
In the level of Turbo Man you need in the middle of the level where you have to climb stairs and a number of traffic lights, climb one screen up, jump there for a traffic light, use R.Search and Rush dig out the PU there - this is a device for S. Adapt, a homing fist, Further you rise higher, turn right - this is a secret room, here you communicate with Proto Man.
In the Slash Man level you need to climb the stairs, go to the last tree and set fire to its Wheel, after which it will burn and it will be followed by a ladder, jump to it with the help of Coil or S. Adapt and climb to the top, go to the right you see in the cage birdie Beat, you will be able to break the cage only with your usual weapon and here's the birdie is free, now you have a Beat helper.
In the level of Spring Man, you need to climb up the dangerous turning squares up, then along the springs, near the 1UP you see on the left there is a partition it needs to be moved, for this you jump on the squares, there the arrow is indicated, where it will be beat, after waiting, after the square is blinking He pierces the wall, you run there and take a giant bolt, it's a lost bolt Auto, now the store costs half as much.
In the Shade Man level, you will need to kill the pumpkin, and if you shoot it inside, it will pierce a hole in the ground, if its appearance - it explodes into the wall to the right, if you destroy its appearance, you will find a portrait of Doctor Vaili in the guise of a vampire, You use R.Search, and Rush will dig out Energy Balancer there, and if it's inside, then dropping down one screen, go to the right, there's a wall, but it's fake, you can go through it without using anything, If you in both levels Cloud Man and Turbo Man saw Proto man, then you have to deal with him tsya (charged blaster attack protomai interrupts), lead, and he will give you his Proto Shield.

Level Passwords

4735 2557 5886 8352 All eight stages at beginning w/ Super Adaptor unlocked;
1751 8117 6486 6326 All eight stages at beginning, 4 E-Tanks, 4 W Tanks, S Tank, and 999 Bolts;
8775 2517 5412 8362 Burst Man defeated;
8375 2757 6457 8262 Cloud Man and Freeze Man defeated;
8375 2717 6416 8362 Cloud Man defeated;
8375 2756 8553 2372 Cloud Man, Freeze Man, Junk Man, and Burst Man defeated;
8375 2757 1453 2262 Cloud Man, Freeze Man, and Junk Man defeated;
8235 7652 2547 2133 Dr. Wily's level part 2;
1235 7452 3547 8173 Dr. Wily's level part 3;
1755 8187 6486 2322 Eight Robot Masters Unlocked initially;
8275 2746 3547 8333 First set of robot masters and Turbo Man defeated;
1235 2542 2143 8333 First set of robot masters defeated, Turboman and Protoman defeated;
8235 2442 1547 2333 First set of robot masters, Turbo Man, Shade Man, and Protoman defeated;
8235 3452 8547 2333 First set of robot masters, Turbo Man, Shade Man, Protoman, and Spring Man defeated;
8731-2587-5416-4366 Have 4 Energy Tanks,4Weapon Tanks, and a Super Tank;
8775 2747 2457 2262 Junkman and Freezeman defeated, H letter and Rush search;
8735 2587 3416 2362 Junkman Defeated;
8735 2556 3553 8332 Junkman, Freezeman and Burstman defeated. H and R letters obtained;
8735 2517 4416 8362 Skips intro level;
8775 2587 4416 8362 Skips intro level, starts you at selection screen for first 4 robot masters;
7553 8157 6215 7314 Start at 1st set of bosses with 999 bolts and all items except the Proto Shield;
7853 8124 3245 7314 Start at 2nd set of bosses with 999 bolts and all possible items;
6853 5646 1241 7515 Start at Last Level with Full Power;
1415 5585 7823 6251 Starts at final Wily level with all weapons, items and 999 bolts.