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E.V.O. Search for Eden (SNES)

EVO Search for Eden SNES
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Action RPG
Setting: Fantasy
Published by: Enix America Corporation
Developed by: Almanic Corp.
Released: 1993
Platform: Super Nintendo (SNES)

4.6 billion years ago, the Sun had 9 smaller stars, and the third was called Gaia. And the sun said: from now on, every billion years you will have a child - life, and one day it will allow you to build a new era. But every child must go through cruel trials, in order to finally take a worthy place in Eden.Interesting tie, and here you are, in the role of a small and helpless fish begin your journey in the prehistoric sea. At this point the game is similar to Fish Dude, you devour grass, jellyfish, worms and fish, while improving. Over time, you begin to evolve (the Select button). If desired, you can become more, acquire powerful jaws, fins and tail. The further you swim, the more terrible the enemies become, but not long to wait, soon our fish will come out on land! Your goal is to pass all the tests. After going through all the reincarnations of the fish, you are transported in another time period in the role of amphibian, learning about the difficult terrestrial life, then you are a dinosaur, etc.The game is devilishly interesting, and the monotony associated with the fact that you only need to click the jaws is covered with a variety of forms that you can take. Play this game, you will like it!