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Mission: Impossible (NES)

Mission Impossible NES
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view, Top-down
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Shooter
Narrative: Spy / Espionage
Published by: Ultra Games
Developed by: Konami Industry Co.
Released: 1990
Platform: Nintendo (NES)

One of the most exciting and challenging games on Nintendo. In the story you control three characters. Your task is to save a doctor and his secretary. Thoughtful storyline, good graphics and sound. What is not a recipe for a hit game? A lot of puzzles and obstacles are waiting for you on the way. I'll have to apply my gray matter properly to pass them. A single hit.


HMPR Arena 2;
KMVW Arena 3;
XDGJ Arena 4;
TVJL Arena 5;
QBYZ Arena 6;
YGKX Computer Level;
To immediately exit to the end of the game, after successfully completing the impossible task, enter the MTKN code.


This part of the adventure begins in a respectable part of the city, and ends in a deep dungeon. So, get off the roadway to the lower pavement and go to the right. Carefully consider the meeting entrances to the buildings (they are marked by arrows) and enter the third. Go to the woman behind the counter and listen carefully to her second phrase. If it says "LEFT", go out into the street, head left to the next entrance. If the woman advises «UP AND RIGHT», cross the roadway and look for the nearest entrance to your right. If this instruction is carried out correctly, the man waiting for you at the agreed place will give the passes necessary to pass the level.

However, do not try to stock up the second set of passes - although on one of these two appearances you will meet with the right person, on the second waiting for the provoker with an ambush!

In the slums of special interest is the average of the three buildings and a snack bar in the lower right corner. In the first one, you can disable one of the five deadly insidious level traps - a moving wall, in the other there is a descent to the first floor of the dungeon. All switches must be set to the "OFF" position, this will be the key to the long life of your heroes.

Once on the island in a dead end with two grenade launchers, take a few steps forward, and the walls will tremble, the stone slab will hide an irresistible water flow, and the impasse will be a fork. The left passage is blocked by a powerful door with the combination lock, but for one of your guys this is not a hindrance. It is only necessary to dial the code 9453, as the barrier disappears.

The output in the upper right corner of the room with compressors leads to a switch preventing instantaneous flooding of the corridor. But do not risk to reach the switch on the shortest path, it is safer to walk around the perimeter, stopping in front of the beacon lights.

The lower corridors of the "windy" room are connected with a cunning labyrinth. Exiting the right upper section of this labyrinth will allow you to cut the current on the grating that closes the access to the power control po6oia, and the output in the left lower section leads to the robot switch. Both these switches are protected by mechanical beetles. They can not be killed, but they themselves are almost harmless. Beetles work as television cameras - if they have an alien at the rate, an alarm will trigger, triggering an operational detachment to eliminate the offender. If you do not succeed in guessing the weak point of such protection, fight off the mines with "mines", blasting them right under yourself.

Having disconnected everything that is possible, go back to the beginning of the nightmare bridge blown by the fans, and go to the right. It's time to reap the benefits of our foresight. And here's an ominous corridor! Do you see at its end a huge chimney? If we did not neutralize it, we would swim in white slippers ... It's not for nothing that there are sealed doors.

Finally, the last bridge. He guarded the guard more than compressors. Over there, above and below, motionless paws-grips lay. This is a robot, which we so long turned off! Even one of his tappals would be enough to throw off any brave man from the bridge. However, fans of thrill now know how to turn this monster back.

You are in the secret base of terrorists in Venice. If you turn off the alarm unit, all terrorists from the floor will disappear. Find an agent (he is at the end of the basement with conveyors), which will tell where you can get a pass.

Returning to the conveyors, go down and you will find yourself in a hall with sculptures. If you were told "DOWN AND LEFT", the pass must be picked up in the left room, and if "DOWN AND RIGHT", then in the right. Carefully, in both rooms there are disguised pits! From the hall you can go down into the corridor with live stone statues. On the right and left of the corridor are rooms with a switch pits (!) And a power supply unit of the conveyor. Disconnecting both of these mechanisms, you will open your way up.

On the second floor below there is a control panel for the door to which you need to insert a pass. After the door, you can go up or left. Both roads lead to the hall with beetles, television cameras, but the upper leads there immediately, and the left one - through the room with animated statues.

Your hero is in the middle of the Iranian highlands at the entrance to the squat house. Next to the exit there will be an informant, ready to announce that the path to the prison camp (where O and his secretary are languishing) is hidden by a clever mechanism of illusions disguised in some rock.

In the street on the left above, an amateur lurked out of explosives. Remove it from the rifle, go up to the edge of the abyss and take a closer look. Through the abyss from left to right stretched a flimsy bridge. Before you go on it, you need to convince the roaming security guard to leave his post. Overcome the bridge quickly - the flimsy design falls apart right under your feet.

After jogging, prepare to meet with terrorists who settled in the mountains. Illusions strikingly resemble the reality - where you see the abyss, you can really break down and die to death, and the din where the road is visible can indeed be traversed. The road goes all the way up. First you will meet another flimsy bridge, leading from left to right, and then a bridge will appear, leading from the bottom up. This bridge is guarded by a terrorist with a shield that will try to shove you into the abyss. To avoid the fate of Professor Moriarty, you can either detonate a remotely controlled mine, or hit it 7 times with your fist, but you should not use boomerangs. With the skillful handling of this guard can be used as a high-speed vehicle, but the mechanism of illusion is very little, so it's better not to risk and get on foot.

The second leading upward bridge is covered by two dynamite throwers. This bridge is not as strong as the previous one, and falls behind your back into the abyss. Now you need to break the right lower rock and come close to the opened switch of the mechanism of illusions.

How the terrain has changed! Now in the wall to the left opened an inconspicuous climb, and above can be seen a snow-covered bridge. And both ways lead to the prison camp.

Fans of puzzles can be invited to take the second soldier (the one who fights with his fists) and rush through the snow-free edge of the bridge. After the showdown with dynamite throwers and jogging on the second snow-covered bridge, you will be at the entrance to the dungeon. Both rooms of the dungeon are equipped with moving television cameras. In the first room there is an informant who informs that there are two switches in the prison camp (it really is more than they say), and in the second one there is a switch of poison gas dispensers.

If you decide to keep your head unbroken, dive into the hole. The path is monitored by submachine gunners. Here, to get to the camp, you will need to either open the electronic door lock (code 1472, you will be right at the gate), or run from the right to the left in the room with the poison gas dispensers, with the help of the second fighter.

Passing through the slightly opened gates, you will find yourself in the lower courtyard of the camp. Here are five houses: the left - first-aid kit; central - the possible location of the pass; the lower right is the informer, who knows where the pass is; the upper right - the possible location of the pass, as well as the passage to the upper courtyard of the camp. If the informant says "UP", the pass from the peasant in the right house, "LEFT" - in the central one. In the upper courtyard of the camp there are three houses: the left - the passage to the lower courtyard; central - alarm switch; right - switch pits. The most convenient way to go to camp is to turn off the power, go back for a pass, get medical treatment and go to a meeting with the boss.

The boss is an evil terrorist, in his right hand he holds a submachine gun, and carries the secretary of Doctor O with his left, hiding behind it as a shield. Each hit in the secretary reduces your own life energy, so you have to maneuver: to beat the enemy at a time until he had time to turn in your direction, then hiding around the corner. After the death of the boss Shannon runs to the lower room, where O is waiting for you. He will report that the terrorists have nuclear missiles and intend to provoke a third world war.

The launch of the missiles is controlled by a computer. You need to convince this electronic machine that there can not be winners in a nuclear war. To do this, you need to enter the MTKN password into the computer and play it with the game. But the computer will be on the last, sixth stage, but for now go after the doctor and his secretary on the roof. There, your company will pick up a helicopter.

Dr. O's involvement in the history with terrorists ends here, and you will have to ride through the Swiss Alps. Downhill is similar to the second stage race, but you could shoot there, but you have to fight with ski poles. At the very beginning, take a little to the left - the trampoline will allow you to jump over barbed wire fences. To manage to drive through the emerging cracks, you need to keep close to the bottom of the screen, but do not get carried away, remember about the glades with deadly stumps.

The second such clearing will lead you to the island with a springboard. Jump from the springboard, and you are already flying on a hang glider, smoothly descending to the deck of a submarine swinging in the waves. Even Fantômas could not do it! The submarine immediately submerges and delivers you to the island of Crete, the terrorist base of terrorists, where you will have to test the final stage of the game.