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Contra Hard Corps (SEGA)

Contra Hard Corps SEGA Genesis
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Arcade, Shooter
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: Konami (America)
Developed by: Konami Co.
Released: 1994
Platform: SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive

Who does not know Contra? Yes, everyone played it on the NES, but on SEGA Genesis this game got a second life, cool graphics and sound. Less words: choose one of the four characters and into battle. The first task for you will be to destroy the raging robot. But before each mission, you must go through the streets, swarming with armed uncles, cyborgs, robots and other equipment. Moist everything!All lovers of Sega Genesis should be grateful to Konami, which translated the game called Contra on this platform. And translated, I must say, just superb. In my opinion Contra Hard Corps is one of the most driving and fastest games on SEGA Genesis. From now on, you have four characters available, each with 4 original weapons. You can play both one and two players at the same time, and believe me, you will not be harmed by help - alone it's much harder to destroy crowds of enemies and dozens of bosses in the whole screen. The reward will be 5 (!!!) endings, and the path of each of them will be different from the others. Graphics is also good - very well drawn all kinds of explosions and backgrounds. The action, consisting of continuous shooting and explosions, occurs under cool music and is accompanied by excellent sound effects. This game has no shortcomings, it's a real masterpiece.

Hit Points Restoration (Hack)

  • It restores the Japanese version life bar (3 hits to die) instead of 1. Which made the game incredibly difficulty.
  • Allows both players to select the same character.
  • Increases the number of lives in options menu to 10 (from 3)
  • Adds new cheat code to try the debug level: Left, Right, Left, Right, A, B, C, B, A, Up Down.
  • re-enables the Japanese version cheat codes.

Game Genie cheats

  1. Invincibility  RHVA-A6WR
  2. Infinite Lives  RERT-C6X4
  3. Infinite Continues  AMCT-AA4T
  4. Start With All Weapons  H9GA-AAE6
  5. You Don’t Lose A Weapon When You Die  AM4A-AA8C
  6. Each Bomb Found Is Worth 99 Bombs  RFTT-C614
  7. Infinite Bombs On Pick-Up  AJVA-CA8Y
  8. Super High Jump  ADXT-A60L
  9. Ray and Sheena Have Double Jump  AHYA-AACT
  10. Enables Level Select  BLJA-AA86



Favorite character boring people. Set its impressive weaponry. By thermal detonators, which are all characters added laser rifle - a weapon useful, albeit rather weak; large-caliber rifle - a weapon has a low rate of fire, but a very large destructive power, are very useful for the elimination of the boss; homing missiles - shoot fast and shoot accurately (even though there homing), but bosses do not care for them. Although this weapon is useful if life really do not want to lose, and it is necessary to eliminate the boss. But the fan-shaped machine will help you "stacked" the whole armada of enemies.


A friend of our fighting each other, and a set of arms also fit this description: a plasma machine - a very useful, fairly powerful weapon; mounted grenade launcher - a very powerful kind of weapons, but to hit the target from it rather difficult; Laser - albeit slowly shoots, but one shot is able to eliminate a squad of enemies; fan-shaped laser -has a very large area of ​​damage, though lethal force is clearly pumped up.


Absolutely wild wolf - a cyborg, with only one purpose in life: revenge. Photon gun in his hand - a fun weapon, but the power for such an aggressive character is clearly not enough; Fire fist - the most powerful weapon in the entire game; flame thrower - a weak weapon, but you can enable and run forward boldly - to you no one will approach (no time); plasma ball - a very powerful weapon, it can be accumulated, but only shoot forward.


small but smart robot, defected to the side of righteousness. His weapon - the most necessary. Wave Laser - well, it's just a wave of death (pardon the pun); Steel-urchins boomerangs - strong arms and rate - long become your favorite; ball and chain - with all the archaic very useful to you (it is not necessary to aim); last weapon - to look at just laugh (around you form a field of huge balls), but is actually a very powerful: if the button is released, the entire rush Osprey balls at your enemies.

Osprey balls at your enemies.
Now explain that you will have to wait on the path to victory. Right from the first level and start. The whole game is a fulfillment of certain tasks to address different types of junk out there that prevent our beautiful planet peacefully develop in accordance with the decisions of the EU, NATO and the CBR. And the first of these types -neky poluchelovek being an assistant at Duke.
Start of the game is quite impressive: at full speed crashed into the thick of the enemy troops, carrying all the feeble of strengthening, but stops abruptly after a collision with the ruins of some ancient American "cars" and flying through the windshield ready to maim anyone who is involved in the destruction of a loved one truck. Their something and do not have to wait. Immediately at you from all sides squall of fire, after which will not only survive, but also to destroy your attackers. Do not forget to pick up along the way all the prizes that you are caught: this is your weapon.
When he met a giant steel tracks, then shoot her in the head, which soon fall off and you will free the way for further adventures. Soon you will come to the first boss - the huge spider, armed with a flamethrower. Do not come too close to him, and very soon he will turn and at full speed crash into a house that will not slow down your fall and open the way for a new boss. Stand exactly in the center of the screen to avoid the geysers emerging from one sight of this giant. Shoot a little bit in his glazik, and oh how he gets hurt. Again forward to a new fun. Now, just because of this boss not wriggle. Do not rush, and this is your boss.
It's time to take a break and selection of the plot. You are given two options that are different for you is only the route of the transmission and, accordingly, the end. Actually, the difference lies in whether the just killed another boss, or else it will be possible bother. Regardless of the choice, you will nevertheless have to deal with the elimination of the new Duke improvised, some very strange scientist.
It starts an entirely new game. And a new level too. From the beginning, you just like peas sypyatsya motorcyclists, executing turns while in the air is not worse than mice - rockers. Then, out of the earth begin to jump the robots to like your horror BROWDY. If this does not bother you, then, as usual, features a new boss. Carefully watch him, just jump and crouch and shoot in the head. Feel free to get down into the bunker and smash walls. But if you want to see the new ending, do not hit the wall and climbed on top of the first wall. It appears some abnormal clown hat and offer a choice of another story.

The first option send on a strange planet where his martial arts you have to please the finicky crowd. Pays tribute to the «MORTAL KOMBAT» and agree that the fighting is shown mediocre. Destroy the three mutants, and the latter will take you to a planet inhabited by apes. You as superior in intelligence, will become the ruler of this planet. In my opinion, it is a worthy ending of the game: yes jesters to it, this earth! But perhaps, the end of the light you are not satisfied? In addition, old earth, which, apparently, we are still very useful in our lives, and remained unavenged, and criminal elements continue to erode the footing to the public. Because rinemsya for further combat with the enemy.
I remember we parted with our world at the closed door. Now all spacing that you want, and meet at last with his enemy. Here is the boss because the boss! At first he, paying tribute to the great and necessary profession astrologer begin to turn into all sorts of interesting constellation, and for peaceful earthlings as we know, comes from the stars is a very real threat. After that it will encrypt a children's blocks, of which, according to rumors, you can build all the way to a brighter future. Shoot a little red square in the center and it will appear in front of you frustrated and unarmed. That now you will see the consequences of their choice of the plot. As fond of saying every algebra teacher: "Let us consider the simplest version of the beginning".
Let's say you chose the second option and you had to fly on an airplane, and the offender temporarily escaped justice. Then, too, after many adventures in the air time for you to come down to earth. In addition, you hit, and you fall for a long time. But the pilot you cool, and not only did he survive, he also saved you. It's time to deal with the new boss. By the way, from that moment the boss will almost more than just an ordinary soldier. You yourself have already faced this scourge still in the air. A boss is something new you've been waiting for. Hurry up to it, do not worry that big and a bit of harmful child. But I warn you, in this game, even the children are deadly, especially when have similar dimensions.
And he likes to fool around! At first, little hands waving long, then from the rough planes making: in short, behaving like a normal kid. Do not be overly sentimental and shoot at anything that flashes. Nasty defeated!

After defeating the scientists have curled over the planet-jungle. The decisive given the order: "Destroy the Duke!" On you rushing armada of some goblins. But if it is still possible to survive, the dragonfly from a broken statue head - this is too much! (I can not stand defilers monuments). Now you will move across the bridge. And here is the new boss. Run off in the corner and shoot at his red bald head. It's time to run a little dinosaur, closely watching his poisonous fumes - they take the whole life time. But what kind of attack again, boss! But I warned you! This time it's some kind of an iron ball with two legs, which behaves most ridiculous way, dances, throws limbs and high jumps. Soon arrives the second ball of the same. But these difficulties we have already coping effortlessly.
Now clean up the planet completely. In the bunker awaits you, perhaps the most annoying boss in the whole game. You will drive his fifteen minutes of commercials. But I believe in you, you all afford! Just take your time. The level is cleared, you can relax while on home base. Oh no! Your academic advisor was a traitor. Again, the choice of the plot.
Consider the first option. We'll have to start to take revenge vile scientist. His car is in your way. And from rushing at you every evil. But do not shoot "a fan from the hip." There are also some very useful mutants. Docking torus is eventually eat his own creation. And you have to destroy this creation. What to do is quite simple, if you look to his attacks. Now we have to take a ride on a motor boat: Duke is not destroyed. Once again, the boss will break your loneliness. Rather, as many as three at a time. Although some of these bosses, and not name. Again, your vehicle is destroyed, but the faithful steed help here. However, the maritime bosses together and are pretty serious danger. Here begins a very interesting transformation.
First, the robot is formed, which immediately starts jumping on you and shoot homing missiles. But if it's nothing, then the next transformation is a downright insult to the whole of nature: a kind of iron ostrich, laser shooting from the beak and carrying a fiery egg. But this freak safely stopped. Fantasy boss nearly exhausted, and he takes quite decent form: a robot on tracks. It behaves very nicely: just crushes you tracks, steel plate and the like gravity.

If you survive, it's time to take a new base of the hated enemy. Shoot all the guns and some treacherous gymnasts. Duke yours! He, like any true villain, will offer a choice: fight or die! The second option is not very recommended. The Duke himself armed with a steel claw and now such Fennec works: very fast jumps, turns into a top and very fast runs. To kill him is easy, it is to eliminate the last child of the deceased - a nuclear missile, which is to destroy the whole world. Jumping on a rescue capsule, destroy, finally, this pagan mutant. Crawled to the top, along the way destroying everything you can and get ready to see the end of the game. Here are just a ...
Yes! Yes! Yes! Again the boss. First destroy the giant worm that spits fire. Now look at the terrible face in the flask and save a freak accident on his painful existence. However, he will fight, fool. Shoot his limbs, and now look at the tail of this type. From the mouth of the arthropod will crumble worms (how disgusting!), But when the head turns red eye, shoot at her, much as you want - it's very helpful. The boss is killed, but one thing we do not think - we took off on a rocket fairly high, and now the rocket explodes. And this time you save your pilot, who in the meantime had already mend your carriage. You saved the world from the ground, or rather underground enemy. And this is only the end of one of the four. If you want to go through the game completely, you need to beat all five options, but it is not very easy. After all, we have described only the simplest. If other developed storyline and you have to destroy the alien invaders attack and repel others, and destroy super-fortified castle of the Duke.