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Asterix and the Power of the Gods (SEGA)

Asterix and the Power of the Gods SEGA
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Platform
Setting: Classical antiquity
Published by: SEGA Enterprises Ltd.
Developed by: Core Design Ltd.
Released: 1995
Platform: SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive

Many years ago the whole of France was conquered by Rome. Rather, almost all - one small village still resisted the onslaught of the Roman army. In her lived invincible Gauls, famous for their courage and strength, and even the great Caesar could not defeat them.
Once, during the battle with the Romans, the elder of the Gauls lost his shield - a symbol of his power. And now the two Gauls, Asterix and Obelix, have to go through a difficult road to the castle of Caesar and take this shield.


The main characters of the game are Gaella Asterix and Obelix. They need to go through several great levels, fight there with Roman soldiers and other enemies, meet old friends who will help them, and get to the castle of Caesar. As the game passes, the characters will visit Rome, Egypt, Mesopotamia and other countries.
In terms of gameplay, the characters almost do not differ, although Obelix's attacks are stronger, but he's more sluggish than Asterix. Also, the characters can use stronger attacks (and special moves): Asterix deals a series of punches, Obelix is ​​only one, but of great strength (for example, to drop from the horse riders chasing the hero on the way to Rome, Obelix needs only one such blow, in While Asterix needs to hit the enemy several times (7-8).
The levels in the game are made in the form of closed locations with horizontal and vertical side-scrolling, along which you can move in any direction. When constructing the levels, 2D graphics are used, as well as graphics using isometric projection (pseudo-dimensionality obtained by parallel projection).
The levels are quite diverse: the Roman military camp, the Gallic village, the Great Sphinx in Egypt, the Mesopotamian desert, the castle in the Arab country and others. Each level has its own characteristics. But in general, their scheme is the same - you have to go through the level, clean it from enemies and rasshdat several puzzles (for example, find a knife switch to push the platform in the wall, or pull the rope to open the door). The complexity of the levels is quite large. Some levels are real labyrinths with many traps and dangers (such, for example, the Egyptian Sphinx). Also, sometimes it is possible to ride a chariot and fly on a carpet-plane.
Characters move between levels on a kind of "map". Locations are marked on it with appropriate thumbnails. Thus, the levels can be passed in order. However, some of the levels are only available after passing the previous ones.
The enemies in the game are quite diverse.
Roman soldiers. The main enemies in the game. Quite numerous. Most of them are armed with swords and spears; Some of the soldiers hide in big stumps, shoot arrows and spear. Simple soldiers are very weak and do not represent a special threat. Much more dangerous than a group of soldiers, built in a tight row, covered with shields with outwardly exposed spears (the battle order known as the "turtle"). Also, soldiers can be grouped into a huge deadly "ball", rolling on the player. Especially a lot of soldiers in the military camps of the Romans.
Horsemen. Meet only at the level of the Great Circus. Roman soldiers on horseback, armed with swords. Having caught up with the chariot of the player and leveled off with it, they attack the hero with blows of the sword. Very resistant to attacks.
Snake charmers. They are found only in the Arab castle. Appear in front of the player and release a plasma clot that, when dropped, is transformed into a snake or (more rarely) into 1-2 guards pursuing the hero.
The Sword Bearers. Also found only in the Arab castle. As the hero approaches, a big sword is drawn and, by jumping, strikes with this sword.
Guard archers. They are found in the Mesopotamian desert. They shoot arrows with a series of shells. Resistant to attacks.
Monsters. Meet at all levels. These are birds, butterflies, rats, bats, crabs, dragons, etc. Sometimes they are numerous, which makes it difficult to pass. Some of the monsters are immune to attacks.
Servants of Cleopatra. They are found in Egypt. Wear baskets of fruit on the heads, which are thrown into the character.
Dusty whirlwinds. They are found in Egypt. They move through the sand at high speed.
Also it is necessary to beware of other opponents, which can not be destroyed. When you contact them, the hero loses one life.
Warriors-athletes. They are found in Roman camps. Armed with swords and often are near catapults, charged with stones. When you approach the player, they shoot a stone from the catapult, punching the platform from above, and then begin to move around the game screen, trying to catch up with the character and hit him with the sword.
Wild boars. They are found in the Gallic village, the Gallic forest, the German forest and in the Romans camp in Britain. They move back and forth, trying to ram the hero.
Fire-breathing fakirs. They are found only in the Arab castle. When you approach the character, you release a fireball flying along a horizontal trajectory, from which you must evade.

Useful items

Most of the useful items are hidden in chests. To get to the subject, you need to break the chest. The appearance of the inside of the object depends on the color of the material from which the chest is made.
Coins. Affect the number of game points. Collecting large coins, you can accumulate a "continuation".
Fruits and precious stones. Also affect the number of game points.
An additional life. Box with letters 1 UP. Occurs relatively often, but usually in hard-to-reach places.
Health. Occurs less often than other items. Increases the level of available health by 2 units.
Bottles with a magical drink and fried boars. Give the heroes "power" for special moves. The amount of "energy" for a special reception is indicated by a special indicator.
Bonus item. This is an object enclosed in a magic circle. It is located in a remote place of each level.
Large sickles. With their help you can destroy almost any enemy.
Also it should be mentioned that some of the useful items (for example, Roman armor) are needed to go further on the game.


The game consists of 20 locations with an increasing difficulty level.

Gallic village

The fortified settlement of the Gauls. Here you can find the leader of the tribe and Panoramix, giving the characters various hints. Opponents at the level are practically absent.

Forest in Gaul

The forest is guarded by Roman soldiers. At the end of the level is a catapult, with which you need to set fire to one of the Roman camps. Later in the middle of the level, you need to find a magician on a carpet-plane, which will take the heroes to the Arab castle.

Roman military camp

Five such locations are presented: four initial ones (Aquarium, Totorum, Laudanum and Compendium) and the fifth, accessible only towards the end of the game.

Aquarium and Totorum

Each level represents a fortified camp with a fortress, guarded by soldiers. In the watchtowers, the elements of the armor of the Roman warrior, necessary for access to the level of the Compendium, are hidden.-Laudanum.
The Roman camp, set on fire by a projectile from a catapult. There are no opponents (soldiers) at the level, but there are a lot of obstacles (burning overlaps, flying down, abysses, etc.). In the tower is also hidden the detail of the armor.-Compendium. The Roman camp, where you can only get dressed in the armor of a Roman. The task of the level is to save the hostage from Britain, captured by the Romans and hidden in the camp.

A castle in an Arab

country. It differs by a higher complexity than at previous levels. It is a multi-storey building with many moves and rooms. Sometimes, to get to the next part of the level, the character moves through the balconies outside the building. Opponents at the level are quite diverse, but not numerous. Often have a large health reserve or are immune. Among the obstacles are poisonous fumes, thorny plants (outside the building), abysses, rolling vases, etc.

German forest

Forest in the lands of ancient Germans. A fairly complex level with a large number of enemies (soldiers) and deadly obstacles (bonfires, abysses, boars, etc.). The peculiarity of the level is that it, like the Gallic forest, must be visited twice.


Here is a merchant's ship that will help the heroes to swim to Egypt and Mesopotamia. The coastline is guarded by Roman soldiers and various monsters (crabs, birds, etc.). On the clouds, where you can get by using giant shells, there are prizes. It takes place twice per game.

Viking ship

The player's task is to get to the main ship (led by Captain Rybzhegorod) by ships and boats, to defeat all the Vikings (successively appearing from the cabin and on the deck) and to sink it.


It is divided into two levels, not connected with each other.
-The ruins of the castle. The ruins of a large structure with many traps (fields with spines). There are relatively few opponents here.

Great Sphinx

It is divided into two sublevels. The first takes place on the building structures (forests) leading to the entrance to the Great Sphinx, the second - inside the structure. The level is distinguished by the presence of Roman soldiers. The sub-level inside the Sphinx is one of the most difficult in the game: despite the absence of enemies, there are many moves and rooms with obstacles (spikes) in the structure. Often rooms and corridors are connected by closed partitions, which can be opened by finding a special button. At the end of the level, at the base of the monument, is the throne room of Queen Cleopatra. The opportunity is presented to slightly reduce the passage of the level - approximately in its middle is a secret passage leading directly to the throne room.


Heroes pass through the desert in Ancient Mesopotamia. This is hampered by guards (a few, but with a large health reserve), monsters (dragons, beetles) and numerous obstacles (ponds, fires). The level is represented by numerous platforms, separated by water spaces. Some of the platforms can collapse and disappear.


Settlement in Gaul, on the site of which was later erected Paris. The level resembles an amusement park with a variety of attractions-obstacles ("roller coaster" and Ferris wheel). Care must be taken not to fall on numerous fields with spikes. Enemies are missing here.

Ride on a carpet-plane

The hero together with the magician fly on the carpet-plane through the city in the Arab state. The road is blocked by thunderclouds, lightning strikes and stones. The latter can be broken by magic.

English Village

Snow-covered village in Britain. A small level with an average complexity. The main opponents are Roman soldiers. It should also be afraid of snowballs rolling down from the hills, and ice spikes. The level can be passed as usual, and alternative - under the ground. The second way has a higher complexity. You can get under the ground, having previously broken a stone partition.

Roman camp in Britain

Particularly guarded military camp of the Romans. It is characterized by a large number of opponents and obstacles. It should beware of ice spikes and wild boars. You can leave the camp only through an underground passage located in a special cell. The doors to the camera are opened by the switch, which is at the end of the level.

Circus Maximus

The road to the castle of Caesar. The character, driving the chariot, moves around the level, repelling the attacks of enemy riders. The latter are armed with swords and have a large health reserve. In total, the hero needs to repel three such attacks. Sometimes the character from the air is attacked by Roman soldiers. Also, when the next rider will be defeated, you need to carefully monitor the road - often on the way there are poles and stones, through which you need to jump.

Castle of Caesar

Caesar's residence, the final level. Despite the relatively small number of enemies, the level is highly complex. Among the opponents - Roman soldiers, rats and bats. In one of the rooms of the castle in a large chest is kept the shield of the leader of the Gauls.