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Tiny Toon Adventures 2 (NES)

Tiny Toon Adventures 2 NES
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Arcade, Platform
Published by: Konami Co
Developed by: Konami Co
Released: 1992
Platform: Nintendo (NES)

Continued Tiny Toon, in no way inferior to the first part. This time the young cartoon characters visit an amusement park. Park, as it turned out, I have made them for a long time foe Montana Max, and to get out, you need to visit all the attractions. Each attraction should be held for a single character. Gameplay became more varied here and ride on a raft, and a trip to the roof of the train, and ride on trolleys, and the mad race track. The final level - the castle, where the role of Buster the rabbit we can smack Max deserved blows. The game is made perfectly, beyond praise.


1st level

This level is the basis of all the others. Having passed it, successfully overcome the rest.
1.1. Do not kill Daffy's duckling. Get the big carrots, and you will go to the next level. Bonus: with button A, stop the numbers on the right in different order. If at least five figures turn out to be in the same row on the table on the left, you will win a life.
1.2. You will protect yourself if you come close to the machine on a spring (in this case it can be liquidated), or if you go as far as possible. Caterpillars changing their color are safe when they are green. The exit is to the right of the waterfall at the top. You beat the chicken when it comes out. Bonus: for every game you can win ten carrots.
1.3. Go to the first hole, then go all the way to the right. Bonus: you can collect ninety-nine lives.
1.4. On the metal plates you need to jump, otherwise they will disappear. Three times hit with a hammer of a coyote, and you will kill it. Take the carrot. Superbonus is given at the passage of the fourth stage of each level.

2 nd level

2.1. Jumping over the pit, move forward quickly. Vulnerable color of caterpillars is blue. By constantly pressing button A, you can overcome quicksand. Bonus: the star in the middle is considered to be any number.
2.2. Do not pay attention to the earthquake. When the sand storm comes, jump back. The output is in the lower right corner. Hit the chicken three times and grab the carrots.
2.3. In order to take a large carrot, you need to break the road through the hammer through the stones.
2.4. At the beginning of the stage, you must go to the top to avoid death from automatic devices. Sphinx can be broken. A pirate can be killed with three shots. Superbonus: for every ten correct strokes get a life.

3rd level

3.1. Wait until the balls of fire pass and go on (jump) further.
3.2. Find the first exit you can by moving down and then left. Beware of volcanoes. Do not get caught by a small hunter.
3.3. If you push a "unit" on the spring into the fire, then all around except Bugs will die.
3.4. Be careful - the alarm clocks blow up. Break the stones and go down - you will find the way out. Superbonus: each game costs twenty carrots.

4th level

4.1. On the bank with the inscription "Oil" you can get up when steam comes from it. Go under the water descent carefully.
4.2. Ghost is useless to kill. On a small fountain you can go upstairs. The room will have a chicken. He is behind the right hillock.
4.3. You can get a big carrot by jumping from the board with the inscription "RABBIT SEASON".
4.4. The wooden bridge collapses, so it's better to jump on it. Skunka can be eliminated with three strokes.

5th level

The main danger at the stages of this level is broken branches, so do not get up on them.

6th level

Jump over the button when you pass the spikes. Beat the nuts with a hammer, which the leader of the level throws at you - beaver.