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Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)

Super Mario Bros 3 NES
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Platform
Published by: Nintendo of America Inc.
Developed by: Nintendo R&D2
Released: 1988
Platform: Nintendo (NES)

Before the creators of Super Mario Bros. It had the task - to make an incredible hit, able to captivate players throughout the world to surpass the previous parts of the series around. They succeeded. The eight huge worlds, lots of different levels, the mountain of prizes, lots of interesting enemies, lots of secret places, stunning scenery, addictive gameplay - all this does not give you a break from the game for a moment. In each of the worlds there is a map, and the levels should be chosen, moving right along it. Fungi and a flower is not limited to - Mario can now wear suits small animals to use them to fly, swim, or to fight. Prizes can be stored in the store, pulling as needed. And besides all this, in SMB3 many more innovations.


  • Each world is represented on the map, guided by which Mario must get to the royal castle, from where calls for help are distributed.
  • In the first world, having reached the nearest door, beforehand having reserved a mushroom and a leaf, run up and fly upwards, resting against the right wall. Then stand up for the offense. After that go to the right. For a while, Mario will not be seen, but let it bother you. Continue to the right until the picture stops. Then press ↑ and you will find yourself in the room with the drawer. Break it, and in your hands there will be a magic flute with which help it is possible to get to other worlds.
  • If Mario manages to put on a frog suit, he can swim confidently and quickly. In the guise of a fox, pressing Turbo-B, he flies perfectly. Becoming a bear (joystick ↓ and A), Mario for some time becomes invulnerable and strikes the tail, and disguised as a turtle, can throw hammers. And what's nice, these transformations do not necessarily win in the course of the game. Until the moment when the world maps appear on the screen, press the B button, then SELECT - and choose the character which soul suits.
  • The new skill of Mario is to force the worst enemy to help himself. Slice the red turtle and, when it loses its shell, push it - let it destroy the bricks, freeing you with a passage.
  • Run the selected armor (clamp B and joystick ⇨) in the box with a "?" If you are lucky, Mario will get new interesting opportunities.
  • Playing the game! "Mario Bros." (without the "Super")! If you play alone, then your task is to collect as soon as possible five coins. And if together, then your friend becomes Luigi. Meet together in one world, and you can compete with each other in the ability to rush turtles.