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Crash 'n' the Boys: Ice Challenge (NES)

Ike Ike! Nekketsu Hockey-bu: Subette Koronde Dairantou NES
Genre: Action, Sports
Perspective: Side view
Gameplay: Arcade, Fighting
Sport: Hockey
Published by: Technos Japan Corp.
Developed by: Technos Japan Corp.
Released: 1992
Platform: Nintendo (NES)

The game is a combination of hockey and fighting game with the participation of branded (and well-known to us from previous games in the series), so beloved by many heroes from the "Technos" company. 8 teams in the game consist of the same heroes that were in other games of the "Kunio-kun" series, for example in "Super Dodge Ball" and "River City Ransom", we may well meet on the site with a team consisting of the characters of the game "Super Dodge Ball", and it will be named accordingly - "Dodge Ball Team".

Game modes

  • 1 Player Scenario. We play in the story mode by one player, create a team and play in tournaments
  • 2 Player Scenario. The same as for one player, only the second player controlling the goalkeeper is added.
  • 2 Player Taisen. 2 players battle with each other.
  • 4 Player Taisen. Players 1 and 2 fight against players 3 and 4, with players 2 and 4 standing at the gate.
Each character in a team has its own characteristics: impact power, speed and weight, and each team has its own special general characteristics. The game supports a password system for saving and continuing scenarios.

Although the goal of the game is to score as many goals as possible and concede just a few, the rules here are very different from the usual rules of hockey. For example, we can throw the puck through the air to the opponent's side, etc.