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Chip 'N Dale 2 (NES)

Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers 2 Nintendo
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Published by: Capcom U.S.A.
Developed by: Capcom Co.
Released: 1994
Platform: Nintendo (NES)

One of the main villains opposing rescuers Fat cat has escaped from jail and is planning to steal an object known as the Urn Pharaoh (Urn of the Pharaoh). To rescue workers were unable to thwart his plans, Fat Cat is taking a series of diversionary action, the first of which becomes a time bomb left by his assistants in the cafe. Chip, Dale and the team sent to neutralize the bomb and simultaneously trying to prevent Bellowfiz his criminal career.
The second part of the game about the rescue chipmunks differs a clear storyline, numerous dialogues of characters, a variety of boss levels, which should be eliminated using unique tactics for each, and the ability to find secret places with the competition together with the game.
Bosses are represented as enemies of the series known for rescuers, and specifically designed for playing villains that stand in the way of the main characters in the course of the story. The final boss is a robot cat Fat Cat likeness.


A - jump (the height of the jump depends on the duration of pressing the button) towards the object and B - take the objectIn - throw the subject forwardDown - if without a bear - to sit down, with a box - to hide behind himDown, In - drop the item downwardUp, In - throw the item upLeft + Up, B - throw the object diagonally forward and upDown, A - jump down.

Changes in the second part

  • New, improved animation of characters and levels.
  • Boxes can now throw and diagonally.
  • Now you can do a "super-roll" box and use your partner as a weapon. If you take a box (running mate) on your hands and go forward for a while without performing any more action, the drawer (partner) will blink, and if it is to quit at this point, it will shoot down all enemies in its path.
  • There was not declared by the manufacturer the possibility of the passing game to one in the mode of playing together (for two), the second player is constantly transferred to the hands, used as a weapon (a "super-throw"), as well as for opening the secret level (the player will need to time to take a second joystick) .
  • In battles with some bosses have the opportunity to use items other than the usual boxes (or the red ball, usually issued by the heroes to fight with the boss in the first game).
  • There were enemies, not kill the object hit, and lost consciousness. Stunned opponent can then be used as a weapon.
  • After passing a level calculated amount collected icons R / R ( «Rescue Ranger»). For every fifty icons the player is awarded a medal (in the two-player mode - 30 icons). Three medals the player gets an additional heart (component life), five medals - one more (when scoring five hearts appear as one big heart). Thus the player has received a clear motivation for badges to collect and verify all found boxes.


  1. Cafe (boss - Rabbit in the vacuum cleaner);
  2. Sewerage (boss - Flying cat MISP);
  3. The ship (the boss - rat Sopatka);
  4. Refrigerator (no boss);
  5. Haunted House (Boss - The Phantom);
  6. Clock Tower (the boss - Ostrich in the gears);
  7. Wild West (the boss - Cรดte gambler);
  8. The world of the future (the boss - a lizard wart on the excavator);
  9. Plant (Fat Cat's lair) (boss - running robokota Fat Cat).


  • If you took any subject, to walk with him in a straight line, it will begin to flash. If you get such a thing takes him much more energy at the enemy.
  • In this game, unlike the first one, not three. and the nine lives. Additional life can get BONUS GAME, hitting a red ball in the number 1 or 2.
  • In order to "basketball hall" open boxes with two chipmunks need in a basketball game played in a draw, or ... do not throw the balls in the basket!
  • The plant can cause the conveyor belt to go to the other side. This requires sitting down, throw a box into the lever, which is located near the conveyor.
  • In the final match with a robot cat, more importantly, to accurately calculate the time of throwing the ball so that the ball exploded at the time of entering into a cat. The figure on the ball is the time in seconds before the explosion, which starts when a cat landing. Cat falls to the point, as indicated by an arrow with the word DANGER (danger). Just need to get a cat 10 times.
  • If the final boss to score a partner, not a bomb, it will take just six hits.