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The Goonies (NES)

The Goonies NES
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Arcade, Platform
Published by: Konami Industry Co.
Developed by: Konami Industry Co.
Released: 1986
Platform: Nintendo (NES)

Very addictive platformer released by Konami back in 1986. Young hero rescues friends from captivity, wandering an abandoned restaurant first, and then the caves. He prevented large anthropomorphic mouse and a bandit. Foes have to peel down. Mice can not stand for a long time, but the bandit will not kill you can only stunned for a while. Of the mice fall bomb. With these bombs, and you have to release the hostages by placing explosives under the door. Also in the door, you can find useful prizes and keys to exit from the level. In addition enemies at locations lacking different obstacles, so be careful. The whole process is so entertaining that time the game fly by for you.


A - jump;
B - kicking, shooting;
"Down" + B - bomb.


  • At each stage of your task - to collect three keys, and to find the teenager. The more you collect the children, the greater will be your chances to reach the end of the game to the last level, rather than start the whole game again.
  • Throughout the restaurant apart strange boxes that need to blow up with bombs. A bomb, in turn, you get after Kill another mouse. Explosion safes should be carried out in two steps: a) put a bomb next to the door, b) the lam. If you stand in an embrace with a bomb, you have a chance to lose a life, though all at once.
  • Also do not forget to collect all the diamonds appear, for them give points, and hence the life.
  • In the heat of the chase for treasure try not to forget that for you, too chasing, and therefore deserve a good kick in the rogue, who suddenly appears next.
  • For each of the basements is your pass. It looks like a huge skull, and you should just go up to him, you will find yourself in another place.
  • Do not over-fond collecting non-essential items. Remember - your job is to find the keys and a teenager. Otherwise, do not go to the next level.
  • Memorize premises that already have a key, so as a return - it is very painful, and time consuming, and time is therefore almost as much, and treasures.
  • Do not be surprised, do not see the ending, although it was found pirated jewelry. It turns out that you have not opened the last door! And behind that door hides nowhere who took the girl.