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Atomic Runner (SEGA)

Atomic Runner Sega Genesis
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Gameplay: Arcade, Platform
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: Data East USA
Developed by: Data East Corporation
Released: 1992
Platform: SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive

So, the plot. Chelnov was a young scientist. He lived and worked with his father and sister; they led a happy, peaceful life. But one evening, when Chelny returned home, he heard a violent explosion. With a pounding heart, Chelnov ran to the house, where he found his father lying on the floor. "Chelny, my son, I'm dying," his father whispered. And before his death told the cause of the tragedy.
"This explosion ... This is the work of Deathtarians! These creatures lived on Earth long before the appearance of man, and now they came back to subdue us! I knew about this many years ago, so they started with me. there is something ... "Father took out a metal briefcase and whispered:" In this case there is a suit that makes of a normal person - super man. "Chelnov, you must take this suit ... Only this way you can destroy Deathtarians. save the world and his sister, who were abducted by these scoundrels, "and Chelnova's father died. The young scientist opened the case. In it, he found the very suit his father had been talking about. Dressing him, Chelnov felt in himself an inhuman force and need, change his name. So he became the Atomic Runner. But during the first attack, the Atomic Runner was captured by the villains. They dragged him to their base with the obvious intention of finishing off. But they underestimated the superpower of the Atomic Runner. He broke the sphere into which he was put, and now no Deathtarians will escape from his righteous anger. As you understand, only you can help the Atomic Runner to achieve the set goal. We insert the cartridge, turn on the prefix and immediately climb into OPTIONS. So, what can we do here? Quite a bit of. Set the difficulty level (normal, easy or difficult), set the number of lives (3 or 5), the number of continue (3,5,10 or 15), and also enable or disable Rapid Shoot and Rapid Jump - Turbo shoots and turbo jumps (I recommend turning on and off first, and second). You can also change the control (default is A-jump, B-shot, C + left or right-turn left or right) and listen SOUND TEST (melody 06 - well, just class !!!).
Click Start. On the intro we will be explained what is required from the Atomic Runner (you already know this), and the game begins. Before I start talking about the levels, I'll explain the value of the "turn" button in Atomic Runner. The fact is that the Atomic Runner, while saving the world, never stops (except for battles with the main bosses of the levels). Therefore, if you notice a danger from behind, press the left + turn. The atomic runner will run backwards and shoot to the left.
To return to the original state, press right + spread.


  1. Having broken the sphere, the Atomic Runner goes to the exit from the base of Deathtarians, simultaneously destroying its inhabitants. Apparently, the enemies were not prepared to attack the insolent Chelny, for which they paid. At the first level, the Atomic Runner is confronted only by practically innocuous soldiers, flying spiders (some of them can dislodge weapons or a prize) and rather nasty robots-flies, by the way armed. Seeing the arm sticking out from under the ground, do not jump at it at all - it may (not always) grab and suffocate. Better shoot her and thank the creators of the game that the hand is one. For now... Midway you will meet a flying mechanical bird. This is not the boss, but it needs to be damped, especially since there is nothing complicated in this. After a while, the Atomic Runner will get to the cave where the boss lives - the dragon's head on the long neck, built into the wall. The tactic of speedy killing is this: stand in the left corner and, bouncing, shoot the boss (best of all shuriken), dodging his fiery breath. And one more thing. If the head has moved back, know - it is preparing for a rapid throw. At this time on earth it is better not to stand, but jump up. Deleted with the boss, the Atomic Runner destroys the base of the Deathtarians. The first, but not the last ...
  2. Atomic Runner falls into the bio-forest of Deathtarians'ov - a kind of biological laboratory. Enemies, taught by bitter experience, tried to protect their biological laboratory - the Atomic Runner is opposed by cybernetic hares, eager to jump on his head, flying robots, owls, as well as men with shields, which are recommended to destroy by jumping on their heads. In addition, on some trees sit creatures, throwing stones, and by themselves, ordinary soldiers from the first level, too, are opposed to you. Running across the bridge, be careful - from under the bridge comes out a giant snake. But, stubbornly shooting him in the face (better shurikenami), you will destroy him. And the main boss of the level is a stone statue that lets a rocket out of its head. To destroy it you need to shoot her both eyes (preferably a laser or boomerangs). The statue is crumbling, but her head is flying away. Believe me, you and she will meet again.
  3. The jungle. The goal of the Atomic Runner is to get to the space ship Deathtarians and blow it up. At this level, new enemies appear - helicopters, landing troops, sometimes even shooting. And if you play NORMAL or HARD, at this level in some places there will be guns firing in three directions. In the middle of the level will appear a flying snake, spitting fire. Eliminate it, get ready for a new test - jumping on the columns through a stormy stream (well, not necessarily by columns, it is possible for flying spiders - to whom it is more convenient). After that, after running a little more, you will reach the boss. A spaceship, landing at five times, or even more, a soldier and launching homing missiles, looks threatening. In fact, to blow it up - a couple of trifles. See, there's a ledge on the top left? Climb on it. So, you are not afraid of landing. And if you consider that you can shoot down missiles, consider winning in your pocket.
  4. Gad got to the country of the pyramids - to Egypt! This is a mess - Deathtarians do not belong here! The level is relatively light, from the new enemies only crawling armadilloes are added, which can be killed by jumping on them. When you get to the bridge, similar to the one that was on the second level, get ready to meet the robot-griffin - this is a combat-ready version of the mechanical bird from the first level. When fighting him, dodge the shots and see when the bridge breaks and you will have to jump over. After a while you will come to the boss. The boss is almost the same as the second level - the statue. After destroying her eyes, the head of the statue will separate and fly separately. It must be fired at. After a series of successful shots, the statue will calm down.
  5. On the arcade machine there was a cemetery - crosses, graves, hands pop out from under the earth - and in very large quantities. On the Megadraiwe, the fifth level is more like an Indian temple, although the hands sticking out from under the ground remained. The level is quite complicated, the flying spiders familiar from the first level now also shoot, hands strive to grab the Atomic Runner. There are two ways to go: the first is to take the shurikens at the beginning of the level and not lose them to the end of the level, the second is to learn to jump on the hands while dodging enemy bullets. Perhaps you will lose more than one life here, but in the end you will reach the fifth boss. A hail of stones announces its appearance. Seeing him, I, frankly, a little disappointed. On the arcade machine it was the skeleton of a dragon with a red heart in his chest. It was his unexpected attacks that made him invincible to me. On SEGA Genesis, the fifth boss is an iron bird with an iron heart (which, by the way, must be fired). After each shot, the bird tries to reach you with its long neck, and on higher difficulty also shoots back. In view of the fact that bird lunges are easily predictable, you will not have any problems. Farewell to the fifth boss!
  6. The atomic runner gets to some country where it's snowing. The level would be easy, if not for two new types of enemies, namely flying worms, on which it is forbidden to jump, but it's extremely difficult to get into them, and also robots that fall down literally from the sky (before you destroy it, say goodbye to life). You still have to cross the precipice by jumping over enemies. Try to lose as few lives as possible, because the boss here is quite complicated. As soon as you hear the music announcing the approach to the boss, jump sharply forward. A heap of scrap will fall from the sky, which is transformed into a robot. Shoot on it is useless - now he is invulnerable. Dodge his ammunition (if you stand on the left, you'll have to dodge yourself and the laser - I'll tell you honestly, I did not succeed even once) and wait. After a while, a lot of scrap will fly away and there will be a small flying ball. On it and it is necessary to shoot. Smile - and the robot will reassemble, and you will have to wait again. To be honest to the end, I did not pass this level at first.
  7. Manhattan. It is here, in a secret laboratory, the Leader of Deathtarians is hiding. First of all I want to note music on this level - I liked it so much that there are simply no words. Listen - it's something amazing !!! But I digress. The level is extremely complex, and here it will be necessary to give all the best. You are attacked by enemies from all previous levels. Having reached the ruined bridge, do not rush to commit suicide (as I did in stupidity) - a serpent from the second level will appear from the water, which will transfer you to the other shore. Here you will have a chance to take any weapons. Spit on homing missiles - take shurikens. And now your eyes will appear protruding from the wall of the head, and next to it - a man. This scientist is a traitor working for Deathtarians. Kill him! After that, the head from the wall will begin to shoot at you with blue balls. They can be knocked down, but your main goal is a small accumulation of balls below. After its destruction, the leader of the Deathtarians, a huge alien with a long spear, will come out of the wall. Shoot him in the head, dodging his spear. After a while, the Leader will rise into the air and try to fly away. But it was not there! Atomic Runner is chasing and catching a reptile near the Statue of Liberty. The final battle takes place directly on the statue itself. The leader tries to pierce the Atomic Runner with his spear and shower it with blue balls. The battle will be difficult, but you must defeat ... ... The Atomic Runner destroys the Deathtarians Leader on the Statue of Liberty. The explosion illuminated the Manhattan sky with a bright light. Atomic-Runner pronounces a fiery speech in his honor, naively believing that he has always protected the Earth from the tyranny of the forces of evil.


The standard weapon of the Atomic Runner is a laser. But you can get other types of weapons for him, namely: shurikens (very handy and powerful enough), boomerangs (come back anyway), homing missiles (the name speaks for itself), triple mace (for close combat) and fire rings (do not take it).


Letter "J" - improvement of jumps, coin - glasses. Red "Up" - strengthens the weapon, blue "Up" - increases the frequency of shots, yellow "Up" - lengthens the weapon (for the mace and boomerangs). Weapons and prizes can be knocked out of enemies (specifically spiders) and from fixtures. More: most enemies can be killed by jumping on them a la Sonic.



At the Data East logo, hold down Down + C + Start on Control Pad 2, no confirmation is given. Now go to options, and choose sound test 21. While holding Up + A + C on Control Pad 2, press Start on Control Pad 1 to return to the title screen. During play, while holding Up + A + C on Control Pad 2, press Start on Control Pad 1 to pause the game. To turn it off, pause the game again normally.

Level skip

At the Data East logo, hold down Down + C + Start on Control Pad 2, no confirmation is given. Press Start on Control Pad 2 to skip the current level.