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Air Diver (SEGA)

Air Diver SEGA
Genre: Action
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Shooter
Vehicular: Flight / Aviation
Published by: Seismic Software Inc.
Developed by: Copya System Ltd.
Released: 1990
Platform: SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive

Flight simulator with a view from the cockpit fighter. Selection of small missions, all basically boils down to the elimination of enemy air forces. The fighter is armed with rockets and machine gun (well, not pickles :)) Graphically game made at C grade (somewhat similar to the TopGun NES), but the game action is quite tolerable, and the corresponding music.


  • Choosing a mission map, note that the characteristics of attack and defense enemy aircraft in a particular region (250 to 500) indicate the precision aiming of enemy projectiles and the ability to evade your attacks.
  • Depending on the mission, your plane gets an additional upgrade to an additional fuel tank (in Australia, South America and the Soviet Union, called the Eurasia), an additional rocket ammunition (in North America, Africa and in the North Pacific Ocean, in the area of ​​Japan and many smaller islands) or a repair kit (Europe and Asia).
  • To enable the acceleration, use the C button to perform complex maneuvers - double tap the up C + (left or right). When maneuvering increases fuel consumption, the stock of which initially is 800 units.
  • If you are knocked down or run out of fuel, though life still remained, the game will continue from the same place with the same stock of missiles, the absence of bonuses, but you will be at the disposal of the full tank of fuel.
  • Each mission of the game consists of three parts. The purpose of the first three groups of interceptors to destroy a certain number. To perform this task, just shoot down missiles all objects that fall within the scope, and move away from the enemy shots. Usually interceptors attack in groups of 3-4 units. Once they get into the field of view, try to shoot down missiles as much as possible enemy aircraft. Some enemy aces back and try to come back. At the same time, to maintain the momentum of the fight, it is easier to lay a steep turn so that going to the afterburner pursuer rushed past, and let it flare in the back or try to get a queue. However, the rocket to save is not worth it - gain in time and, hence, the fuel, at this stage is much more noticeable.
  • Once the required number of aircraft shot down, begins the second part of the stage. Towards you quickly approaching enemy aircraft, let two missiles at once, and all of the "volcano" and easily slipping under return fire. This is - a representative of the enemy of the elite, a real ace. We'll have to show the wonders of resourcefulness to get the better of this wizard. Wait for the moment when he would be back within striking distance. Shots better not to wait, but be prepared that after your "noose" the enemy will follow you. If radar indicates that the maneuver was a success, and in front of no one - check the space above you. As soon discover the enemy fighter, will make every effort, as long as possible, he was in the line of fire with the help of short-term accelerations. The sudden disappearance of the target means that Al took up maneuver and soon attack you - be prepared.
  • Most likely, after air combat fuel in the tanks of your "Stealth" will be enough to return to the upper atmosphere. There's something hidden and eight ships-carriers. Despite the size of inspiring and intimidating appearance, they are less dangerous maneuverable fighters - their self-guided projectiles discharged from the central tools do not reach to the edge of the screen. For starters, you can bring down the small cannon, which is silent, and then eliminate the main weapon, hitting in periods of calm.


Selection level. At the mission selection screen, move the crosshair to place the card, which is not an area. Hold start and type A, B, C, B, A, A, B, C, B, A, B. Release the start. If you hear audio confirmation - it means everything is done correctly. Now move the crosshair on the area you want to attack and hold A to fight against the Fighter Ace, B - against Super Carrier or C - against Last Fighter. Do not release the button until you reach the specified area.
Immunity. Pinch the start, until you select the level; hold START + C, to get to the Last Fighter.