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688 Attack Sub (SEGA)

688 Attack Sub SEGA
Genre: Simulation
Perspective: 1st-person
Vehicular: Naval / Watercraft
Published by: SEGA of America
Developed by: Electronic Arts
Released: 1991
Platform: SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive

The game is unique to the MegaDrive / Genesis of the genre - a serious submarine simulator with pretensions to realism a la Silent Hunter series on the PC. By the beginning of your passed the American or Soviet submarine (for each - a set of missions). Mission is very diverse - from flooding a particular enemy ship, hunting for enemy convoys and submarines to protect Allied convoys and quiet and inconspicuous passage in a certain area. In the arms of your boat - torpedoes and tactical missiles. Control functions are boats from the relevant sections - for example, threaded, torpedo, navigator, compartment acoustics, the captain's cabin (again as in the notorious Silent Hunter). Eyes boats are periscope scanner seabed, active and passive sonar. It should be noted quite highly realistic and following from it the high complexity of the game, and enough high-quality graphics and excellent sound (there's even sampled it).Rather than go into the control room whenever you want to change the monitoring screen, press the B button and rotate the panel so as to move to the room you are interested, stop bar in this place and release the button B.To start a new game go to the radio room (lightning) to get the current orders. Press C, if you want to skip the listening instructions (if you know). The playing time will start as soon as you do this.


The sonar control room, you can see how the system of short-range detection of the type of sonar (sonar) (headphones icon), learn how to use hydrophones data to determine target coordinates, just to understand what's what. The letters that you see at the top of the bottom of the screen indicate the objectives that you want to capture using the locators, and then destroy. The letter "X" on the map means that in this area there is an object, but you can not put things on it your boat. Move the cursor to the target and press the A button, and then select the letter to map. At the top of the screen, in the box corresponding to this objective, the information is displayed. Remember, this information is of any ships, and yours, and the enemy.Moving the cursor to the filter and pressing the A button, you can choose from two options - BND Pass and Hi Pass. Try to use the first version of the standard, and the second to use only when you need to identify the noise torpedo screws in critical situations.Choosing active sonar, you get the options when you supply information about all that is ahead of you. Active sonar gives the enemy to understand that you do sonar exploration. You can also use passive sonar rear. It is less active, but it is invisible. The disadvantage of this device - you can not go to full speed as long as it does not remove. To analyze the information on an unidentified target, press the A button on the objectives and move the cursor to the letter you want to identify, then press the button A. Sonar computer graphically show how the object looks in the charts.

Navigation bar

Navigation bar - Image sextant. For plotting to use the intermediate point, and then press the A button to confirm the rate. Move the cursor to the point on the map where you want to go, then press the A button again, this time at this place a red number appears.You can select multiple waypoints at once. To remove a waypoint or change them all, select Clear item at intermediate points. Then press the A button to destroy the intermediate points on the line, starting from the last.When class ships' officers thing is to focus on the presumable course, you can enable viewing of all the trajectories of movement of all vehicles on the map. Trails - a line made up of small dots, the closer the point to each other, the slower the target.Turn on the system of keeping track of goals and see the goal you are interested in. Turn on the prediction mode - get the intended location of your target and you at a certain time. The time interval, you can change the future and make the picture.Frame time change is next to mine. If there are intermediate points, turn on the autopilot, and then change its course. To get back on course, turn on the autopilot. Use the time compression to speed up the game for a while, for example, when you are trafficked very far or you do recognition targets.

Submarine control

To get started, choose a submarine motion control panel (image ship helm). You can see how the work of your screw, which is accompanied by noises in the work overload mechanism. Excess noise should be avoided. We need something to limit myself. Try to keep the normal number of revolutions.The plane, which helps to dive to the right, next to the map. Place the cursor over the middle of it, then set it above average - when picked up, below average -with dive. The higher or lower you set the depth of the plane handlebars, the faster will be the operation of ascent or descent. Move the cursor back to the middle, and then press the A button to stop moving up and down. Using a depth gauge and a barometer of the system, you will be able to get accurate data. Remember that an emergency ascent system only once per mission may be used. To use Acceleration (in the lower right corner), move the cursor to the desired speed and press A. When you are moving at high speeds, you will be better heard enemy (screws create more noise).The handle at the bottom of the card, you can change the course of submarine. The further you turn the knob to the right or to the left, the steeper will be the turn. Press A to turn the knob. Return the cursor back to the middle, and then press A to complete the rotation. If you take the helm, you turn on the autopilot, if it was included.

Arms Control

Go to the armory (rocket image) to equip and prepare to fight your arms. 688-I model is equipped with four main torpedo tubes, two mines for rockets and two for interference. Filled missiles and torpedoes are not stored directly in the pipes, so you have to order the sailors charged torpedo tubes. Please select your mouse over the tube and press A. A then again - the beginning of the process equipment of ammunition. When he will be fit for the battle, its color will change from yellow to bright red. Do the same with the noise generators and missiles.Rockets are used to engage targets on the surface. For the product need to be a rocket launch at periscope depth.Note: you will be the sea of ​​low power missiles to fight the enemy ships.To make a shot on goal, move the cursor to the letter of the goal. When this happens, press A and move the cursor to the start button "Launch". Then it will be produced a volley of the weapon system.Before you choose a target, you must choose the right (charged) torpedo tube (or silos). Torpedoes start up as long as the goal is not to sink (the letter will not disappear from the map). After starting the rocket you take control of the torpedo. Use the "Select" to determine which torpedo you want to manage, and then select the desired command.Search mode - active seek modes goals using sonar emits ultrasonic pulses and waiting for the enemy target. You choose your popular with purpose (para direct - targeting), then move the cursor to where you think the goal should be located, and then press A to send to the torpedo. To destroy the torpedo select "self-destruction".


With the periscope of the bridge can be carried out reconnaissance (with binoculars box).Post about your electromagnetic aggression will show how bright you look on enemy radar. The higher radiation level, the faster you will find.Use the arrows under the periscope station, and then turn it on magnetic north (000 degrees).You can produce a missile and torpedo launches, if there is a charged cell phones. Status:static data tables (the image of the submarine) shows how much the boat is damaged.Map and management:The top card - Prospects patrol areas. You are always in the middle, being displayed green spot. The display numbers and letters. C - at the bottom - your current position.A number from 000 to 359, where 000 - north, 090 - East, 180 - South, 270 - west. Your speed is given in knots - nautical term, having an excellent match - a nautical mile is equal to 1852 meters.Speed ​​- the SP, the depth - D. The map on the right side - wing dives, your depth (green square) in accordance with the ocean bottom (red square). Behind all this is necessary to watch, especially when sailing in shallow waters. The bright areas of the ocean - a smaller depth, dark-large. At the top of the map there is a compass showing the direction. In the lower left corner of each screen (except for the screen the radio room and the status of the screen) is the key with which to operate.


P (Port) can be seen around with the radar (contour image) and rotate it counterclockwise. Each rotation is a multiple of 45 °. The same can be done with the raised periscope.F (forward): Imagefront - or contour image of a periscope.S: Rotate View Clockwise. Each rotation is a multiple of 45 °. The image taken with the periscope, you can rotate.I (increase): You can zoom in the image.H: includes- off the upper display.About (outside): reduction of the image on the map.C (contour image) obozrevaniya 3D images of the ocean surface.P (periscope): if the periscope is up, you can look at the surface of the image.T (inverted card): upside down image, convenient for the purposes of conducting surface.Information forAt the top of each screen, there is a frame identification purposes. In it - the purpose and its characteristics, if the purpose of an unidentified - framed only word unknown (unknown).Direction (bearing): which side is the goal. Strip in front of you, 000 °, 090 ° - right sector 180 ° - 270 fodder sector and a left.The distance (range): distance to the target in nautical miles. Nautical mile is equal to 1852 meters.Speed ​​(speed): target speed in knots. One unit is equal to 1, 85 km / h.The course (course): the direction of the goal of the compass.Depth (depth): the depth at which the target is.Location and timeAt the bottom of each screen, there are 2 bars. The upper one is a message for the team. Lower strip - the current position of the boat in the coordinate form. To the right of these numbers -taymer, showing how much time has passed you in this mission.


Torpex 89

The destroyers Forrest Sherman class located in the north-west. Go around the circle, to find them !!. When will detect them quickly dive and swim but toward them. When you will find yourself at a distance of a torpedo salvo, slow progress and let the torpedo. You can not spend a lot of time on the surface to not notch helicopters. Note: You can not attack helicopters.


It is necessary to dive to a depth of approximately 1,000 feet, to move silently (1/3 of full power) and follow the contours of the submarine on the ocean floor of the valley, heading north-west. Another option: to move in a circle, making a stop at random intervals, for one, to attack the Russian submarine.

Mumar Cadaver

Each tanker escort your submarine and a frigate. The best way to destroy the tankers - launch a missile and a torpedo, but you immediately interested in the enemy. When you ascend to periscope depth, you may experience problems. In this area, the sea is intense movement of vessels, so you need to know exactly, but what are you going to shoot. Tankers, likely will move in groups of 2. Go to their prospective course and wait for the first pair. After their destruction, make sure that there are no enemies nearby (they zasekut your volley and can attack), and then return to the track and wait for the rest of the tankers. Next you need to act as the first step. It is necessary to destroy the tankers will not drown.


The only sure chance to go - slow (no faster than 2/3 of the total stroke) moving at the maximum depth. Try to get into the channel leading to the west, and descend almost scold but the bottom. Wheels risky way - enter the maximum speed for 10-15 seconds, then turn off the engine and swim out of inertia. We need to get around only 2 subs.


Ships that you protect, to the left, attacking enemy forces approaching from the right and behind. Once the enemy destroyers will be in the firing zone, smite them with rockets. By not forget that they go along with the two submarines. Distribute attention between surface ships and submarines, otherwise you run the risk of losing.

Cat Walk

Head to the north-west to the Strait of Kunashir at half speed. Stop before the turn, and turn to the northeast. Along the way there will be several meetings, but you can not pay attention to them. Note that enemy subs go alone by the same route, it is good to remember them. They use active sonar every JO seconds. It is necessary to include their engines in between the beeps warning for the inclusion of the sonar. When approaching at a distance of a torpedo salvo can immediately shoot. But then the enemy has a chance to escape from you. You can skip them and then turn around and follow them. At the same time they can not have swaddle. It is necessary to release the four torpedoes at a nuclear submarine, and on this mission ends.