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Mappy (NES)

Mappy Nintendo
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Arcade, Platform
Published by: Namco Limited
Developed by: Namco Limited
Released: 1984
Platform: Nintendo (NES)

An arcade game is about a mouse who needs to collect all the items at (TVs, radios, safes, etc.), and it does not get caught cats that roam around the level. But, fortunately, Mappy the police mouse, can activate traps that sweep down from the level of cats that, though not for long. After a few levels you become available bonus level in which you need a certain time to have time to collect as many balls as possible and pick up the latest and big blue ball, which allowed for more points. After passing the bonus level, everything is repeated again, but with a higher complexity of the game.


  • To pass the next stage, you need to collect all the prizes in the house, gaining as many points as possible. Points are Mouse's life, for 20,000 and 70,000 there is their addition.
  • There are many floors in the house that the mouse should go through, where trampolines help it, where you show miracles of dexterity, and cats are powerless.
  • Effective reception to deal with another batch of pussies is to open a blinking door in front of their noses. A stream of energy bursts out of the door, carrying away cats from the screen.
  • Most points are given for a fat cat and especially when you have time to take a prize while this fat man is sitting inside it. But the greatest number of points is collected at the prize levels, where your task is to pierce as many balls as possible. For all the balls give 5000 points.
  • Follow the messages on the screen. If the word HURRY appears, and the music plays faster, you should hurry. Otherwise, some kruglyashok will jump out, touch Muppy and take life.
  • Beginning with the second stage, Muppy can walk around the attics, climb where you can by jumping on the trampoline, but remember that you can jump on it no more than three times, or fail.
  • Do not forget to catch cats hiding in prizes. At the eighth - tenth level, 300 points are awarded for each cat, and 1000 points for the big one.
  • If in a bonus game you pierce a ball with a cat, then he will catch you a ball.
  • If, after going through the door, you quickly press button A, it will close and cut off your enemies from you.