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James Bond 007: The Duel (SEGA)

James Bond 007: The Duel SEGA
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Platform
Published by: Domark Software
Developed by: Kremlin
Released: 1993
Platform: SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive

On the title screen show Timothy Dalton, who starred in the role of a famous scout only twice. And the game itself is not very connection of the plot, a sample of a rather certain patchwork of different scenes of films, which, however, it really does not even spoil. After all, you are given the rare opportunity to face off with selected representatives of the criminal world - Ambalov nicknamed Jaws, super Mayday black woman, a descendant of a thick Kung Lao and others. And the landscape will change from a giant ship and base in Sequoia forest to the artificial volcano crater and spacecraft launch pad, depending on the circumstances. But no matter what, brave hero, under your strict guidance to be the most massive shooting enemies, the release of a sizeable number of beautiful girls, it will be necessary between the case to neutralize a powerful bomb and still make a big pile as easy, for glorious deeds, deservedly bringing super-agent unfading popularity!

And start your nice, I hope, for in hell do you give up inglorious, epic capture the ship in the Bay of unknown island. From the first minute you start getting nemerenoe aesthetic pleasure from the abundance of details and colorful drawing of scenery, from the beautiful animation and a very realistic sculpture of the hero. At the beginning of each level you have to find all the hostages, whose number is indicated in the upper left corner of the screen. Because the time James Bond, you have to save the beautiful women, otherwise it is not James Bond. To come back later, after masked from downstairs. Just do not fall down while in the water, and there you are waiting for a small flock dearest species of sharks, which are also not averse to eat the famous scout, not every day they, poor things, the honor falls so close to meet a celebrity. Serial enemies within the level does not change.

The ship, of course, the astronauts can not be afraid, you're in a normal situation showdown with sailors. In time sitting down, you can easily avoid their shots but is accustomed to remember where they appear on the screen and shoot the first until it is not yet visible on the screen. On the stairs you can jump sideways, and clinging to them in the jump, but it does not work, if the bond turns somersaults. Drop down from a great height leads to death. If you're unlucky, but you can still live, you lose some of the energy is the same, you shlopochet if you enter into contact with the hot gas or cannon shell, so that these contacts should be kept to zero. Damage to enemy shots, depending on the difficulty level, they take one to three hearts out of five possible. You can refill hearts, freeing the girls, and they cry out of gratitude, and you get one heart, and the successful search for prizes, rub heart of each holder and grenades. Lead by patrons because in the midst of battle you do not waste precious moments on such a routine, as a replacement clips. If you have less than five clips, just kill another enemy, it will add them to you, but do not yawn - all the ammunition to explode soon. With the loss of the life you continue to perform the task, or to the launch pad or from where the last found the prize, or from the activated bombs. Also available in the continuation of one - from the very beginning with a zero level and score. Back on deck, try as much as possible to choose the lower path. How to avoid being hit by falling bathyscaphe, to put it mildly, not very clear. But nothing, in the end, we will survive this trouble, all the more so deadly it will not name. Send the last of the hostages to safety, blew her a kiss (the strange, of course, a way, but, nevertheless, effective), we can finally begin to more serious pursuits. Touching the bomb, you start the countdown, and hurry to leave the premises until it has ended. Of course, just like that, for nothing, you come no one will. Unbreakable and deadly giant Jaws will do everything in his power to you immediately and ruin, but you jump over it, shoot while two of his henchmen, and although the elevator down here is not provided, you have every chance to get out if the dive left from the right edge of the mine. But you trusted to choose the mode of transportation of the hero to the next level!

Commando, who are guarding facilities in a tropical forest base, endowed with excellent reaction, but their scope is still a tall. In jumping from branch to branch do not forget about the inertia of the movements of the hero. Before the first hostage Get a rope, and Bond always clings to the rope when loses footing, the second you help out by climbing on high ladder. Next easier to miss a third girl and pass it to the cave and pierced the hill, avoiding a meeting with his top tamagavkometom aggressive, without which you lived, lives and will live another as will, without any damage to itself, can not be said about the possible scenario if you still managed not run into him. Climb up the rope to another hostage, because when you walk on a tightrope no one bothers Bond brave little to shoot at enemies, then right to the end, and finally up to the roof base. It aggregates that throws grenades, that is, the unit Blomfelda better not to approach, and how will pop up on your head a commando assault on your soul, will not find it! There comes one of the insidious aspects of the game - a leap into the air stream of the rising branch redwoods. Miss - do not collect the bones. It may help the entrance to the stream at the level of the jump without overclocking. Well, now all you have to find the two hostages, one of which is on the ground, and go down the elevator into the hallway with a bomb, three commandos and output. More precisely - the entrance to the cave - shelter disguised missile launcher.

Be careful! At this level, inhabited by miners, who are not accustomed to the vast expanses of land, they sit like moles in the dungeon, and aim at so much lower than the rest of the enemies. So the only thing you can do to save his young life, is to shoot first, when they begin to attack you in the low corridors. It is not necessary to save ammo, if you a little road of life. First, save the girl on the top tier, and then - on the bottom, if you just jump off the elevator, you'll be spared the long wait for his return, and then rush to rescue martyr in the second from the bottom tier. If you get killed, choose the third from the bottom corridor for easy access to the main shaft. But before you start climbing structures right ride, clinging to a cart on the ceiling. Guard last hostage hurt you anyway, so jump on his right, and then another and lava casts.

Therefore it is better to wait for the arrival of the elevator in a hanging position, and to land it at the last moment. The second elevator stand on the left, so as not to have problems during disassembly with iron paws on top. Jogging on the bomb to be difficult - the last miner, a long descent and a longer rise under continuous enemy fire cannon and finally suspensorial crossing. Descent to better implement dismount the center of the mine, but the rise - jumping up the stairs.

The last stronghold of villains - the spaceport in the crater of an extinct volcano. The inhabitants, though similar to the doctors, but really do not concede anything commandos are the real ubivtsa in white coats, just do not shoot in the legs, which is already encouraging. Contact jog under the control of the prestart nozzles passing ship will make you remember the sequence of emissions and location of enemies. Chinese armed with deadly hat can just go and jump, but first still shoot his partner. Free the girl, jump on the platforms to the right wall of the shaft, and then on top the remaining three to the hostages and bombs. Under the rhythmic ticking of the clockwork Bond will have to quickly deal with again Blomfeldom,which had during the separation with you to improve your car, and now she began to throw in your face is not primitive grenades, and the whole short-range missiles. The method of struggle - cautiously approach the retreating enemy, and the retreat of his own Make it simple and give a series of shots when he starts to come back, and then run back out of the affected area. You can, of course, throw a grenade, but its efficiency is not too high in the circumstances. Beginners are advised not to touch the bomb before dismantling!

The final battle - again with jaw wearing a flying bubble with one claw from which you roll balls with explosives. If necessary, you just settle rounds, but it is better not to bring up this and do spared ammunition. Lure close to the floor, you can pull it slightly with impunity, leaping on one of the platforms on the right wall. A couple more of these desperate calls, and you can already enjoy a well-deserved honest saver.


You can override. A - jump. A + Down - dismount from the platform down. In - shot by holding the button, you can shoot diagonally up or down. C - throw grenades. Up - climbing stairs or rope, hide in a doorway.