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Comix Zone (SEGA)

Comix Zone SEGA
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Arcade, Beat 'em up / Brawler
Published by: SEGA of America
Developed by: Sega Technical Institute
Released: 1995
Platform: SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive

This story could be called a failure in respect of any other creature. Here he played a role in the five points, becoming mere background for the characters and gameplay. The creators as a hint that Comix Zone story altogether superfluous. Indeed, in a setting not throw colorful characters, and the attention they get care, not the decor. Just like a fighting game where a crucial role is played by a set of characters.
The absurdity of the plot is easy to judge: drawing on the next page comic post-apocalyptic wandering in the world, Turner barely evaded the lightning that accidentally hit directly on the table with the page thumbnail. The figure somehow creeps main villain of the narrative and, for unknown reasons, without being able to kill his creator in our reality, quietly throws it in the same comics, and he takes up the pen. Drawn directly on the page of the book and is an action game. Sketch fights against monsters created by him - aliens inhabiting the Earth travels around the world is crammed with perils, simultaneously talking with seductive sovetchitsey - of the general's resistance movement and occasionally transforms into a superhero.
Such primitive oversaturated stamps plot can kill the interest in the product prior to its testing. Of course, if this is not the Comix Zone with its colorful characters and original gameplay.
So Sketch. Dirty, cursing and screaming, he is quite inexplicably captivated banal, hackneyed tricks tough guys: good temper, not encumbered jokes wit and skill of the enemy's jaw suddenly collapse. However, in contrast to the classical "real men" Sketch still sniffing his socks and emits gases, but even this is hell, acting on his arm! Discordant with the image is that instead of beer Turner sipping soda (milk or iced tea, according to some). What it is: the author's whim or a banal bribe censorship - account for only guess.
Turner masterfully gives cuffs. In his arsenal of tricks included a variety of punches and kicks, combos, throws. Do not forget about the superpowers to destroy enemies within a frame, as well as the ability to pull out from the background paper and the master of her planes for use as a weapon. Another sketch skillfully handles weapons: knives, grenades, dynamite. All this splendor, you can destroy the boxes, barrels and rocks, knock out enemies and bosses, paper shreds and break the boundaries of comic book pages and frames.
Turner's assistant and part-time partner for the final kisses Alissa Cyan radios various tips, like how to find the right way to help and even tries to defuse a nuclear bomb in the end. Classical "fighting friend": Cute, fitting in "uniforms" with a good figure and a healthy desire to be saved and to hang around the neck of the hero. From skills and quickness of the player in the final will determine the fate of its future relations with the sketch.
The main villain Mortus, despite its odious role, no less likeable character than the same Turner. High-mustachioed uncle misanthrope, hung with metal implants, smoking a pipe, from time to time with his own painting obstacles to Turner, and even igniting the page. It has an original sense of humor and a healthy desire to rule all possible realities. In general, to have an enemy - a pleasure, however, as to send it to the knockout.
Further - Hand mongoose protagonist Roudkill («Roadkill», do not translate verbatim, as the name Turner - it's still a sense of humor, are only available to Americans). The animal owner helps to find hidden objects, tear alternative routes, as well as to cope with the enemy, Loupian their current discharges.
Enemies and bosses are endowed with its own character, habits and temperament. In the battles with Turner them in their own way and try to laugh off ruin him as much as possible beautiful. They also come to grips fervently against relatives enough alone random clues.
Characters move briskly and smoothly. On the face of the use of motion capture, in the early parts of Mortal Kombat. It is noteworthy that in the game successfully implemented system damage. Thus, the protagonist loses its own hit points, striking on solid objects and expend energy on tearing paper to create airplanes. Moreover, similar problems plagued not only Turner, but his enemies. For example, to shoot out of a considerable number of sketches fayrbollov, ninja Styx or sewer mutant sheared die from one or two blows, never defended the put a couple of rounds. By the way, a set of enemies is also typical of the era: rasping robots, green mutants fighting monks appearance and wildly screaming ninja warrior.
In general, Comix Zone - this is a rare example of a product in which the genre cliches and cliches are perceived as a definite plus.
Soundtrack of the game, despite the limited possibilities 16-bit platform, deserves special attention. The cries and cues heroes sound of blows and explosions sounded fascinating. Create a master gaming and cinematic music Drossinom Howard (Howard Drossin) music just perfectly match the image complement the atmosphere of the era of a cross between melodic Nirvan'ovskogo grunge, Metallic'i ballads and fast hard-n-heavy songs in the style of Guns n'Roses. Under such accompaniment crush the heads of enemies, as well as to watch pathetic heroism and payasnichestvo Turner becomes at times more fun.
By the way, with the game disc came out with some tracks Comix Zone, recorded a studio band Roadkill. However, it should be recognized that the album is not identical to the game played tunes.
The only significant drawback of the game but you can call it short. Three locations (destroyed New York, a Tibetan monastery and graveyard of ships in New Zealand), each divided into two levels, held for half an hour. This, of course, if you have the skills for beginners because Comix Zone can seem quite complicated. When a player learns to write beautiful series, use of mechanisms, arms and spines against the enemies, jump over cliffs, problems with complexity disappear. Will only problem with brevity. That is, in order to enjoy the gameplay, it is necessary to pass the game several times, satisfied with the discovery of secrets, practicing the new attacks, and test alternative ways of ending.
Well, a few words about the need of any game in the second breath, that is a remake. This question can be answered unequivocally - "Yes!". At least in order to prolong the story. Also it would be interesting dress up graphics crisp texture, modern lighting and anti-aliasing, record original music live, instrumental sound.
Whatever it was degenerative Comix Zone, but you know how hard it is to outdo the original developers and please the fans.


Game controls can be changed in options. Below are the tricks and combinations with the default control.
A - shock
B - jump
C - block (can be changed in options for other actions)
X, Y, Z - use the item
B, A - kick on the fly
DOWN + C - sitting block
DOWN + A - Sitting Sitting
UP + A - uppercut
FORWARD + A (close) - grab the enemy
A (when the enemy is seized) - "scissors" (does not take life)
BACK + A (when the enemy is caught) - throw the enemy back
BACK, FORWARD + A (press slowly) - kick
BACK, FORWARD + A (press quickly) - kick from shoulder (takes lives)
DOWN, UP + A (press quickly) - "scissors" from the place (takes lives)
UP, DOWN + A (press quickly) - Shaolin kick from the place (takes lives)
A (hold) - let the airplane (takes lives)
A, A, A, A, A is a common combination
A, A, A, A, A holding UP + FORWARD - upper combination
A, A, A, A, A holding DOWN + FORWARD - lower combination
UP + FORWARD + A, DOWN + FORWARD + A (repeat several times) - alternating combination
If you hang on a beam or a rope:
A - shock
B - jump off
ะก - block
UP - press your legs
X, Y, Z, - use the item
UP + A - kick in two directions
DOWN + A - kick down


On the title screen, select "Options", then enter the mode of "Jukebox". Enter the following code, putting the red cursor at each number in turn and pressing C: 3, 12, 17, 2, 2, 10, 2, 7, 7, 11. Do not forget to press on C.All included! If you did everything correctly, you will hear how Sketch say: "Oh, yeah!". Now press START,
to exit the machine-player (jukebox), and start the game; You see that energy is not decreasing.
Stage select:
As stated above, select the "Jukebox" and enter the following code (the same way): 14, 15, 18, 5, 13, 1,
3, 18, 15, 6. Again Sketch say: "Oh, yeah!" Now highlight one of the numbers from 1 to 6, and press C, to
go to one of the stages on the following rule: 1 - Episode 1, Part 1; 2 - Episode 1, Part 2; 3 - Episode 2
part 1; 4 - Episode 2, Part 2; 5 - Episode 3, Part 1; 6 - Episode 3, Part 2. Click START, to come out of the machine player (jukebox), and start playing - you will start from the selected stage.
View continue:
On the title screen, enter the Options mode, then simultaneously press A + B + C.